I injured myself the dumbest way possible and now I can’t work out this week.


Alright, so last Wednesday was my first day trying out this new job in my office, and after trying on a million different outfits I decided to go with a shirt, my shorter pair of black pants (most of my pants/jeans are long because I’m short, so I wear a lot of boots), and the new pair of flats I bought a few weeks ago. I hadn’t worn said flats yet, but I wore them around my apartment while getting ready and figured I would be good.

dont look at meee

NOPE. Just on the walk INTO my job, I noticed that the shoes were rubbing pretty painfully against the back of my heels. And when I sat down and took a look, I noticed I was actually freaking bleeding. I didn’t have any other shoes with me, and there were no band-aids around. So I went through that entire first day trying not to grimace every time someone offered to take me down the hall or up to the copier to show me how to do something. Clearly I wasn’t going to tell them that every step hurt like hell, because I just met these people and it was my first day in this department and I felt like an idiot. By the time I got home, I had no skin left back there.

So, I spent the rest of last week with band-aids on my heels and wearing my good ol’ boots and veeeeery slowly they started to heal. Today I was excited to finally go to the gym (haven’t gone in over a week and I feel like crap), but I threw on my moccasins just to go get my sneakers out of the car and just that short walk from our front door to my car had me limping and started re-opening the wound on one side. So apparently I’m STILL not healed enough to wear any shoes with a low edge that ends right on the back of my heel, like I don’t know… sneakers, or my Skele-Toes that I work out in.

Basically, I am the SLOWEST HEALING PERSON EVER, and now I can’t work out until my heels are completely healed because any low shoe just fucks it up again. That is the DUMBEST freaking excuse ever, but seriously. It hurts. It hurts in a way that makes me use six different curse words for each tiny painful step. I’m hoping that they’ll be healed by next week. As a side note, the second dumbest injury I ever caused myself was the time I hurt my back playing Wii Boxing and I couldn’t go to work at Waldenbooks the night that I was supposed to help do a massive amount of book unloading and shelving.

firefly gif

Yeah, I know River.

So that’s how I’m doing. Make me feel better a little, would ya? What’s the dumbest way you’ve ever hurt yourself?




  1. I know the feeling, this has happened to me numerous times to the extent that now I always “test-walk” new shoes/boots before taking them out for longer distances. You better let it heal properly before wearing anything that can make it worse, otherwise it’s going to be a problem for you for a while.

    As for the stupidest injury, I do have one. Back in high school I was hanging out with some of the friends at some local place outside in the village, it was summer and it was quite late so when we started heading home, it was kinda dark. I wasn’t looking in front of my feet or anything but we were walking proper on the road, so big was my surprise when all of a sudden everything went black in front of my eyes and I passed out for some seconds, to discover later that I had fallen on some slippery mud (how did that get in there??) and hurt my leg real bad. Okay, friend helped me home, I thought it’s just a strain, and so I spent 3 following days waiting for my “leg strain” to start healing, until parents decided it’s time to go get an x-ray since leg did not show signs of getting better and I had to jump around on one leg, unable to lean on the other. X-ray results were – ankle broken from three places (more like shattered :p) plus serious dislocation, I was already half way to surgery in the hospital later, when a big strong male doctor came and using physical force just fixed the dislocation at least so I didn’t have to have a surgery, only cast for quite a long time 🙂

    So yea that was pretty stupid end to a hang-out in summer evening :p


    1. Oh man, yours is so much worse than mine! In terms of severity, lol, not stupidity. Falling is a pretty reasonable excuse.

      I’m so mad at myself about the shoes, lol. It wasn’t even much walking, just the parking lot to the office and then every time I walked just a bit around the office. How silly.


  2. Oh, that’s terrible! Bleeding blisters on the heel might not be the most severe injury we ever experience, but they sure put us out of commission for some things while they last.

    Love you dog gif. And the River one, too, come to that.


  3. Standing. Seriously. I was standing at a friend’s desk at work last November and my ankle turned. I busted up my ankle pretty good – ended up needing ankle repair surgery and everything. Lucky me.


  4. Totally have done this. It’s the worst! Especially if the shoes are cute :-/ I decided in the last couple years I’m pretty much done wearing high heels now (unless I’m asked to be in a wedding or something, and they pick heels for the bridesmaids). They just hurt like hell after about an hour! Why bother, right? I even wore flat sandals to my own wedding and it was one of the best decisions I made.


    1. I’ve actually had better luck with heels! Especially strappy ones. Flats seem to give me the most trouble, because of this heel rubbing thing or sometimes just not fitting right around the tires.

      I love that you wore flat sandals for your wedding. That is genius.


  5. Ouch: This has happened to me as well, with flats andwith boots, because I stupidly thought I was okay wearing new boots for 3 miles wearing two pairs of socks (it was cold.) I agree with the others, let it heal well, otherwise it will just drag.
    As for the dumbest injury, I once gave myself a black eye because I startled awake and punched myself right in the eye.


