December Monthly TBR

Hey ya’ll.

So. I managed to read 9 books in November!

I should not be this pleased with myself.

I should not be this pleased with myself.


Normally, 9 is a bit under the amount of reading I prefer to be at. BUT, having switched jobs and all, I think it’s a pretty good number. From here on out, I think anything above 8 a month is probably my goal. Let’s take a look at last month’s TBR…



I kind of only read half of my original pile from last month. I’ve noticed a bad habit – I put library books on my TBR pile for the month, but they’re due in the first week or two, and then sometimes I can’t renew them. I need to be better about that… Really, I should get better at reading the books I already HAVE instead of borrowing so many from the library, but that’s besides the point. The other 5 I read were other, newer library books and some stuff that I happened to buy at random and yeah, I’m a mess.

Let’s move on to December!


December TBR

From the top…

  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen – Classics Club pick, and I really wanted to fit this into 2013.
  • One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde – Continuing on with this awesome series, AND I found it on MP3 audio at the library, so I can read and listen to it. Bonus!
  • Fool by Christopher Moore – One of the few Christopher Moore books I haven’t read, and I like to laugh.
  • “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” by Richard Feynman – My non-fiction pick of the month! Really excited to read this – it’s not very science-y but more a collection of recollections from Mr. Feynman’s life, and it seems to be a bit of a classic in the memoir / science genre.
  • The Infernals by John Connolly – This is the sequel to The Gates, and I’m excited to get back into that weird, quirky, physics-paranormal world.
  • Parasite by Mira Grant – SO psyched to start this! I was worried that it wouldn’t be as good as her Newsflesh trilogy, but I’ve heard really great things so far.


That’s right, only 6 books! Because I already made my goals for the year (I surpassed 100 books, 40,000 pages a while ago), and because December tends to be BUSY. Even though I’m excited to have some good secret-reading at work options, I also know that this tends to be the busiest time of year, so I might not have much down-time. And on the off chance that I actually read all of these, I’ll pick up some holiday reading or one of the several library books I have out. I have no shortage of options.

What are you hoping to read this month?




  1. With your schedule, I’d probably read one or two books a month… I remember when I had hectic times back in summer, I read four books in two months so yeah. Well done!

    Oo, Thursday. I hope it’ll be good! I need to start the fourth book at some point. I finished Parasite and it was an interesting experience, I gave it initally 3 stars, but it was more like 3.5 I think and the more I think back, the better I feel about it. I had no idea this book is so huge! I read a virtual copy.


  2. I can’t even make a TBR list a month out! I always have a list of books I need to read and then I end up shufflng things around because I’ll finish one book and be in the “mood” for something that’s not on my list. So good job anyway!


    1. I rarely stick to my list – I read things that aren’t on it, and usually don’t manage the whole original pile – but it’s fun to give myself a general idea or goal of what I want to read 🙂

      Plus, I just like posting pictures of piles of books! Lol.


  3. Parasite is AMAZING. I finished it a few days ago and was blown away. I haven’t read her other series so I have no idea how it compares, but it’s definitely one of the best books of the year for me. I’m almost desperate to get my hands on the Newsflesh trilogy now though!

    I liked Mansfield Park somewhat less, though. I think it’s probably my least favourite Austen. Not to put you off though – I know some people love it!


    1. I’m SO excited about Parasite. Her Newsflesh trilogy was phenomenal, I hope you get to it soon.

      I’m sloooowwwwwly reading Mansfield Park. About a chapter at a time right now. I think I started it years ago but never finished it because it’s a lot more slow-going than her other novels.


  4. I’m always impressed not only with what you’ve read, but the fact you do those photos of the books you intend to read.

    Count me among the folks who liked Mansfield Park without loving it. It’s Austen’s most serious novel, and the only one, at least that I’ve read, that deals with a social/moral greater issue of its day–in this case, slavery. I’ve only read the book a couple of times but I love the film adaptation starring Frances O’Connor as Fanny Price and have seen it at least a dozen times.


  5. Dude, I suck so much at reading library books! I’m currently planning on taking 3 books back to the library this week unread, because I’ve finally gone NO! No more library books til you’ve read the ones you have! We’ll see how well this goes…

    *whispers* I don’t like Mansfield Park… Like genuinely dislike it a bit. But I think I need to give it another read, just in case. Like a crazy.


    1. I am the worst at getting books from the library and not reading most of them. My reading is so scattered. But at least they’re free! Until I get overdue fines, which sadly happens a lot.

      Mansfield Park seems a lot slower than her other novels, but I’m hoping I can get something likable out of it.


  6. Parasite rocked my socks pretty hard, but this list really reminded me that I need to read Mansfield Park! Gah! I’m still hoping I make it to 100 books by the end of the year… Fingers crossed…


  7. There are a few books I want to make sure to get to before the year is out… one NetGalley ARC that’s expiring, one that my mom gave me months ago and I still haven’t read (would be nice to get to that before I go home for Christmas), a new December release that I’ll probably read immediately, plus a couple re-reads. Like you, I’ve already met my goal for the year, so anything else is just gravy.


      1. Oh, these weren’t part of any grand plan, just a few things on my massive TBR that I just recently decided I wanted to get to in the next few weeks. I never make a “must read in this year” list because I can never plan more than a month or so ahead at a time.


  8. You managed to read a lot! Last time I switched jobs, I ended up taking a several month blogging hiatus because I just couldn’t balance everything.

    I’m bad with library books too. My problem is that I have so much to read that I put them off till last minute, then get halfway through them before I have to take them back. Then I end up either buying the book or DNFing it.


    1. Keeping up on the blogging is TOUGH, even with the WordPress and Bloglovin apps on my phone. I’m basically just trying to sneak online time in whenever I can at work or at home, but sometimes I just don’t feel like being on the computer, you know? Especially when I could be reading instead.


  9. With Fforde and Moore you know you’re always in for a good time 🙂

    The only book of Connolly’s I’ve read was the excellent The Book of Lost Things. I’ve read the backs of a few others and he seems like an author who writes for ME. Definitely going to make it a 2014 goal to catch up on his other stuff!

    Very curious to hear your thoughts on Parasite! I’ve heard incredible things too! – also curious to read what you thought of Mansfield Park. I’m a total Austen newbie!


    1. I’m still early into Mansfield Park, like 7 chapters, so I can’t say yet. I don’t think Fanny will be my favorite Austen heroine though. If you’re new, I suggest P&P or Northanger Abbey or Persuasion.

      Parasite is really good so far! I would’ve finished it already if I wasn’t so dang busy.


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