Top Ten Tuesday: Deserted Island, Character Edition

the broke and the bookish


Happy Tuesday y’all! Not really – it’s my first day back at work after a ten-day vacation, but still. It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and the topic this week is Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island. Onwards!


 1. Katniss from The Hunger Games I feel like this is an obvious choice, but girl is HANDY. She can hunt and find water and set snares.

2. Claire from the Outlander series- Claire is like a medical genius when it comes to working with limited supplies. All that army nurse training, I suppose. If I was to break my leg or eat something that poisons me, she would be the one I want there.

3. Young Ian from the Outlander series – Young Ian becomes a BEAST in the Outlander books, and I would totally want him there. His crazy Native American skills would be a major plus in the ways of protection.

4. Nightcrawler from X-Men Well I might be stretching now, but Nightcrawler is a teleporter and that would be helpful. He could bamf! us out of a dangerous situation or maybe just back to civilization.

5. Thursday Next from the Thursday Next series – Thursday can travel through books, so as long as I have a book with me (which I always do), then she would be able to get us to safety.

6. Mark Watney from The Martian Dude, Mark. Mark is an astronaut who happens to be crazy resourceful. And he’s a botanist. He would be super helpful in finding safe food to eat and then growing it in a plot to make sure we don’t starve.


Aaaand 6 is all I got in me today. I’m tired. Who would you suggest as company on a desert island?




  1. Even though I’m not a fan of The Hunger Games – Katniss would be my first choice too. I need someone who would help me survive because I’d never make it alone. Lol


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