My Kindle Paperwhite – a review




Good morning you guys!

I got a Kindle like 3 months ago, and I haven’t even really talked about it! So I figured that it’s about time. Especially since I was so ridiculously, angrily, anti- e-readers. Like, swore I would never ever have one, I would never buy another e-book, e-readers suck, yada yada yada. I’ve probably (definitely) talked about it before,  but here’s why I caved and got a Kindle:

  1. I wanted to read conveniently in the dark. This became a bigger deal for me this year, when my reading-during-the-day time decreased significantly.
  2. I heard of Oyster, and it sounded really cool… (although I’ll only be able to use it on my phone, or if I eventually get a Kindle Fire)
  3. I’ve been way more into science and technology in the past year or two, and it started to feel silly being all “e-readers are the worst”.
  4. The possibility of ARC’s… every once in a while. I’m not a big ARC person in general, but it’s nice to have this option.


ANYWAYS. So I ordered a Kindle Paperwhite back in March. Here’s what I love so far:

  • Reading in the dark. Or just bad light in general. It’s pretty awesome not to have to worry about having a book light or positioning myself under a lamp just right.
  • No glare. This is why I opted for the Paperwhite, instead of automatically jumping to a Kindle Fire or other shiny screened thing. That and I didn’t really want a tablet until very recently… but that’s a different topic.
  • Shopping. You guys were right – I once sat there browsing around and ended up ordering $16 worth of novellas and on-sale books. AND I have permanent 3G on it, so I can browse and sample books even when I’m out and about and have time to kill.
  • Novellas. A point in of itself – it’s nice to be able to read the little stories that authors only release digitally. Though I would still prefer to buy stuff like that from my favorite authors in print.
  • Whispersync. This wasn’t a feature I thought I’d really enjoy, but I ended up signing up for Audible this month and it’s been SUPER cool to listen to a book on audio while I’m at work or driving, and pick up right where I left off next time I sit down with my Kindle.
  • Tweeting my highlights or notes. Just one more way to get me to socialize more, but it’s a nice option. Though usually my notes or comments are just “LOL”.
  • Samples. Obviously, I’d prefer to spend an hour or more at Barnes and Noble looking at books. But for books that B&N doesn’t have or when I’m not at B&N, it’s nice to be able to download a sample of a book and decide from there if I want to buy it. Most notably, I tried a sample of The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios and now I can’t wait to go to B&N and buy a copy.
  • Kindle Match. Some books that you’ve bought on Amazon in the past (or that you will buy in the future) are in the Match program – meaning you can download the e-book for $2.99 or less. I was able to download Lamb by Christopher Moore for 3 bucks, meaning I have that awesome amount of hilarity walking around with me all the time.

What I don’t like:

  • Ads. The non-ad version wasn’t available when I was shopping for a Kindle Paperwhite – there was like a 5 week wait and I am IMPATIENT. So I got the cheaper version that comes with ads. It’s not too bad, it’s not like they’re visible while you’re reading. It’s just ugly screen savers.
  • No color. This isn’t a huge issue, but there’s just no sense in attempting to read a graphic novel on a black & white e-ink screen.
  • No apps. It really bums me out that I won’t be able to use Oyster on my Kindle, because the Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t support apps like that. I’ll be able to use Oyster on my phone, but reading on my phone just isn’t as comfortable, kills my battery, etc.
  • Digitally owning books. I just prefer my paper copies. Digitally owning a book isn’t bad if it’s a digital copy of a favorite book that I already own, or if it’s new and I’m not sure I’ll like it, or I read it and liked it but not enough to take up space on my shelves… but for any book I really like, I’ll buy it in paper.


Admittedly, I kind of love my Kindle. I still MUCH prefer paper books, but the Kindle is REALLY handy. If it could support apps and be in color, it’d be perfect. (Or, if the Kindle Fire could have the kind of screen that the Paperwhite has, that would work too.)


I know I’m probably not using it to its full ability (like searching through a book for a specific passage, or viewing all my highlights, or something…) Any features that I didn’t mention that I’m missing out on? Anything you love or hate about your e-reader? Anyone have and read on a Kindle Fire?





P.S. (My third post in a week?? I AM ON A ROLL!!!)



