Sarah Sunday!


Alriiiight, late Sunday night update.

Well. My fucking car broke again. The engine is misfiring, whatever the hell that means. I need to take it to get looked at, but that’s probably not going to happen for a few weeks. So that sucked.

As I may have mentioned a few a million times, I’m not really in the Christmas mood this year. I’m looking forward to it being over. I still have a little Christmas shopping to do, and maybe then things will be a little more relaxing. I’m really hoping to just hang out with the honeyman on Christmas Eve, watching Love Actually and wrapping presents. More likely we’ll probably end up watching more American Horror Story Asylum. Fuck that show. The honeyman likes weird, scary stuff and so I watch it with me because… well, I like it when he watches things I like with me and we can talk about it and stuff. But it stays in my brain and freaks me out, and it’s such a disturbing goddamn show. Even more disturbing? The same dude that created American Horror Story ALSO created Glee. What the shit, dude.

I managed to finish a book this week! I finished One of Our Thursdays is Missing, which was probably my least favorite Thursday Next book for various reasons. I’m still reading “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” which is really good, and perfect for my relatively busy schedule and short attention span right now. Aaaand I’m tempted to start NOS4A2 tonight, because I’m just in that kind of mood.

So. That’s that. I’m hoping that work isn’t too hectic at work this week (that half-day on Christmas Eve should be a piece of cake), because I have a lot of posts I want to work on and I want to catch up on my Bloglovin reader. We’ll see how it goes.

And one more thing before I go wolf down the delicious hot subs the honeyman just brought home – Alley and I are talking about how we should do a readalong of a non-white author (preferably a lady non-white author) sometime soon-ish. Any suggestions?

Later taters.




      1. Seed to Harvest is actually a separate series from the Parable of the Sower one. Which…you’d think they’d all be the same. The first book is Wild Seed


  1. Oh no, I have been dreading the thought of Thursday Next books going downwards! But I guess it’s bound to happen the more new books there are in the series 😦

    Despite the lack of Christmas moods this year, I wish nice and relaxing holidays to you, the honeyman and Gabby!


    1. I think the next one (The Woman Who Died A Lot) will be better – my issue with this TN book was that a written Thursday Next was the main character, and while it made for some interesting things to happen, it kind of threw me off and took a while to get used to.


  2. I’m sorry about the car troubles, that sucks.

    I wish you a nice relaxing holidays with your loved ones, even if you’re not in Christmas mood.

    A non-white author read-along seems like a great idea, I might join in as I should broaden my scope as well in that aspect.


  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry about the car! As the one-time owner of a car that was prone to breaking down, I sympathize tremendously. I hope it gets sorted out fairly quickly.

    I’d do a readalong! I have heard good things about Aminatta Forna and also Karen Lord — they have been on my list for a while and I haven’t gotten to them so a readalong would be an excellent way to remind myself to read them.


    1. My car used to run well all the time, but now it’s about 14 years old and I probably need to start looking for a new car, but I definitely can’t afford car payment right now sooo… repairs it is. Oy.

      I’ll look up Aminatta Forna and Karen Lord, and maybe we can do some sort of vote in the future for an author to read? Probably a good idea.


  4. Bummer about the car troubles, and the general lack of Christmas-y-ness around your neck of the woods. I couldn’t recommend NOS4A2 more highly, given the current mood, though! That’s a book that scared the bajeezus out of me AND has a decidedly creepy Christmas bent, so…there you go with that.


  5. I’m so sorry about the car debacle! And the general lack of Christmas mood around your place. However, I don’t think you could pick a better book than NOS4A2 to meet that creepy-as-hell-grumpy-Christmas vibe!


  6. Oh, that really sucks about your car, I hope it’s simple (and cheap!) to fix. Merry Christmas even though you aren’t feeling that Christmassy 😛

    As for your readalong – I would suggest Adichie, if you’ve not read her yet? She’s one of my favourite authors.


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