Sarah Sunday!



Hi guys.

Well, my heart isn’t really in it at the moment, but updates, I guess? Basically nothing much except that work was, again, super busy and stressful this week. So, yet again, sorry I haven’t been online much…

Bullets? ( Gotta love the bullet points for when you’re too lazy to write coherently.)

  • The honeyman came home from work one day to discover that I had left a cupboard cracked open, Gabby got in it, and she devoured an entire bag of kitty treats. She’s hilarious. And a fat ass. She seemed okay (though she didn’t eat dinner that night, of course), but today she got sick and there was some pieces of the wrapper from the treats in there. And she was sneezing all over the place today, so it seems she has a kitty cold. Poor girl.
  • On a less funny, not-so-cute note, on Friday either I left the freezer open, or Gabby popped it open jumping down from the top of the fridge, but it was open all day and all the food thawed out. So that sucked a lot. And I haven’t even gone grocery shopping yet to re-stock.
  • Got my car fixed! Which is very awesome, because I kind of missed my car and yay, less money in gas.
  • I stopped at the library on Monday and they had one of those “blind date with a book” displays and I was SO excited. And yes I picked a book, but I’m not going to tell you what it is until I read it.
  • We watched the documentary Good Hair last night. It was really interesting, though I was hoping for it to be a little more… I don’t know. I felt like it only really touched on the subject, and didn’t go much into the WHY this idea of “good hair” and “bad hair” exists in the black community, or take a stand on the topic either way. Still, it was worth the watch. AND it added to my movie-watching for this year.

And now for a really sucky thing – I think I’m stepping out of the Bleak House readalong. And I kind of hate that I’m doing that, but this week I hardly had any time for reading, and didn’t even get through chapter 12. It’s too dense to concentrate on during my half hour lunch at work. I usually sit at my desk and eat and read, and trying to read Bleak House while all the office chatter is going on around me just wasn’t working. And it wasn’t leaving me time to read anything else, and I don’t want to basically only read one book for the next six weeks. With work being so insanely busy lately and no sign of it slowing down, I need my little bit of reading timeΒ to be for escapism and Bleak House just wasn’t cutting it. I was liking it so far, and I’ll try to read bits, but I can’t keep up with the readalong. It’s just not a good time for me.



I feel very lousy about that, but I also felt kind of cheery at being able to pick up a different book. I read Revival: Volume 1 today (zombie-ish graphic novel), and now I’ve started Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. Magic and assassins, that’s why I need right now.

Aaaand now I’m going to stop being whiny and get on with trying to catch up on online stuff. Hope ya’ll are having a good weekend πŸ™‚






  1. When I read ‘Bleak House’ back in the 90s, I was working full time and had a small child to care for. I took me months and months. I put it down, picked it up, and put it down and picked it up again several times before finishing. It is still one of my favorite books and I am glad I gave it the time it needed. Don’t feel guilty — it’s a rich and rewarding book that will stay with you whenever you finish it. Read it when it is right for you and don’t worry.


  2. I didn’t even make it to the opening gate on Bleak House for the same reason as you. My 1/2 hour lunch is in a small room with at least a few other workers and all their social media glory. It’s hard to read dense in that lunchroom. I did read the first few pages. It seems like it could be a good story buried under all the extraneous language. Have a good week! Love the t-shirt.


    1. Thanks Belle! It’s so hard to read with work stuff going on around you. HOPEFULLY I’ll be switching to a better position at work soon that will give me hour-long lunches again. And I soooo can’t wait for the summer so I can go sit in my car and read. I miss doing that.


  3. I love that your library has Blind Date with a Book! So much fun! I hope you like your date. πŸ™‚

    I’m so picky about the classics … I remember reading Jane Eyre a few years ago and was bored to tears, so much so that I vowed to just stop if I’m that bored, rather than continue. It’s hard when there are so many really, really dense classics out there. I like to feel like I’m making progress, not reading one page every 15 minutes.

    Love your t-shirt!


    1. Jane Eyre IS a lot boring. Blech.

      I like tackling dense classics, especially when reading with a group, but it’s just not happening for me this time around. Sometimes life gets in the way. A few years ago I had to drop out of The Woman In White readalong because my grandma passed away and I was sick and I just didn’t have the time or focus. It happens.


  4. Love the crazy cat lady shirt! It makes me want to go out and get a cat… and then buy that shirt promptly – Gabby sounds like quite the character! As for readalongs, I am guilty of DNF’s, but I go back to the book on my own and enjoy it even more because I can pace myself and really enjoy the heck out of it.


    1. Gabby is ridiculous, but I’m crazy about her πŸ™‚ I guess that could be a better definition of crazy cat lady, because I’m definitely not a creepy lady with 50 cats who carries cat food around in her purse.


  5. Oooh! Let me know how Assassin’s Apprentice turns out! I’ve heard great things about that series! πŸ™‚
    Love the crazy cat lady shirt and Gabby’s kitty antics πŸ˜‰ Though all the food thawing out sucks majorly!
    And yay on getting your car fixed!


    1. So I didn’t get to take pics, but the basic idea is that you wrap up the book and write a few words or a sentence on the outside to give a few hints as to what the book is about. For example, “mystery”, or “girl with an illness” or “adventure with fun characters”, etc. The patrons choose a book at random to check out.

      My library uses book sensors to check out books, so they didn’t have to unwrap it to check it out for me. I think some libraries still use the barcode scanning system, in which case they could cut a hole in the paper to leave the barcode exposed for easy checkout. Hope this helps! It’s a fun idea.


      1. Hmm.. yea, it helps (kind of) lol
        If it was a school than they’d probably have guidelines for patrons like: must have returned all casual reading books, or pay at least 1 fine, etc…
        I appreciate your reply though πŸ™‚


  6. I love the shirt and hot dog socks! They are awesome!
    Oooh, I hope you picked one of the books I wrapped and described! Our teen board did that display and I’m one of the librarians that run it. We did a blind date at Barnard too if you want more! πŸ˜€


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