Sarah Sunday!




You guys, there is just not enough time in the day. Seriously.

On the weekends, there are always a million things I have to do, or want to do – bank, grocery shop, Petco, library, laundry, go to the gym, clean, read, hang out with the honeyman, blog, play Borderlands, cook, take naps, etc… I’ve been on this normal people, 5-day work schedule since November, and I still haven’t figured out how the rest of you manage it. I miss having more days off in which to do things.

ANYWAYS, point being that at the moment I both want to read and blog, and I know that in another hour or two I should probably start making dinner, and after dinner I’ll want to just be lazy and then tomorrow is Monday and UGH this is going to be a busy week at work. I’m wondering if I should start scaling back my Sarah Sunday posts to every two weeks or so… mostly just to have more time for other blog posts. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m pondering.

Alright, enough of the whine fest. Yesterday I went to the comic book shop again! And it was great, and I started a pull list for Ms. Marvel and Rat Queens, and also asked the guy there if he could the Borderlands comics for me. I bought TEN comics yesterday to catch up on Ms. Marvel and Rat Queens, and I also bought the new Storm that came out. I need to hunt down Ms. Marvel issue #2 and Rat Queens #5 because they weren’t available, so I may have to go explore another comic book shop sometime soon. Anyways, it was awesome. I’m going to have to take pictures next time I go so I can do a comic book shop post of some sort.

I also went to the library and got a bunch of great stuff, including How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky and California, and I’m excited to make a TBR stack for next month. I’m still reading The Sparrow right now – it’s getting good, I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it this week. I would’ve been finishing it this weekend except you know… comics. I spent most of my lunch hours this past week catching up on graphic novels. And checking up on Twitter and seeing all the tweets about Comic Con. SO JEALOUS that I wasn’t there. I can’t wait to go someday.

So I’m gonna sign off now, so I can get to work on some other posts… how’s everyone’s weekend so far?




One comment

  1. I know what you mean. Just not enough time in two days to get everything done AND relax. It’s a challenge every weekend. I say this as I should be in bed right now, instead I’m catching up on blogs. πŸ™‚

    I love Gabby pics. She’s so dang cute.

    Hope you have a good week!


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