  1. You ARE on a roll! Great post, too! I have to admit I’m super happy that you love your Kindle. I can’t even express how much I love my Paperwhite and I never go anywhere without it. The convenience is just too awesome. You are basically using it the same way I do. I don’t use all the fancy features like I should and maybe I need to look into that! I do use collections – have you created collections on yours? I like making collections to keep my books organized so I’m not just scrolling through hundreds of books on the main screen.

    I also own a Fire and I love it. But not for reading. Like you said – the screen is not great for reading because it’s basically like a computer screen. I have read a few books on it, and there are options to change the brightness and background of the book so it’s easier on the eyes. It’s definitely perfect for graphic novels and magazines. And all the apps. I use it mostly for being on the web, social media apps, Bloglovin, WordPress, etc. Oh, and music! I have completely ditched iTunes and only buy music from Amazon. I have the app on my phone too, so I can stream any music I buy on my Fire to my phone when I don’t have my fire with me. Essentially, I use it like an iPad, only it’s way cheaper and more compact. I really love my Fire for all that I can do on it.

    So, to solve the graphic novel and Oyster issues – I definitely think you need to buy a Fire now! There’s nothing wrong with having 2 Kindles. 🙂

    BTW- I have no clue what Oyster is, so I’m going to go look it up now.


    1. I made collections on my Kindle too, but then I was sad b/c I couldn’t see everything, lol. I only have like 40 books on there so far.

      Did you look up Oyster? Doesn’t it sound awesome?!


  2. Dude, I love my paperwhite! I had an old school kindle before that, but the back lighting makes everything so wonderful! You need to check with your local library and see if they have a digital media service- you can get library books on your kindle with no late fees EVER. They just take the book back when it’s due. I love it. My library’s selection is a bit light, but hey. It’s a library. Sometimes you just have to wait your turn, you know?


    1. I haven’t tried my library’s digital books yet! I’ve tried their digital audio, and that was kind of a pain… but maybe it was just the lousy app. It was so hard to browse for things.


  3. I absolutely love my Paperwhite! My husband was tired of me reading paper copies in bed because it meant I would fall asleep with the lights on and, once a week, dropped a book on his face. It was a great investment for both of us (although I still read paper copies when I’m not in bed).


    1. LOL. I’ve never dropped a book on Treland’s face, though I have done it to myself… and I’ve already done it once with the Kindle, lol. I do love using it in bed though, I tend to fall asleep and it’s nice not to have to worry about a light being on.


  4. I have very similar experiences with my Kindle Paperwhite. I’d say I probably read 80% (if not even more) books in physical form still, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to be without my Kindle. Jan gifted me the version without the ads though so I can’t imagine how this would be. Why I love samples is because I can read them whenever I want – definitely more convenient than reading in a bookstore only.

    The one thing that I absolutel love as well is the dictionary function (though maybe it’s not as useful for native speakers but I have to look up quite a lot of words).

    Before the idea of Paperwhite, I was actually planning to get Fire, but the glary screen seemed a bit meh, and I was also afraid it will run out of battery a lot faster because of all the flashy functions (a big argument for me personally), also I kind of love all things in B&W. It’s true that I wouldn’t read a graphic novel, a comic or a magazine on it, though.

    So glad you are enjoying your e-reader!


    1. I feel like, since I’ve mainly been using my Kindle to read the Outlander books, I still don’t know what my true physical/digital ratio is going to be. I’m reading the newest Outlander in paper because… sentimental reasons. AND because I won’t pay $12 for an e-book. But I do miss reading in bed on my Kindle.


  5. I was an e-reader early adopter and I love mine (Kobo). I love being able to take a selection of books everywhere and I love it for reading in bed. I loathe buying e-books – they just don’t seem real. But i do use the library a lot of e-books. The best part is they expire automatically, so no more late fees!


    1. I am the WORST with late fees. I never get mad at myself about it though, because I don’t mind giving the library my money and sometimes I’m just too damn lazy to drive over there to return things on time, lol.


  6. I love my Nook, but I also just got an iPad for work, and I have to say, having the option to read in color is fantastic. I reread all of Saga — so so pretty on the iPad screen! — and Hawkeye and the new Ms. Marvel. I also discovered it’s much easier on the larger screen to read PDF ebooks, which is nice because most of the ebooks my university library has (the more scholarly ones from academic publishers) are in PDF format (ugh).


