Fool by Christopher Moore

Fool by Christopher Moore

“Heinous fuckery most foul, lad. Heinous fuckery most foul.”

I’m an idiot.

Christopher Moore is definitely one of my most favorite authors. And back in 2009, he released a book called Fool, which is based loosely on the play King Lear by Shakespeare. And because my brain instinctively fights against Shakespeare because DUDE his stuff is hard to read, I bought Fool and there it sat on my shelves for at least 3 years without being read. So, let this be a warning to you: Fool is absolutely fun and hilarious and bawdy and no previous knowledge of Shakespeare or King Lear is required.

Pocket is Lear’s royal fool, and has always enjoyed the king’s protection as such. Until Lear, in a bout of stupidity, decides to divide his kingdom among his daughters. And there starts a whole lot of plotting, conspiring, betrayals, shagging, andΒ imminent war- with Pocket tumbling in the corners.

Moore excels at being absurd, and he totally brings the absurd in Fool. There’s so much randomness, and vague references to a long-lost empire called “Merica”, and SO much cursing and rhyming and even a few funny footnotes. But amid all that, Pocket is actually a really great character. He’s fun and sweet, but witty, cunning,Β and determined. Fool did for me what Sacre Bleu couldn’t – gave me a great central character to enjoy the story with, and made the lewd jokes flow naturally and smoothly.

And the truly awesome thing is that there is a sequel coming out in April, called The Serpent of Venice. It’s why I actually decided to finally give Fool a go, and I’m glad I did. If you’re looking for a great, fluffy, ridiculous book with lots of bonking in it, then here be the book for you.

Sarah Says: 4.5 stars

P.S. IΒ actually wrote this review with that tiara on. Proof.



  1. I think ALL reviews should be written while wearing tiaras. πŸ™‚

    Over the summer I borrowed this from a library, but ended up having to return it before I could finish. For some reason I hadn’t bothered checking it out again although I LOVE Moore & the parts I did read were incredibly funny.

    Maybe it’s time I give this one another shot.


    1. Oh no, he is HYSTERICAL. You just have to be okay with twisted, sometimes crude humor, but he is really talented. The first book of his I read was “Lamb” and there were parts that made me laugh so hard I actually had to put the book down for a minute.


  2. I love that tiara. Well played, Sarah!

    This was a fun book. I listened to it on audio and the reader was quite good. I didn’t love the book–I wanted perhaps a smidgin more elevation from the gutter than it provided–but I had a good time listening to it. I think I liked Serpent of Venice even more. All baudiness aside, I LOVE what Moore is doing with Shakespeare and I think he’s a much cleverer author than most critics give him credit for.


    1. He IS much cleverer than people give him credit for! I think it takes a very unique talent to infuse humor, and likable characters, and smart things like the story of Jesus, or Shakespeare, or French art, and create a really bizarre story out of them.


  3. I am SOOO happy you liked this. Cos when I read the first part I was like “Oh no, she’s going to hate it and nooooo” Cos yeah, this is up there as one of my most favorite Moore books. I have Serpent sitting on my table and can’t wait to start.


  4. The tiara touch is hilarious. Since I have problems keeping up with reviews, it got me thinking if I could also try some inspiring headware, like maybe a party hat πŸ™‚


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