Sarah Sunday!


Being sick, Gabby, my current read, and a bunch of new graphic novels that I can’t wait to dive into.


You guys, I hate being sick. A bunch of people in my office all seem to have come down with the same cold, the honeyman was sick (I’m pretty sure he got me sick), and it just sucks because this is supposed to happen in the winter. Who the hell gets sick in July? I went home early on Monday because of it, and didn’t go in on Tuesday, and then just dealt with it the rest of the week… I’m mostly feeling better now, except still coughing all over the place. It’s annoying.

While I was sick, I did get to read a whole book – Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chelsea Handler’s newest book. Β It was mindless and amusing enough for me to deal with (I normally don’t read at all when I’m sick because I can’t focus), but it wasn’t as funny as some of her previous books. I’m not even going to bother posting a whole review about it, because that’s really the extent of my feelings on it.

Alright so the other night I was sitting on the couch, feeling better and wanting to start Americanah, which I own in paperback, but then annoyed because I didn’t have a digital version of it for me to read while I’m in bed. It wasn’t on Oyster, and it was too expensive to buy the Kindle version. And then I remembered everyone suggesting Overdrive to me. So Overdrive (in case you don’t know) is a website/app that let’s you borrow e-books from your library. I had the app on my phone once for audiobooks, but it was tedious to use and I hated taking up a bunch of memory on my phone and the audiobook selection wasn’t great, so I stopped using it. Since I got a Kindle I hadn’t bothered trying to get e-books off of Overdrive because I had it in my head that I would have to download the book to my computer and then plug my Kindle into my computer to get it, and it just seemed like a pain. Well, I was wrong – I went on Overdrive, found Americanah, and then like 2 minutes later I was excitedly showing the honeyman how easy it was and how awesome this is going to be for basically all my future reading. I am ridiculous sometimes. Oh, and Americanah is really good so far.

I’m on vacation starting next Saturday, and I am EXCITED. I’ll have ten whole days off of work, and it’s going to be magical. I’ve been stocking up on graphic novels (see above picture) to read, and I’ve made some plans with people so far. But not a lot, because let’s be real – the best part of vacation will be ignoring everyone and reading all day. My 9-year old nephew Josh is going to come spend the night next Saturday and we’re going to have an X-Men movie marathon, because he’s never seen them and I’m sure he’ll love them. Bonus points – my sister wants him interested in things other than Minecraft, and I get to bond a bit with my nephew. Then on Monday I’m having a girl day/night with my friend (which basically means we’re going to drink all day while we watch Cougar Town and play Yahtzee). And then the following weekend is the 7-year anniversary of me and the honeyman πŸ˜€
Aaand now I’m off to do laundry and read and play Borderlands 2 with the honeyman. How has your week been?




  1. I’m checking out Overdrive – thanks for the tip. I’ve never heard of it.

    I hate being sick – I hope your cough goes away soon.

    Yay for vacations! Sounds like a good one planned. Today’s my last day of vacation. Waaaah. I don’t want it to end.


  2. Sarah! We are literally going to be on holiday (from work, anyway, I can’t afford an actual holiday lol) at the same time! Weeeeird stuff. Mine is mainly for meeting rainbow Rowell and then probably for like reason and stuff, you know how it is πŸ˜‰


  3. overdrive is easy to use. After I’ve searched the library catalogue for a printed version, I try overdrive. I’ve got the app on my iPad mini & it goes everywhere with me πŸ™‚ happy reading!


  4. Ten days off? Sweet. Enjoy the time with your honeyman and family and congratulations early on your anniversary, in case I miss it later. As for OverDrive, I’ve never had a problem with it, but I don’t listen to audiobooks either. Glad you have it figured out and are enjoying it now.


  5. I’ve had a cold about 4 times in the last 2 months … it’s nuts! I hate being sick, but being sick in the summer really sucks.

    Yay for the X-Men marathon! I keep meaning to rewatch those movies. They’re a lot of fun!


  6. I hope you are feeling better, Sarah!

    I will be on vacation as well as of next week, for three weeks, and I CANNOT WAIT. All the books I’m gonna read. Glad you will be able to have some vacationy time!


  7. Summer colds are the worst! To hell with those! But at least you have a lovely vacation to look forward to.

    Overdrive: YES. I use Overdrive constantly. My life would be an empty shell without it. (Well, no, it wouldn’t. But I really like having it available to me.)


  8. Thanks for the Overdrive tip! I’ve had my kindle for a while now but haven’t really tapped into its true potential. Looking forward to checking out some ebooks now!


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