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Currently reading, currently reading/listening, Gabby hanging out on the microwave, Devil Baby nephew, and me being excited about new work clothes.


Good morning ya’ll.

I feel like a wuss, guys. Adjusting from having 3-4 days off every week to only having 1 day off a week (because I’m still currently doing Sundays for my other job) is starting to get to me. I’m not used to only having Saturdays to fit in cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and some attempt at relaxing. And this Saturday wasn’t even actually a day off because I watched Devil Baby for like 12 hours while my sister worked, and although he wasn’t horrible he’s still a loud, ridiculous 2-year old and I am just not cut out for being with a toddler for that long.  Also, not being able to work out (STILL) is making me feel gross and frustrated, and I can’t fix my car probably for another couple weeks, and it’s all just rough time, basically. And I KNOW that and I know that things will be less crappy once I get my groove back, but right now I feel like a crazy PMS lady, except I’m not PMS-ing. So right now I feel absolutely exhausted and I won’t have another day off until Saturday and ugh, I feel like a whiny mess. I really, really need to try to get into some sort of routine.

The plus side of watching Devil Baby yesterday was that we watched The Croods, which I hadn’t seen yet and it was pretty funny. Why haven’t I heard more good things about it?

I finished The Republic of Thieves! Which took me forever, because reading after work is still not enough, but whatever. And now I’ve started Lexicon by Max Barry and The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn – neither of which were on my TBR for this month, but I just got Lexicon from the library and really wanted to start it, and I felt like reading something fluffy too. And I’m still listening to The Rosie Project on my mp3 player, but I wish I had a paper copy too because listening to it while I drive isn’t enough. Maybe I can try it while I do dishes or grocery shop or something.  I really want a mp3 player/radio for my bathroom. Not just a shower radio, but something that can be on the counter without getting damaged by all of the steam, that’s loud enough to be heard over the shower and that I can play mp3 files (audiobooks) or podcasts on. Searching for “bathroom mp3 player” hasn’t really found me anything good yet.

I had a dream last night that we got another kitty. He was tiger-striped and adorable, and then we found out he had some sort of illness or back problem, but we got him anyways. I think I dreamed this just because of The Croods, but it was cute.

Alrighty people, that’s all I got. Sorry for the big whine in the beginning. I’m hoping to bounce back into my usual optimistic, cheery self sometime soon. How’s your weekend going?





  1. My weekend is going much lazier than it should be! I know that I ought to be productive and pack all the rest of my books up, but a) it is tiring and b) it depresses me to put all my books in boxes and just have empty bookshelves. I am going to do it though. Soon. Perhaps with the assistance of some alcohol this evening. :p


  2. That would be a huge adjustment! I hope you can get used to it. Having 4 days off going to one day off would be tough.

    I’ve never seen The Croods! Hubs and I watch a lot of those animated-type movies … it’s always great to find a good one. 🙂

    Love your new outfit! You look awesome!


  3. Duuuude, devil baby is so big now! I’m actually freaking out now, because I’m like ‘I don’t remember when he was born, do I?’ But YES, yes I do. OMG. We have been friends for so looooong!

    I understand your working frustrations, so I don’t think you’re a wuss! Honestly, I get irritated when I work a full day because it throws me all off balance (also because my job suuuuucks), so going from having three days off to only having one must be craaaazy! And by crazy, I mean crazy annoying. Obvs.


  4. Oh, that’s quite a change in your working hours – maybe once things start going back more into routine, you will have more time to read again. (And do other things.) I have pretty good hours right now, 7 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday, so that leaves me with very long evenings.

    I’ve had nice weekend of doing nothing but reading, basically, I’ve finished off like … four? books between Friday and now. I like e-reader I think, for some reason books feel shorter :p


    1. I used to work 7-3:30, those are some great hours! I would definitely rather go in early and get out early.

      I’ve read some novellas on the Kindle app on my phone, but for some reason reading a regular book seems like it takes forever. I think it’s because it’s going by percentages. And because I can’t actually SEE the pages, lol. But yay, so much reading for your weekend!


      1. These are great hours for me, in the beginning it was pain in the butt to get up so early (I was still working in the office then so I had to wake up 5 am every morning), but working at home has its perks in that sense.

        I totally expected that reading on Kindle will make books seem a lot longer, but big was my surprise when it turned out to be the opposite! I don’t pay too much attention to percentages, and I don’t have the book and the page numbers there to distract, so it’s actually working out really well 🙂


    1. It’s weird, but I’ve noticed most of the girls in my department (as well as the whole office) tend to wear a lot of black and grey, so when I went shopping for work clothes I saw that sweater and purposely bought it to blend in a little bit 😉 Sneaky, I know.


    1. I’m proud that I’ve been able to remember what’s going on and follow the storyline! I’ll end up buying a paper copy eventually anyways, because I’m really enjoying it and will want to re-read it.


  5. Awww, you can totally complain when you’re so busy! I mean, I don’t deal well with things when I only have one day off a week either, so totally justified! 😉
    Love the new work clothes! That sweater is awesome!
    How are you liking The Sum of All Kisses? Mine came in last week or so and I really want to read it soon!


  6. The Sum of All Kisses!

    In response to your above comment, about reading about a romance heroine named Sarah, agreed. It was weird for me. BUT any of JQ’s books are worth it in my eyes and I just stopped seeing the name eventually. It was soooo good, though not quite up to par with the early Bridgerton books, in my opinion.


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