The Gates by John Connolly

The Gates by John Connolly

My second John Connolly book! And I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed it, possibly even more than I enjoyed The Book of Lost Things.

The Gates is the beginning of a series – the third book just came out recently, but I have no idea if any more are planned after that. One day shortly before Halloween, Sam and his dog happen to peek into the basement of 666 Crowley Road and see a portal with a strange blue glow open and replace his neighbors with creepy demon look-alikes. It’s up to Sam with be brave enough to stop Hell from spilling into our world.

What I LOVE about this book is that the reasoning behind the portal opening has to do with the theory of the Multiverse, of which I’m fan. John Connolly started talking about the Big Bang and quantum mechanics and the Large Hadron Collider and I was literally grinning in delight.


Paranormal quirkyness mixed with particle physics is not a combo that’s done often in novels, so I was super excited about that. Sam is a funny kid and has a great cast of characters trying to help him. Even the demons were amusing. And there were hilarious, sometimes snarky littleΒ footnotes at the bottom that I liked a lot.

The Gates was a fun, quick little treat and I’m really looking forward to reading the next two books. Also, it’s a PERFECT Halloween read, even though I read it the week after Halloween. So keep that in mind for your Fall TBR’s next year.

Sarah Says: 4 stars



  1. This is why I love Kindle – after I read your review, I went and ordered a sample! Now I can read the sample and then decide if I want the whole book. But it sounds awesomely nerdy and that gif is hi-larious πŸ˜€ And not less important, the book cover is pretty.


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