Sarah Sunday!




Good morrrrrning! And Happy New Year! (Okay, we’re like 5 days in, but still.)

  • For New Year’s Eve, the honeyman and I got all dressed up and went to our friend’s house – the four of us had shrimp, and a big delicious dinner, and lots and lots of alcohol. Well, really me and my friend had a lot of alcohol – the guys not so much. My friend and I ended up doing a couple tequila shots, and somehow it was 3 in the morning before the honeyman and I went home, but it was a really fun night. Lookin fancy, eating delicious food, playing games, etc. Good stuff.
  • New Year’s Day was super lazy and awesome at home. I love da lazy days.
  • Aaaaand then Thursday I got to leave work a bit early because we got slammed with a crap ton of snow. I spent an hour shoveling Friday morning before work. Boooooooo snow. And then after all that snow, temps plummeted to about 3 degrees. Ugh.
  • So the other day the honeyman was just doing some paperwork and I was scrolling through Netflix, and I put on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, and now he’s been listening to the soundtrack non-stop and “My Eyes” is stuck in my head.
  • Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon should do more things together. Particularly musicals.
  • I’m eagerly awaiting an order from Amazon – I already used up the gift cards I got for Christmas! I managed to get 5 books for just over $50. Hurrrrrrrrryyyyyy, books.
  • The Bout of Books readathon starts tomorrow! Are you joining in? You SHOULD BE. I’ve been having fun just trying to get my readathon-possibilities-pile of books sorted out.
  • Season 5 of Cougar Town starts this week! I have my wine waiting for me in the fridge.


  • It is ridiculous how much time the honeyman and I spend watching Vine compilations on YouTube… but a lot of them are really funny.
  • All this Dr. Horrible-ness is making me want to re-watch Firefly… which would be awesome, but I’m supposed to be watching more movies, not re-watching brilliant shows… we’ll see.


Aaaand that’s all I got! We did ALL THE ERRANDS yesterday, so today I’m laying around, finishing Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff, and maaaaybe attempting my first-ever shepherd’s pie for dinner. (Wish me luck.)

How’s your weekend going?






  1. Gaby has the funniest expression in that last picture.

    SO COLD!!! We were supposed to hit negative temps some time last night but it didn’t happen… instead we’ll get there about noon today… and then not come out of it till Wednesday morning. Overnight low tonight: -26. Tomorrow’s HIGH is -15! Tuesday not quite so bad, but still all in negatives. Of course that’s all subject to change, but… BRRR!!!

    Personally, I don’t plan to leave the house until Thursday when both the cats have vet appointments (it’s the new cat’s first one… probably in years).


  2. Love the photo of you both all dressed up for NYE – I spent my NYE in jogging bottoms and was asleep by 10.30!
    All the snow you’ve been getting in the US has made it on to the news here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow like it in London. Hoopefully you’ll get a few more snow days/lazy days out of it 🙂


  3. Happy new year! (this can still totally be said on January 5)
    Your New Year’s Eve sounds amazing! Hanging out with friends in fancy clothes is always fun, especially playing games and having yummy food 🙂
    Good luck on the shepherd’s pie!


  4. You and the honeyman look totally fabulous in your fancy going-out clothes! Also, I love the photo of Gabby with the book.

    I’ve had similar weather here in western MA. TOO cold this weekend!

    Why not substitute watching Serenity if you’re in a Firely mood? Then it’s kinda win-win for seeing the cast AND qualifying for your movie watching challenge. Well, except for the part right near the end that I can’t talk about it.


  5. I am done with winter. Obviously this is a problem because winter’s not going anywhere any time soon. I need it to be Wednesday (my work week is Saturday through Wednesday and I’m already ready to call it quits). Happy lazy day! Shepherd’s Pie is super easy.


    1. I’m ALWAYS ready to be done with winter. I am thinking that unless we move somewhere warmer, maybe next time I need to buy a vehicle I should look at Jeeps… I am LOVING the honeyman’s this year. And it shows so freaking often here and I HATE driving in the snow, so it seems like it would be worth it.

      I hope Wednesday comes fast!


  6. My weekend is awesome! Moved a bunch of my stuff into my new apartment (though it doesn’t have internet yet and thus is not habitable until Tuesday), and my football team (the Saints) is continuing into the next round of the playoffs. And now I am making red beans and rice for family dinner tonight.

    (No tequila shots though. I do not get to do tequila shots often enough.)


    1. Oooo, moving sucks. But yay for making progress on it, and for your football team 🙂

      My friend and I did tequila shots maybe 3 or 4 years ago, and it was great… except after that night, the very thought made us nauseous, lol. This was the first time we attempted it since that night – I barely got two shots down, but I feel like we finally conquered it, lol.


  7. Ugh, we’re looking at -15 tomorrow. Raw temps, not wind chills. We have a bunch of snow too, but it’s the blowy kind so as soon as you shovel it, it blows back. At least my office gave us a “work from home” day tomorrow, so I can wear my jammies all day… Again….


  8. 😦 😦 I want to hibernate. We’re currently under a Wind Chill Advisory where temperatures will feel like -35. I CAN’T EVEN

    I’m still trying to convince my boyfriend to watch Dr. Horrible and Firefly. How this boy and I are still together I have no idea haha!

    Ooh, shepherds pie sounds warm and delicious. and WARM. Good luck!


    1. OH MY GOD, WTF. -35?? I heard the other day that when it was -31 somewhere in Canada, it was colder than on Mars, which was -29. What the hell.

      I’m listening to Dr. Horrible as I type this. TOTALLY make him watch Dr. Horrible, it’s only 45 mins long. Firefly is more of an investment, time-wise, but so awesome.


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