Sarah Sunday!


RED ROBIN, new book purchases, Gabby bein cute, Gabby missing me, and girl’s outing to see Frozen

Alright, a quick Sarah Sunday update, so clearly bullets are going to be needed…

  • WORK WAS INSANE THIS WEEK. Week from hell.
  • Also adding to stress this week is stuff going on with my grandma’s estate and my family never agreeing on anything and changing their minds back and forth and it is all just so ridiculous, and I’m mad at myself for getting sucked back into all that crap again.
  • I finally had my car looked at yesterday, and it only needs a few things, so hopefully next weekend I’ll have my beloved Beetle back.
  • I saw Frozen yesterday with my sister and niece, and that was cute. I laughed a lot. And then my sister, the honeyman, and I proceeded to go to The Cheesecake Factory, and Barnes and Noble, and Trader Joe’s, and it was all very fun but tiring.
  • I made Biscoff Fudge today. It was pretty great. And I am all about fudge that only has 2 ingredients and takes about 3 minutes to make.
  • I’m about 75 pages into Bleak House, and so have about another 85 or 90 to read before Tuesday… I shouldn’t have saved it all for the weekend, but at the same time, I was so goddamn busy this week, so I didn’t have much choice about it.

So that is the shortest of updates. But the main point of me posting at all is to say sorry that I haven’t been around much this week, and I can’t even promise to be better about it this week. If I haven’t commented on your blog in a while, all I can say is that don’t worry, I’ll get to it. I’ve just been slammed lately. And I’ve been trying to read a bit in my tiny spare moments (which was basically today while doing laundry) because I want to keep up with the Bleak House readalong, so being online at all has been just kind of getting pushed to the side. Plus I’ve been starting at my work computer ALL DAMN WEEK and it’s just bothering my eyes now.

ANYWAYS. I miss you all. I’m trying to keep my head above water with everything else going on. I’ll get caught up on blogging stuff as soon as I can.





  1. Mmm … fudge. Now you have me craving it! Though I can’t be trusted with chocolate in the house. It’s usually gone within 10 minutes. If that.

    Work sounds crazy! I always hated if I had to take work home with me … it was never encouraged, but sometimes it had to be done. I’m definitely more of a work at work kind of person.

    Good luck with your Bleak House reading!


  2. Wait, I thought you already read and loved The Universe Versus Alex Woods a while ago?

    Biscoff fudge sounds pretty good–I’m not a huge fudge fan but I LOVE Biscoff cookies. Best part about flying Delta, as far as I’m concerned.

    Sorry work is being such a poot. You may be behind in the Bleak House readalong, but I’ve not even started yet. And tonight is Downton Abbey, so it’s not looking good for me this week.


    1. I DID already read and love Alex Woods, but I finally got to buy my own copy. I had it from the library before.

      Are you going to be able to catch up on Black House before Tuesday? I’m just BARELY going to make it, I think.


    1. I AM VERY BRAVE. Also, the honeyman sometimes lets me share his fries. And sometimes he doesn’t let me, which makes no sense because you get NEVERENDING REFILLS, and I’m stuck with the broccoli anyways.


      1. That’s mildly evil of Honeyman, but it sounds like something my husband would do too. I wonder if they ever get people who want like 5 refills on broccoli. I bet there’s a Red Robin confessions forum where they discuss the broccoli fiends…


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