Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

I just realized that I really have no posts planned for this week. I mean, sure, it’s Thursday and I might be a little late noticing this, but still. I really only did a Sarah Sunday post (snore) and a Bleak House readalong post (yay). Hence, this post of randomness. Thanks to Christine at Bookishly Boisterous for a reason to blog today!

  • I’m like on Google+ now. I think there’s a little link thingy to it under my posts now. I’ve been getting some questions lately about whether I’m on Facebook (awww, you guys), and I’m not. But I wanted apparently MORE social media to interact with you guys on, so here we have it. I’m figuring it out. If you have any tips of how to use it, let me know. (HowΒ does the Hangout thing work? What is that?)Β I have the app too.
  • At Alley’s insistence, I’ve started listening to Welcome to Night Vale. It’s delightfully strange. I recommend it. I’m 4 episodes in, and they’re perfectly timed for my rides to work.
  • Gabby is sleeping right next to my knee right now. It’s too damn cute.
  • I watched The Heat this week! (YES, that’s FIVE MOVIES so far this year. Clearly I’m awesome at this watch-more-movies thing.) It was really funny. Of course there were some annoying tactical error-type things, but you know, it’s a comedy, so I was able to let that go. I wanna watch it again. Great, it was.
  • I’m doing some overtime this weekend filling in for someone. This is actually a pretty good thing.
  • Did you guys know that Rainbow Rowell is writing two graphic novels? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME OF SUCH FANTASTIC NEWS?!
  • Reading has not been going very fast for me this week. Mainly becauseΒ I had procrastinated on Bleak House. And I’m re-reading The Rosie Project, which is delightful. And I read Chew Volume 2, which was fun and I can’t wait to get Volume 3 this weekend. Hooray for graphic novels!
  • Oh yeah, we got a crap ton of snow over the past two days. So that sucked. Damn NY. And I didn’t even get to leave work early. I DID skip the gym, but that’s not really something to be that proud of.
  • I’m VERY SLOWLY catching up on my Bloglovin reader. I still have posts in there from about a week ago, but I’m working on it.
  • I’ve been watching a lot of Cougar Town. Yay season 5! And it’s the perfect excuse to drink.


cougar town


So, how is everyone else’s week going? Anyone else happy it’s almost the weekend? Or SUPER PSYCHED for Rainbow Rowell graphic novels?




PS – I just remembered that I meant to do a January Mini-Review Recap this week. So apparently I DID have another post planned this week, I just forgot about it. Soooo, that’ll be coming later, I guess.




  1. Boo to crap-tons of snow! you probably got a bit more than we did, but we had snow all day long on Monday and then on Wednesday.

    You are the first person to tell me about Rainbow Rowell’s graphic novels, which makes me the last of her fans to know about them, no doubt!


  2. I’m super stoked about the Rainbow Rowell graphic novels. And I need to get back into Cougar Town. I stopped watching once the show moved to TBS or wherever it is now due to having no cable once upon a time. But now that my cable is back, I need to get back!!


  3. You know why you didn’t know about RR’s graphic novels? Because you’re not on Facebook! :-P. No for real, I posted about it last week. I’m just going to have to up my G+ game to keep up with THE SARAH.


  4. I’m REALLY ready for the weekend to begin! And haha, yay for someone else who isn’t on Facebook! πŸ™‚ I only have an account because I can’t access Spotify if I don’t, but I heard you can sign up with an e-mail address, so I’m gonna have to look into deleting it…
    Ugh, snow! Stay safe and warm!


    1. I HATE that some things require Facebook to use them! I think Riffle (a book site) was that way, and it was annoying. And I deleted FB, so I guess I can’t get on there now. I haven’t tried, lol.


  5. We got tons of snow in CT too, and it also sleeted so the snow was HEAVY. Not fun!

    I have Google+, but I do nothing with it because I don’t really get it, and I haven’t made any effort to change that. I need to, at some point.


  6. You are starting of this year stupendously!! I have Google+, but like any social media, it’s only as good as the number of people using it. Not many people that I know use it enough, so I went right back to Facebook :-/


    1. “but like any social media, it’s only as good as the number of people using it”

      Exactly! That’s really the only downside of it, but I’m hoping it will slowly grow in popularity as more and more people give up FB… A girl can hope.


  7. I’m no help on the G+ front, but I’ve also been thinking of adding that, so I’ll be curious how it is for you. It might make more sense to add FB but I pretty much hate them, so… yeah. I’ve also heard that getting on G+ will help you come up in searches (at least, for people searching through Google), so if it’s a choice between fumbling around on FB or fumbling around on G+, I’ll choose G+.

    This is my favorite meme. It works well for the randomness that is my brain. Can’t write a coherent post? No problem!


  8. I loved The Heat! Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. I love your goal of watching movies this year. Jerry is a huge movie buff, and I definitely like movies, but spent most of my time growing up reading instead of watching movies so now I’m really behind. There are so many classics I haven’t seen yet! He’s schooling me a bit!


    1. I’m SO behind in classic movies. And I do begrudge the movie-time because I could be reading, but I know Treland misses us watching movies all the time together (movie-watching was like THE thing we did when we started hanging out and dating), and he seems to be enjoying my movie-watching goal πŸ™‚


  9. YAY welcome to Night Vale!!!

    Also I am reading The Rosie Project along with Bleak House as well and OH MAN, it is hard to make myself read BH when I know Don is waiting.


    1. Well he was like the main point of the first episode, lol, and he’s only been mentioned a few times since. I’m only on episode 7 though. Do him and Cecil get together? Cause that would be adorable.


  10. I really liked The Heat — it was such a fun movie. πŸ™‚ I’m trying to get into reading more graphic novels … just read Anya’s Ghost, actually! And I requested the first Chew … it looks interesting! I’ve heard that Rainbow Rowell is doing two graphic novels. I can’t wait! And yay for Cougar Town! It’s so funny … that show really does make a person want to drink wine!


  11. Thank you for participating!

    I’ve only been on Bloglovin for less than a year and when my reader piles up kills me- I see it like a to-do list and feel this annoying obligation to manage it. Like I need something else to do!


    1. SAME HERE. I need to go through my Bloglovin reader again and unfollow some of the blogs that are inactive, or that I never end up reading or commenting on. And it wouldn’t be so bad if I had a spare hour or so each day to dedicate to it, but I haven’t been able to nail down a decent routine since I switched jobs a few months ago. Still trying to find a good rhythm.


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