A Quick Sarah Sunday!


Me & Gabby, Gabby being adorable, book mail (NOS4A2!), and playing Logos.


I’m in a semi-rush, because I spent all morning doing laundry & visiting blogs, and I’m about to head out for the second day of the Merry Movie Marathon, so bullet points again! This might become a thing.

  • Work was super busy this week. And it’ll probably stay that way until after the holidays, because end-of-year is always a hectic time. I actually started looking up natural headache remedies because I was getting a headache everyday and I don’t want to be an Advil addict. BTW, most of those natural remedies are NOT helpful for being at work. I’m not crushing up freaking ginger root and making tea at work, for several reasons. So any suggestions?
  • That being said, this job is still better than old job. Just sayin’.
  • This weekend is the Merry Movie Marathon! Which is basically two days of drinking, socializing, watching Christmas movies, and playing games in our pj’s. My friend hosts this every year and it’s awesome. Yesterday was a really fun day, and I’m happy to say that I kicked a little bit of ass in both Logos and Taboo. (I’m awesome at games when I drink. Seriously, I can roll like 4 Yahtzees in one game if I’ve been drinking.)
  • I’m excited for day 2, obvs, even though part of me totally wants to just stay home and read Parasite and catch up on housework. I HAVE NO TIME. But I’m not a flake. And I don’t hang out with a lot of girls, really, so the MMM is good for me, cause I’m not the best conversationalist and it gives me the chance to relax and chat with people I don’t get to see a lot. Also, there’s Kahlua and Calico Jack and SO MUCH WINE. So you know… the choice is clear.

wine gif

  • I’m really sorry if I’m not around much online. Just know that I will read your posts, if I haven’t already, though it might be days after you posted. I’m trying a new organization system on my Bloglovin and it SHOULD work well… again, the only thing getting in the way is being busy and you know, it happens.
  • I started Christmas shopping this week! Finally! And there’s only two weeks left… I am so screwed.

Aaaand now I gotta run. So, any headache solutions? Have you ever played Logos? How’s your week been?








  1. Merry Movie Marathon sounds like so much fun! I hope you’re able to get some free time during the week to read and do housework. I suffer from headaches too but I have no natural remedies to recommend. 😦


  2. Oh, headaches. I am very prone to those myself (eye-related headaches, stress headaches, migraines). Simple rule is that the more stress the more frequent/heavy the headaches, so if I was to change a job I’d probably have them every evening as well. I don’t really know what else to recommend other than good ol’ try to lessen stress level, drink herb tea, for me personally only painkillers help, but I wouldn’t want to take them every day either… I hope it’ll get better, headache is one of the nastiest aches out there.


  3. I’ve never heard of Lagos but it sounds interesting and I want to look it up now. Sorry, no natural headache cures here…maybe just tea or some kind of homeopathic remedy comes to mind but I couldn’t tell you which one for headaches off the top of my head. Your movie marathon sounds awesome too and now I want to watch holiday movies! Which ones are you guys watching this year? Any good recommendations?


  4. I wish I could help you with the headache thing, but my main advice is to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated which I know you know already lol.

    Also, NOS4R2 is called NOS4A2 in the US? That’s so weird! Also, why? Do we know?


  5. For headaches, I’ll make sure I’m drinking LOTS of water and sometimes eating raw almonds helps. Good luck!

    And yay for merry movie marathon! I love Christmas movies. 🙂


  6. No non-medication suggestions for the headaches, but I will say that Advil rarely cures my headaches. It’s magic for cramps, no good for headaches. I’ve had much more luck taking one tylenol and two aspirin. I hope yours get better soon!


  7. I’m not good at dealing well with work-related stress, either, I sympathise. I found that bagged ginger tea works with headaches, too, not just fresh ginger. And apricots, dried or fresh. (Also, dried apricots are a tasty and healthy snack.)

    I hope you get used to the new job soon and it gets easier. Have a great week!


  8. I’ve actually never heard of Logos.

    Headaches suck. The only thing that works for me is Aleve – Advil and Tylenol do nothing, and Excedrin cures the headache but messes with my stomach – but I hate taking it unless the headache is really bad. I’ve never looked into natural remedies, though… maybe I should.


    1. Logos is a random game… I don’t think it’s very well known, or where my friend got it. But the idea is that you move along a board, and you have to act out, describe, or draw clues to get your team to guess the brand name on your card – it’s like a weird version of Pictionary or Taboo.


  9. I totally get it. I have my Important Blogger list which I visit ALL the time (with my favorite blogs, including yours) on it. Then I divided the rest up into days of the week and each day I try to visit 5 of those posts. That way, I might not visit XYZ blog daily but I’ll probably hit it once a week, or at least once every 2 weeks but my all time amazing favorites I can hit a few times a week.


    1. I’m trying basically the same system, but it hasn’t exactly been working because of the days when I don’t get a chance to go on Bloglovin at all, so I end up doing one or two marathon-sessions of reading and commenting anyways. Hopefully it will go better once work slows down after the new year.


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