  6. Oh, I hate that.

    As for the stupidest way I ever hurt myself, I once smashed my hand getting out of a chair. It was one of those office chairs, that kind of bounce back up a bit when you get out of them. Well, the armrests just BARELY fit under the desk. With me sitting in the chair, there was enough room for me to have my hand on the armrest and still be under the desk. When I stood up, with my chair angled so my one hand was still under the desk, chair popped up, and SMASH! It was SO sore! It finally started feeling better on like Day 4 or 5… when I’d finally reached the point of, “If it doesn’t feel better tomorrow, I’m going to the doctor because I probably fractured a bone or two in there.” Luckily it did start feeling better, but very slowly. I wasn’t back to 100% for weeks.

    There are probably dumber ways, but that was my most serious stupid injury… as an adult, anyway. The one and only time I needed stitches was for a pretty stupid reason too, but I was eight, so… gotta cut me a little slack.


  7. A few months ago, my husband told me not to move because he saw a bug and he was going to get something to squish it. But. There was a BUG. IN MY BED! I went into full flail, tripped while trying to fling myself free of covers, and ended up sprawled on our hardwood floor. I still have the remnants of a bruise on my knee from that little episode. Oh, and don’t feel bad about the Wii boxing either- my husband went crazy with the Wii boxing once and then could barely move his arms for days. You’re not alone!!!


  8. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve ended up with the same injury! You’d think I would learn that I need some kind of barrier when wearing new flats, but NOPE. I don’t have any serious injuries, but I am the master of horrible depth perception, so I’m constantly bumping into things and getting random bruises.


  9. I feel ya! When I was in high school I decided to make soup and was listening to music so I was totally distracted. I went to grab the pot and my hand got far too close to the pot and I got burned. So i immediately dropped the boiling soup and hot hot pot….right onto my bare feet! I had ridiculous blisters and couldn’t go to school for a couple of days. I was so embarrassed.


  10. I have totally done this same thing with flats. I’ve also decided that heels hurt more as you get older, and I started putting those little heel pads in the back of almost every pair of shoes I own — they are amazing. In the meantime, those extra large square band aids (like the kind moms use for kids’ skinned knees) are great for when you hurt your heels on dress shoes.

    In terms of barefoot workouts, you could always hit youtube for some great Pilates at home. I like to do this as it’s less embarrassing than taking Pilates classes and looking like an idiot in public…


  11. POOR YOU. Poor you! That all sounds terrible! I have totally done that before, when I am breaking in a new pair of shoes and I want the shoes to work out and I don’t want to admit how much they’re really hurting me. Also, I am constantly bashing into furniture and giving myself enormous bruises that two days later I have no idea how I got them. The stupid injuries I have given myself in my life are innumerable.


  12. That stinks! That happens so often, you would think they would fix the backs of shoes! I am having a hard time picking just one of the dumb ways that I have hurt myself, since I am SO clumsy. Burns, especially. But my very calm smart husband, who is never clumsy has provided some crazy ones- went onto roof to retrieve frisbee for son-jumped down and sprained BOTH ankles- splitting kindling for fire and BAM! almost chops finger off. ER visits- good times!


  13. Gaaah that sucks. I am so afraid of flats like that for exactly that reason. I heart me some boots though. I know this doesn’t help NOW cos they’ve already injured you but I’ve found if you put chapstick (or this Dr. Scholls stuff which is pretty much chapstick) anywhere the shoes rub before they hurt you, it usually prevents the blister.


    1. Hmmmmm Chapstick sounds like a good idea. I don’t know if it would’ve helped with these because I think the edges of those flats were just super stiff and rough and wanted to rub my skin away, but I can think of some others pairs of shoes I have that that might help with a lot. Genius!


  14. I’ve done the same thing, except it wasn’t just that they were new but they were also a bit too small. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t my first day in a new position, and I live close to work, so I drove home and changed shoes and drove back. My co-workers probably had a little laugh at my expense, but it was worth it.

    My story doesn’t compete with some of the stories above, but I once gave myself a huge bruise by walking hard into a chair in my own living room. You’d think I’d know my way around my own apartment.


  15. This wins: I was chopping up veggies for a salad. It was boring work, so I started musing to myself about how blind people manage in the kitchen. Cutting a carrot, I closed my eyes. Chop, chop, chop. Hey, I congratulated myself. You’re pretty good. You don’t need e…! Oops. Sliced my fingertip.


  16. If it’ll make you feel better, this exact same thing has happened to me SO MANY TIMES! And you’d think I would learn something from it… I always think it’s a brilliant idea to just wear new shoes on a long walk/day at work/sometime I just can’t change them for HOURS and end up like you did… Or with blisters on my pinky toe…
    I think the dumbest way I’ve ever injured myself was this summer when I was doing pilates and it had me doing a move that completely murdered my calves and I couldn’t walk for 3 days. I had to stretch so I could put my heel down, it was really bad…
    Oh, and one of my brother’s friends once broke his thumb skiing, he fell and somehow ended up skiing OVER his own thumb. I’m still not sure how he managed that…


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