Top Ten Tuesday: I Wouldn’t Mind These Books for Christmas…

the broke and the bookish

Merry Christmas Eve, fellow book bloggers!

The Broke and The Bookish are still bringing the Top Ten Tuesday fun, and this week’s topic seems a little late, but it’s the Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing Me. I’m like 99% sure I won’t be getting any of these, because people tend to not likeΒ buying meΒ books – they assume I have them all already, or don’t know what books I want, when really my answer is

yes to all


In all fairness, the honeyman usually does a good job with getting me books though πŸ™‚ ANYWAYS, let’s get to it!


clive thompson

1. Smarter Than You Think by Clive Thompson – I think I heard this one mentioned on a BookRiot podcast, and I’m currently listening to an episode of aΒ podcast called You Are Not So Smart in which the author is a guest, and this book is apparently about how technology isn’t making us dumber, and some of the ways in which it’s changing us for the better or just how we’re adapting to such crazy technology.

2. Chew: Volume 1 by John Layman and Rob Guillory – This is apparently a comic book series about a detective who receives psychic impressions from what he eats, including dead people, and uses this to help solve crimes. It sounds dark and twisted but also maybe kind of funny.

3. Locke and Key: Volume 1 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez – Joe Hill has a graphic novel series! Which obviously I need to try. Ordering graphic novels from my library is a pain in the ass, which is why I want to just have my own copies of this and Chew, but they’re expensive and well, I’m kind of cheap.

its bigger than hip hop

4. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop by M.K. Asante – Shannon at River City Reading suggested M.K. Asante to me in response to my post about how I need to make my reading more diverse, and now I’m really excited to read this and his newest book, Buck.

5. Harry Potter box set – I NEED to own the set of those gorgeous new covers. NEED to. And the way the spines line up to create the image of Hogwarts? *sigh*

6. The Feynman Lectures of Physics, Volume 1 by Richard Feynman – Because I’m a nerd, alright? And because someday, I WILL make my way through all his lectures, even if it takes me years.

raptor red

7. Raptor Red by Robert T. Bakker – The characters are dinosaurs. I mean really, that’s all I need to know. I must read this.

8. The Wordy Shipmates or Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell – Basically, I keep hearing about how fun and irreverent Vowell’s non-fic is, and I love me some good non-fic. It would be really nice to find a history non-fiction author that I really like, since I usually lean towards the more science-y stuff.

the universe versus alex woods

9. The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence – This was easily one of the top five books I read this year, and I don’t even own my own copy yet! This is the one downside to reading library books – I don’t get to keep them after reading them, no matter how awesome they are.

10. Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards – I know that sometimes people feel like giving a gift card is lame, but I super love having gift cards to use on books. I get to shop for books, with zero guilt about spending the money. It’s awesomesauce.


What books are you hoping are waiting for you under the Christmas tree?







  1. I’ve been buying those Harry Potter books as I go with the reading – now I have five and the castle picture is drawing out nicely on the spines. It’s definitely a good thing to have if you are a fan.


  2. Great list! Now Smarter Than You Think and Assassination Vacation are on my TBR list. Also – gift cards? Almost better than a book as a gift, because then you get to wander around a bookstore and find tons of other books you would never have known about. The combo of a gift card, a coffee, and a babysitter is pretty much the greatest gift I can imagine. πŸ™‚


  3. Aha! Thank you for reminding me about Locke and Key and Chew! I was just wondering what books I wanted to buy myself for Christmas, and these sound like just the thing. lol Also, I didn’t have much luck with Assassination Vacation or The Wordy Shipmates, but I absolutely freaking adored The Partly Cloudy Patriot! I hope whatever you choose, you love. πŸ™‚


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