How To Build A Girl readalong: The Intro

how to build a girl



Hi guys!! *waves*

It has been too long since I’ve been able to do a readalong, so when I saw Emily’s post about this pre-pub readalong for Caitlin Moran’s new novel, I begged and pleaded to join in (really, I mentioned that if I spot opened up I’d love to join, and Emily hooked me up with a e-galley, because she’s super awesome).

true story


Most of you are familiar enough with me, but for any newbies joining – Hi, I’m Sarah, I read and blog stuff. Take a look around if that strikes your fancy. The only Caitlin Moran book I’ve read before is How to Be a Woman, which I admit I didn’t love. I had some issues with it, BUT I did like Moran’s writing style. She’s funny and sarcastic and angry, and that’s something I can always get on board with. I have been meaning to pick up Moranthology, but never got around to it. (Okay actually I forgot about it, and I just went to Amazon to make sure I had the title right, and it’s only $1.99 on the Kindle, so I’m getting that now and I’ll read it soonish.) Anyways, I was excited to hear that she had a novel coming out and I’m really glad that I’ll get to read it with ya’ll!

Sooo… not much else to ramble on about, I’m afraid. I hope the book is good, I’m sure the conversations and blog posts will be brilliant. I need to go GIF-hunting, because I’ve been MIA for so long and I need to re-stock and that seems like a good way to spend a couple hours. I’d like to thank Emily for getting us together on this readalong, as well as the folks at HarperCollins.

For anyone interested in pre-ordering the hardcover of How to Build a Girl, (it comes out in September), visit Odyssey Bookshop and get it done! I’m off to start reading this now (AKA after work), because I’m impatient.


bye bye





  1. Spending time stocking up on gifs, yes, important. I need to do that. Or figure out a way to work in all of the ridiculous gifs I have but haven’t used yet.

    Also YAY for picking up Moranthology which I loooove love love. And it’s so easy to pick up, read a couple columns, put down for awhile, pick up again.


  2. Hmm, my GIF stockpile is getting low as well. Well, not low exactly (I think I have about 200 saved on Picasa) but about half of them are Harry Potter related from our last readalong.

    Though if Harry Potter GIFs aren’t appropriate to How to Build a Girl, I may not like this book very much.

    Ahh, I’m rambling already – it really is readalong time! 🙂


  3. Oo, hey, love the blog makeover! Looks great, lady.

    I wonder if our GIFs will tend to a theme, this time around. What kind of British YA GIFable things are there out there? Thus is the glory of the internet: we will find out.

    I really very much lots liked Moranthology – I hope you like it! I second what Alley said: read it in bits between or with other books. I read it during a readathon and didn’t feel like I got the most out of it, yah know?


  4. I sooo need to stockpile gifs. I didn’t even include any in my intro post (FAIL) because I was typing it at work (shhhh) so I am really going to have to up my game next week!



  5. Yay for getting to take part! And yay for Moranthology being so cheap! I already have it as a physical book but now I kinda want to buy the e-version as well, who can resist those prices!


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