Fellowship of the Worms! The Rosie Project, a re-read


Good evening peeps. I’m running late with this post, because that is just the story of my life right now.

I was SUPER EXCITED when Katie announced that The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion was going to be the next Fellowship book club read. I listened to it on audio back in November and loooooved it, and I was looking for a good excuse to read my hardcover copy!

Be warned, there are spoilers here. GO READ THE BOOK, and then come back to discuss.

Katie asked us some questions, and I shall answer:

1. Pop Culture question here. Did anybody else get a SERIOUS Sheldon Cooper vibe out of Don? 

Mostly, no. This might be because I listened to the audio and hence Don had a wonderfully heavy Australian accent. Buuuut I think that Don’s personality was a lot different from Sheldon’s. Sure they both had a lot of the same mannerisms and habits, but basically Don was never intentionally a jerk and Sheldon kind of is. And you know, Don kind of WANTS friends and love, where as Sheldon is more the “screw you guys, I don’t need other humans” type. Of course, I love them both because I love jerks 😉

2. Don’s social interactions are awkward at best, but his logic and adherence to routine give him some interesting habits. What’s your favorite Don-ism?

HA. Possibly his attention to fitness. I seriously admire all the jogging he did. And I agree with Katie, a somewhat Standardized Meal Plan has some perks to it. Aaaaand Don’s quite a fan of alcohol, and so am I!

3. Don’s “Wife Project” involves an elaborate questionnaire designed to weed out unsuitable matches. Have you ever made a list of qualities that are important to you in a potential partner? Do you think it’s realistic to expect any one person to live up to all of them? 

I have never done this. In all fairness, I’ve only had two major relationships and after the first one, my only real standard was “have a job”. And for the past 5.5 years I’ve been with the Honeyman, who is all sorts of wonderful and amazing and awesome.


4. What is it about Rosie that manages to break down Don’s defenses? Do you think that love requires a certain abandonment of logic? 

Well, I think that there was a slight insta-attraction thing there. Don didn’t notice it himself, but after one short 5 minute conversation with her he was already altering his behavior. But besides being attractive, I think Rosie accepted him for who he was. And when he said or did something strange, she was blunt about it instead of just giving him the hairy eyeball and running the other way.

Though I wouldn’t blame her if she ran away from this…


5. What was your favorite scene in The Rosie Project?

OH LORD. So many. That’s why I bought the hardcover before I was even finished listening to the audio – because I knew I was going to want to re-visit so many parts of the book over and over again. But I think the argument with the host at the restaurant in the beginning over what constitutes proper jacket attire is still my favorite.

If you’ve read and enjoyed The Rosie Project (and of course you have, because it’s fantastic), you should head on over to the Fellowship of the Worms post and join in on the fun!




  1. I LOVE THIS POST SO HARD!!!! You’re right about Sheldon. Don’s never intentionally a douche, but Sheldon pulls that crap all the time. Except when he’s sick. And then it’s all “Sing me soft kitty!” I really need to check out the audio version. I NEED to hear the accents!!!


    1. Katie, I’ll try to set a reminder in my phone but I keep forgetting – I HAVE the mp3 file of The Rosie Project saved on my computer. I can totally email it to you! I think that’ll work… I’ve never sent mp3 files via email, but I don’t see why it’d be different than attaching any other file.


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