  7. I do love my kindle paperwhite, but I haven’t really used it since I got a mini iPad (whoops!) so I’m thinking of selling it. HOWEVER, I do enjoy ereading in general, mainly because my back hurts less when I’m not carrying a giant book around, AND when I forget a book (cause obvs I do still carry them around!) my kindle phone app is super useful.

    I feel like I prefer ebooks more when I didn’t love them to death though- if I love a book hugely, but don’t have a print copy, I feel weirdly cheated somehow. Probably stupid, but there it is!


  8. I love my Kindle. I got mine something like 3 years ago and even after getting an iPad I still do my reading on my Kindle. The screen makes such a big difference. The one thing I’ve found, and they may have fixed this with later models, is I actually have more trouble finding passages and things in eBooks than in regular paper books. The biggest thing is the appendix in the Game of Thrones books. I read the first 2 books on my Kindle, both times thinking that MAN I could really use some sort of list to keep everyone straight. I get to the end of the book and realize OH HEY, there is one. That would have been helpful a few hundred pages ago. In a paper book just flipping through I would have noticed it. But such a small complaint. And really, had I just looked at the table of contents, I would have seen it’s there.


    1. I haven’t actually tried searching for anything in a Kindle book yet, but mainly because I feel like it would be a pain in the ass and a paper copy would be so much easier to flip through and find what I want. I should make a conscious effort to try it out sometime soon though.


  9. I was never anti-ereader but I was also never a huge “I want one NOW” kinda person. I got the Kindle Fire for my last birthday and while I love it (especially for my graphic novels, where my phone screen is a little too small) I also wish my boyfriend had bought me one like yours. Mostly because:
    1) the battery life is pretty bad. Basically the same as a smart phone, which wasn’t great when I was on 10 hour bus rides across the US over Christmas.
    2)the glare is ridic outside pretty much all the time.
    3)it’s got a lot of the good things you’d expect from a tablet-hybrid, but the games end up a little distracting sometimes AND it isn’t as good as just having a tablet with a kindle app.

    But e-readers are pretty great, especially for the reasons you’ve found. I’m definitely reading more novellas, and branching out with books on sale that I might not read otherwise. Plus it is a lifesaver on long holidays where you don’t want to bring a bag full of books that you probably won’t feel like reading anyway. Also, it makes my nasty habit of reading the last page of the book early into my read a lot harder!


    1. I do kind of love the Paperwhite. So we’re basically in the same boat – you have a Fire but kind of want a Paperwhite, and I have a Paperwhite but kind of want the Fire. It’s so ridiculous b/c they’re so similar… but also not. I feel like it’d be worth having both, as long as you use them.


  10. I do really like having an e-reader. I bought a first-generation Kobo for super cheap when Borders was going out of business, and I recently “upgraded” to the Touch (mine had an issue and they replaced it, but they don’t have the ones I had anymore) which I’m getting used to.

    I still don’t like buying ebooks, so I use it mostly for library ebooks and NetGalley ARCs, and I wouldn’t have spent the money to upgrade on my own, but I must admit I’m rather pleased at the way it worked out.


    1. Aww Borders 😦 I remember the Kobo’s being on clearance then, but I was snobbier about e-books. Ah well.

      NetGalley! I downloaded my first NetGally books the other night, I’m weirdly excited to try it out.


      1. I don’t think I was ever anti-ebooks, but I just didn’t think I’d ever want one. I don’t buy many books, and when I do I’d rather get a physical item… so why pay $100+ for a device that doesn’t work for the way I do most of my reading. But the deal was just too good to pass up… I figured I’d use it for those occasional 99-cent novellas I’d buy (instead of using my phone or my computer, neither ideal for reading) and maybe I’d change my mind in the future.

        And then came blogging and NetGalley, along with discovering that my library really does have a decent (if not great) ebook selection through Overdrive, so I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would. I doubt it’ll ever be the majority of my reading, but it’s a great option when those books are available to me.


  11. I would be so lost without my Paperwhite. I read in bed with the lights off all the time. I pretty much use it the way you do. I am a bit terrible reading books I’ve bought kindle editions of because I still gravitate to my physical books. But I use it to access the library’s digital books we don’t have in our physical collection, or if a book I’ve been wanting to read is part of a kindle deal. It’s also great when I travel because I don’t have to lug around a lot of books and then try to make space for books I buy on trips. Or to take with me places if I’m not sure what I want to read, I can have lots of options.


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