A Late, Quick Sarah Sunday


I’m jumping right into the bullet points…

  • I just found out that my co-worker quit… and since the temp hasn’t started yet, that means it’s just me doing the job of like 3-4 people this coming week at work, which means probably 11-12 hours days all week and me being really busy and tired. Oy.
  • THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes and comments. The winner of the $20 Amazon gift card (or book from The Book Depository) is Emily at As the Crowe Flies (and Reads!) – Emily I’m going to email you tomorrow (ideally) so you can get your prize!
  • My birthday was pretty awesome. I have some funny stories about a waitress who was so nice I thought that maybe she thought I was “special”, and how my family surprised me with cake despite my insistence on staying out shopping instead of coming home because I had no clue what they were planning, but those stories will have to wait for another time. But basically, it was such a lovely 4 days off and I’m sad the weekend is over already. Especially knowing now the stressful few weeks I have ahead of me now…
  • I’ve read 400+ pages of Outlander this weekend. It’s been awesome. I forgot how completely it just takes over my brain when I read it, so my mind is always a little bit on Jamie and Claire and I just want to be reading it constantly.


So that’s really it. I have to get to bed now, since I need to get up and go to work earlier than I was originally thinking. I think I have a review scheduled later in the week, but nothing else. I’ll try to pop online and read blogs when I have some spare time. I hope ya’ll are having a good weekend!




  1. Oh Sarah, be strong! It kind of sucks if one can leave suddenly like that, though I’m not sure how it works around there. In here you have to give like at least a month’s notice.

    But I’m glad you had awesome birthday weekend!


  2. I’m glad you had a happy birthday and HOPEFULLY work will get all of the necessary people hired and you won’t have to keep working these crazy hours.


  3. Ooh, did I really win? That is so cool! I rarely win giveaways on the interwebz. Do you have my email? it’s my first name, at odysseybks.com

    But gosh, about your coworker quitting? That’s awful. You’ve been working so many hours already and now this. Good luck!!!


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