The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

The Sum of All Kisses

Ahhhh, romance. (Imagine that I’m saying that in a French accent. It helps.)
The Sum of All Kisses is the third book in Julia Quinn’s Smythe-Smith quartet, which are full of lords and ladies falling in love. This one focuses on Hugh Prentice, who is good at math and has a Dr. House-like injury to his leg after a drunken duel with his best friend. Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh, since that duel was against her cousin and the resulting scandal forced her to miss out on one of the most promising seasons of eligible husbands.
I liked that Hugh was kind of surly, and that he has this chronic, debilitating pain that he’s constantly having to put up with – it made him original, and it also made him strive to prove his worth in so many situations. Sarah was less likable – she was really emotional and irrational, and that irked me. But I did like that she had a fondness for reading novels 🙂
There was one particularly swoon-worthy, fairy-tale moment in the book, but I think that overall this isn’t one of Quinn’s better books. The “obstacle to be overcome” (standard in most romances) was kind of silly, and everyone just seemed to be overreacting. It was hard to really sympathize.
SO, a cute romance and a relatively quick read, but I know Julia Quinn’s capable of much better. I have high hopes for the 4th Smythe-Smith book!
Sarah Says: 3 stars


  1. Bahaha, you’re totally right about the French accent! Changed the entire opening tone. Love it.

    Yes, the obstacle in this one was a little silly, I’ll agree. I still loved it, though! Totally cute and swoony. And Hugh was fantastic.


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