Top Ten Tuesday: A Look at My Winter TBR

the broke and the bookish

Greetings, fellow book nerds!

(If you’ve read The Rosie Project, you’ll get the “greetings” thing.) It’s TUESDAY! And that means Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovely gals over at The Broke and The Bookish. Today’s topic feels a little redundant to me, possibly because I keep talking about the books I’m hoping to read by the end of the year, but the actual topic, Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR, encompasses December AND January AND February. Soooo let’s see what I’m thinking of reading while it’s freezing outside.

1. NOS4A2 by Joe Hill – I just got this in the mail! I won an ARC of it during the last 24-Hour Readathon, and it came! I’m so excited. I’m hoping to fit this in before Christmas, because it’s a creepy book about a place called Christmasland… we’ll see how that goes. I have a lot of other books I’m hoping to get to as well.

2. One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde – I think I’m going to start listening to the audiobook of this sometime this week!

3. The Grinch by Dr. Seuss – Part of me is hoping I get a chance to read this to one of my nephews or niece this month… just cause.

4. Gibbon’s Decline and Fall by Sheri S. Tepper – I’ve had this book sitting around for AGES, and I’m hoping to get to it in early 2014. It’s feminist sci-fi, apparently, so it should clearly be a winner.

5. The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum – I think this will be one of the first Classics Clubs picks I read next year… mainly because it should be relatively quick and easy, and my time is short lately.

6. The Rise of the Governor (The Walking Dead) by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga – I want to read this before TWD comes back on in February. I think there’s two more after this, but we’ll see if this is actually good enough to continue on with.

7. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon – I found a copy of this for $4 at my library’s used bookstore! And I DO want to get to it soon, even if I’m wary of starting yet another series…

8. SERIES – Actually, that reminds me: I have SO many series that I need to finish. It would be nice if I could finish the Nightside series by Simon R. Green, the Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow, The Walking Dead comics, and a few others before the winter is out.


Alright, so that’s not actually 10, but it KIND of it since the last one is multiple books. Anyways, what are you aiming to read this winter?






    1. This is the fifth… or sixth? book in the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. They’re really fun, bizarre books! The first one was a little hard to get into, but the second totally sold me on it forever.


  1. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion my next trip into town will end in buying a copy of NOS4R2 (as it is in the UK) – I was going to wait until it was published in a small paperback edition but if it’s a Christmas book, then I can’t wait another year with all my favourite bloggers talking about it. Oh, dear!

    I love Jasper Fforde, though I’ve only read up to First Among Sequels. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. I have “Shades of Grey” on my pile too.


    1. If you don’t get a chance to read it before Christmas, NOS4A2 will probably work for next fall or Halloween-time. I think it’s going to be dark like that.

      I haven’t finished Shades of Grey! I attempted it before I read any of the Thursday Next books and didn’t get into it… I should try it again.


  2. I wish you happy moments with Thursday Next! Now that a bit of time has passed from my last Thursday book (at least a few months!) I’m thinking about picking up the fourth book at some point (Was it Something Rotten? but I may be wrong, I have two here still unread)


  3. I counted all of my unfinished series once (from 2006 to the present). It numbered over 30! I get mad at myself about this. Most of them were not quit because I did not like the series. I just can’t seem to follow through.


    1. I think you’d like the Thursday Next books by Fforde! They’re so bizarre, and irreverent, and fun. The first one was KIND of hard for me to get really into, because there are a lot of British references that went over my head, but the second book and on are all much better, IMHO.


  4. You won an ARC of N0S4R2? Wow, you were super lucky! I’m so so close to finishing it and it’s amazing. I wouldn’t worry about reading it near Christmas though – I actually think it would be BETTER a few months later, for reasons I can’t explain without being all spoilery! It’s just not as festive as you’d think.


    1. Yesss, I’m so psyched that I won it! Hopefully there’s no major differences between the ARC and the finished book.

      I think I’m going to start it this weekend, purposely because I’m not really feeling Christmas this year and I feel like reading something disturbing or scary about it will fit my mood perfectly. ALSO the honeyman has talked me into watching American Horror Story Asylum with him and that show is SO fucked up and so yeah. Disturbing things are what’s happening right now, I guess.


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