Top Ten Tuesday: I Wish For…

the broke and the bookish

Happy Tuesday, fellow book bloggers! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and the topic this week (Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist) was kind of hard for me. I already have SO many books I want to read, that it’s hard to think of things I wish authors would write about. Buuuut I persevered, and then kind of made up my own stuff near the end… you’ll see.


1. More novels with dinosaurs – This could be books with characters that ARE dinosaurs, with characters that are just nerdy and really into dinosaurs, books with time travel to dinosaur times… I just want more dinosaurs, okay? Brian Switek wrote a really great non-fiction book called My Beloved Brontosaurs, maybe he could try his hand at fiction!

2. More diversity among characters – Okay so I’m going to aim to read more books by non-white authors, but while I’m working on that… Hey white authors – other races exist. If you have a cast of characters, mix it up a bit. You can literally keep the characters exactly they are, but change up the skin tone or background once in a while. And can we please have more interracial couples in fiction, in which the whole point of the book isn’t about them being an interracial couple?

3. Firefly novels – Hey Joss Whedon. I know that you put out some really cool graphic novels based on Firefly/Serenity, but how about some written novels? Graphic novels don’t last very long, and don’t allow for a whole lot of fun character interaction. And I could use a lot more Mal Reynolds quotes in my life.

4. More Jennifer Crusie novels –  I just want more Crusie romance novels! It’s been a few years since she’s put anything new out, and according to her website she’s working on numerous things but having trouble relating to her characters, who are younger than her. Jennifer – stop stressin. Age ain’t no thang. Unless you’re trying to make your characters use weird slang or pagers or something, I’m sure there’s not many differences you need to worry about.

5. More humor – I like to laugh. Authors, this is the easiest way to get me to like your book (or at least, to increase the chances that I’ll like it).

I couldn’t think of a whole lot of wishlist things I want authors to do more, so I made the rest of this list into things I’m wishing for that would help or enhance my reading experiences…

6. A better tub – SURE, we might move in 9 months or so, but we might stay in the apartment we’re in now. And the tub SUCKS. At first I really liked it because the walls are tiled, but the tub is somehow uncomfortable to lie in when you read – it always hurts my neck and shoulders. AND the hot water doesn’t last NEARLY long enough. If the reading fairy godmother could buzz on over to my place and magically install a new tub and give my building a huge, new hot water heater, that would awesome. Kthnxbye.

7. More time to read – I could EASILY use an extra 1-4 hours per day to read. Anyone invent a way to do this yet? Come on, 28-hour days don’t sound so bad…

8. A credit card just for books – With no limit. And with a 0% internet rate! Or better yet, no payments!

9. Blue armchairThis one from JC Penny. I’ve been drooling over it for MONTHS, but I don’t have an extra $1700 lying around…

10. A Kindle Paperwhite – Well, you probably just read about all the reasons I want one, so this one’s a no-brainer.


There we have it! I could really use a bookish fairy godmother, ya’ll. Anyone know where I could score one? No? Damn. Weelllll, what’s on your reading wishlist?






    1. LOL that comic. Too funny. I think I actually knew a girl like 8 years ago who was trying some crazy sleep like that, and I thought she was insane. (I didn’t like her at all, so that might be why.) I try to get up at 6 every day so that I have more reading/blogging/workingout time, but it’s damn near impossible. I’m just too comfy in bed, lol. 7 is a much better time.


  1. I like your list. My list is kinds lame since this is the first time I have tried to do one of these. Have you heard of Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia ? In these books dinosaurs did not go extinct but have evolved side-by-side with humans, so in the book a significant percentage of the population is actually dinosaurs in disguise. The protagonist is Vincent Rubio, a private investigator and a velociraptor. There are two more in the series I think and they might fit #1 and #5 on your list.


  2. More dinosaurs!! I could get on board with that. I also wished for more diversity because it’s a thing that needs to happen. That Jonathan Adler chair is gorgeous, but the man has the most insane prices. I went to his store the other day and was blown away. A tiny little knickknack thing was $100???? Who has that kind of money? Not this girl.


    1. I came *THIS CLOSE* to talking to a JC Penny salesperson about some sort of payment plan for that chair, but luckily didn’t. I can’t afford extra payments for anything, lol. I want it so bad though! If it was like $300, I’d be all over it. I’d find a way, and it would be mine.


