The Ace of Skulls (Tales of the Ketty Jay #4) by Chris Wooding

The Ace of Skulls


I can’t believe it’s over 😦

****This is the fourth and last book in the Tales of the Ketty Jay series by Chris Wooding. You should read the first book, and the second book, and the third book – in that order – and then come back here and read this because you know, SPOILERS AHEAD dude.****


So where did we last leave our intrepid heroes? (Yeah, I used that line in my other reviews… I can’t help it, this series makes me want to game!)

At the end of the third book, Captain Darian Frey and his crew discovered some information that directly led to a civil war in Vardia, between the Archduke and the Awakeners. Now he’s just trying to keep them all out of it, while he also hunts for Trinica, who he’s determined to save from herself and make things right between them. When his search leads directly to being undercover in a major secret Awakener camp, Frey and his crew are forced to pick a side and do their damnedest to fight for their lives.

I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but there was a lot of exciting things happening for the crew. Bess (the huge metal golem of Crake’s) finds some friends, Jez struggles to decide between being a Mane and being a human, Crake must face his past while trying to romance Samandra Bree, Harkins stuggles to find courage, etc. Basically the inner demons that the crew has faced during this entire epic journey all finally come to a head and they have to face them, and it’s brilliant. The author knows how to breathe life and heart into his characters, and I couldn’t help but be invested in them and their personal stories and plotlines.

This being the last book, and there being a lot of plot and war to cover, there wasn’t as much fun banter and goofball heroics as in the first three, but it makes up for it in captivating drama and emotion. I definitely teared up a couple of times, and I’m really, truly sad now that my adventure with these characters is over. If Chris Wooding decides he wants to write a prequel, or more sequels, or novellas, I will SO BE THERE to read them.


Sarah Says: 4.5 stars



  1. I think we must be the only two book bloggers out there that know about this. Don’t know of many others talking about this, but they should be. I just made this series my No. 1 series read this year and am going to add a shout-out on my blog to you since you mention it so often on yours. 🙂


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