Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts



(Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts is hosted by Christine Bookishly Boisterous)

1.       I sometimes WANT to get more into audiobooks, but I hate dealing with a ton of discs, so I was really happy last year when my library started getting audiobook MP3 cd’s, so that the entire book is just on one disc in MP3 format. Well they only had maybe 50 and they were really random titles I wasn’t interested in and the selection wasn’t increasing. A couple weeks ago I asked if they planned to get more in, and the librarian was kind of surprised – I told her the reason people might not be checking many out is because there isn’t much to choose from. She was really nice and promised to bring it up to someone. And then this week, I saw that they had a bunch of new titles! I’m so excited that she took my suggestion seriously. I got The Rosie Project and a romance novel by Mary Balogh, and I started listening to The Rosie Project on my way to work this morning. I totally love it so far, even if the narrator’s voice isn’t great.
2.       We got our first snow this week. It was just a dusting, but still. Not cool.
3.       Work is having a Thanksgiving potluck next week, and everyone is supposed to sign up to bring something. I was going to do cupcakes, but 3 other people already signed up desserts, so I guess I’m bringing baked mac & cheese that I’ll make right before I come in. And I’m not lugging my crockpot in to keep it warm or getting sterno cans or anything, so there. This office really needs an oven. Or to just splurge and cater stuff like this.
4.       My car needs a starter. Car troubles suck, but the honeyman has a company vehicle now so I can drive his Jeep. And it’s really nice, except it’s a gas hog and I have a 20 minute drive to work. Blah.
5.       I don’t even really want to think about Christmas shopping right now.
6.       I’m missing my Gabby time this week. I’m never sitting still long enough for her to come cuddle on my lap, and I think she’s kind of pissed at my new hours because now she just won’t come over when I call. In other news, she did track a squirrel that was right outside of the window while she was half on the window sill and half on the entertainment center. Goofball.

7.       I really really can’t wait to get back to the gym. Maybe my heels will be healed enough by Saturday. (She says hopefully.)
8.       Me and one of my co-workers started talking about politics and racism and the death penalty the other night and it was awesome.  It’s a shame political talk is taboo in most offices.
9.       I’m averaging about 50 pages a day or so right now. That is not enough reading for me.
10.   I’d really like to go to the movies or something this weekend. It’s been awhile. Maybe to see the new Thor movie… yeah. That sounds good. Anyone seen it yet?




  1. I know what you mean about bringing hot dishes for work potlucks. We don’t have an oven either. Usually a couple of co-workers volunteer to microwave all the dishes that need to be reheated. Last year, I brought mac & cheese and that’s what happened. This year, someone else signed up for mac & cheese, so I’m taking the easy way out and just bringing cider.


    1. A lot of people bring their crockpots, but then the food ends up kind of mushy from sitting too long in it. And it’s a pain. Someone suggested that I make it in a dish that will fit in our tiny microwave, and I just laughed. I’m going to make it in a 9×13 dish and there should only be about a 2 hour difference between it coming out of my oven and us eating it. They’re just going to have to microwave it on their plate if they want.

      You can see how concerned I am about this… lol.


  2. How cool that your librarian listened to you! I have never asked my librarians to do anything for me — partly because I am intimidated and partly because my library mostly has everything I want — but I always imagine that they would pooh-pooh me if I did. :p

    I am maybe seeing Thor 2: Please Sir May I Have Some Thor? this weekend, but it is undecided. I was not initially all that interested, but I was won over by Tom Hiddleston’s multifront charm offensive.


    1. I really just went to ask the librarian if they had plans to get more audio on mp3 discs in, because there hadn’t been any new titles in AGES even though they kept getting new audio on regular cds. I was really pleasantly surprised that the librarian was so receptive and they actually came through on it!


  3. I’m excited that you got the hookup with some audio books! It’s so cool that your library listened to your feedback :). I do not love potlucks. I don’t like to cook, and figuring out heating and/or refrigeration sucks hardcore. I do, however, love mac and cheese, and now I really want some.


  4. Hahaha Gabby 😀

    Also, it’s cool you can now have more audio books from library. I wish I knew how to listen audio books too – I often lose concentration, then I have to rewind back, then I get annoyed, then I decide I’ll just pick up a physical book :p

    I really want to go to movies too soon! We will probably see Gravity, I like space movies. There is a lot of fuss about Thor but I haven’t even seen the first one so probably not this one.


    1. Seriously, I can only listen to audiobooks when I’m driving or when I’m crocheting (so mainly when I’m driving). MAYBE while I play solitaire. But otherwise, yeah, I’m too distracted. And I usually prefer to have a paper copy around to so I can pick it up and read when I’m not doing those things, but the waitlist at the library for the paper copy of The Rosie Project is kinda long.

      I really want to see Thor just because of the whole Avengers thing. That’s the only reason I saw the first one, lol. Gravity will be a second choice, cause I kinda wanna see that one too.


  5. I’ve been thinking about getting into audio books too lately. I listen to the podcast Books on the Nightstand and they recently got sponsored by and so now they mention audiobooks they’re listening to. Plus it’s a 3 hour drive each way when I go to visit my mom, so I could get a lot of reading/listening done in that time. BUT, I never know which books to choose, as in which ones have the best narrators, or that I wouldn’t mind listening to versus reading. Decisions, decisions!

    Hope your car and heel get better soon! 🙂


    1. BookRiot has been sponsered by recently too, and I looked at it – it’s $14.95 and you get to listen to one audiobook per month. I’m just a little too cheap for that, you know? I highly recommend checking out your library and saving things to your computer/mp3/phone to listen to. So much cheaper, and you know – yay for libraries!


    1. That’s why I usually like to have a paper copy too, so I can read when I don’t want to listen. I would’ve finished The Rosie Project by now if I have a paper copy too. Instead, I end up listening at home while I do chores or just do something mindless, like play solitaire on the computer. I am missing my podcasts though! There’s just not enough listening-time in the day.


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