  3. Dinosaurs! YES!

    I would LOVE it if someone gave me an unlimited credit card just for books … hopefully, that would cover new bookshelves, too. 🙂 And more time to read would be GREAT! It still feels weird to be reading considerably less so far this year when compared to previous years. It would be lovely to have a few extra hours JUST for reading!

    And yay for the Kindle! I want one, too. I have a regular Kindle (I think the paperwhite?) but I want one that lights up. I have so many more books on my Kindle but it’s hard to read at night.


    1. I think the paperwhite is supposed to light up for reading in the dark… at least I hope so, because I’ve been telling everyone that I want a Paperwhite 3G, lol.

      And I think an adorable new baby is a good excuse for not being able to read as much 😉 I mean, I think I would be going insane, but that’s why I’m not a mom, LOL. I need my alone/reading time.


      1. Paperwhite has lighting in the dark, in fact you can choose yourself how much lighting you want (there’s a little scale). Very convenient if boyfriend wants to sleep and not have the light on 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh, I kind of want to be your book BFF just because DINOSAURS topped your list!! Whyyyyyy are there not a million amazing dinosaur books out there?! Why has there never been another dinosaur book as great as Jurassic Park? Why do no YA authors have a burning desire to feature dinosaurs in their books? Why did I not become a paleontologist? These are the questions that keep me up at night.


  5. Okay, the tub thing is a huge deal for me! Mine isn’t so bad but I stayed with my parents for a few nights over Christmas break, and had a bath in their newly finished bathroom (or shall I call it, personal spa) and it was absolute heaven. I never wanted to get out! Now, I am already dreaming up my potential bathroom for the one glorious day when I have my own house. Reading in the tub is.. THE BEST.
    Also! I ALSO want an blue armchair! Jay and I fell in love with this one from Ikea ( He likes it because it looks like a “boss” chair and I love it because it looks like an old school reading chair!
    Awesome list :).


    1. My mom has a big fancy tub in her house… that somehow isn’t hooked up properly yet, so no one is using it. I think they’re still doing re-models in that bathroom, but haven’t worked on it in forever. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll SO be stopping over there just to take baths, lol. I hate not being able to take relaxing baths in this apartment :-/

      That Ikea chair is really cute! My friend had two old chairs like that, they were velvety and gold colored, and I LOVED them, but she gave them to her in-laws. She still has the ottoman that matched them though… I have claimed it for when she eventually decides to get rid of it. I love the antique-y look of those wing armchairs.


    1. I’m glad you liked Bet Me! It’s still one of my favorites that I like to re-read every couple years or so.

      The color of that chair is gorgeous! But probably not $2200 worth of gorgeous… these furniture designers are crazy.


    1. Yeah. I don’t even have the room for it, but if I could afford it, I would MAKE room for it. It’s beautiful. And SO COMFY. Because of course I actually sat in it at JC Penny’s, and I never wanted to get up. It was perfect. Le sigh…


    1. I wasn’t a fan of that prompt either… I felt like I had done it before, or maybe there was something similar. I don’t know.

      THAT CHAIR. I first saw it back in October (I think) and I’m STILL pining for it.


    1. I just want to live in a world where dinosaurs were still a cool thing, you know? Kids LOVE dinosaurs, so somehow people got the impression that dinosaurs weren’t for adults. That’s so silly. I wish I had a paleontologist friend in RL, lol.


  6. I was just quickly skimming through your list at first, without reading anything, and when I got to “a better tub” I was like wth…. 😀 But then I read the post properly and all made perfect sense. I agree SO MUCH on diversity in characters.


    1. LOL yeah I kind of veered off in a completely different direction there… It had to be done. And more diversity in characters NEEDS to happen. (Scott Lynch does this pretty well, actually, especially in the second Locke Lamora book. Bonus points for him!)


  7. Oh God, more books featuring dinosaurs please! I can’t help but think of the Terra Nova TV show and how that premise could’ve been a perfect young adult adventure story. And let’s not forget Ross Geller, I need a character like that in any form of book, too, please 😀


  8. Yes to more diversity and a credit card just for book!! Also that chair is awesome, but so expensive. I love my paperwhite so much. I love that I can read in bed with the light off (stupid light switch not near my bed), plus even though I have it, I read more paper books by far.


    1. I am SO excited to be able to read in bed. Booklights suck because I tend to fall asleep, there’s no lamp or switch near where I sleep, and I have the Kindle app on my phone, but I keep that plugged in far away too because I set my alarms on it.

      I WANT THAT CHAIRRRRR. It’s so gorgeous.


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