October Mini-Review Recap!

Alright so overall, I wasn’t too pleased with my October reading.

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I read 11 books in October, plus 1 e-book novella. So let’s see my teeny tiny thoughts about them…

You Suck Christopher Moore

You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore – This is the sequel to Bloodsucking Fiends, and a reread for me, because it’s fun and awesome.


The Returned Jason Mott

The Returned by Jason Mott – Cool premise of dead people no longer being dead, but poorly executed and too much focus on religion. Disappointing.


The Stranger Albert Camus

The Stranger by Albert Camus – A classic, really thought-provoking and interesting account of one man being on trial for murder and being judged more by his personality than any evidence. I liked it.


Six Easy Pieces

Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman – Short science book that takes excerpts from The Feynman Lectures on Physics as a way to dip your toes into the subject matter. I really like Feynman and his way of explaining things.


My Brief History Hawking

My Brief History by Stephen Hawking – A short and concise little autobiography by Hawking himself. I really liked learning more about him, and now I’m really looking forward to reading his other non-fiction books.

The Sigh by Marjane Satrapi – This was a tiny little fairy tale kind of book by the author of Persepolis. It was okay, nothing to write home (blog?) about.


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs – Quick, creepy, and entertaining. Really cool that the author built a novel around a bunch of weird, disturbing photographs.


Red Seas Under Red Skies

Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch – This is the sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora. I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH.



Amped by Daniel H. Wilson – This is a sci-fi book that was a quick read, but not fun or enjoyable. Poorly written.


The Corrections

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen – Worst book I’ve read in a LONG time. TERRIBLE. If someone tries to hand you this book, shove them and run in the opposite direction.


Horns by Joe Hill

Horns by Joe Hill – Captivating, well-written story with a supernatural sheen to it. One of my favorites this month.

Countdown: A Newsflesh Novella by Mira Grant – This was a short e-book that I read on my phone, and it’s a GREAT prequel to the Newsflesh trilogy. It shows exactly how the virus came about and how it spread. Very cool.


So there we have it. It seems like a lot I guess, but so many of these were short little reads so I guess that’s why I feel like it wasn’t much? I don’t know. But you know, I’ve had worse months so I’m not gonna sweat it. Have you read any of these? Are any on your TBR?








  1. I felt like I didn’t get much done in October, partly because I spent so long on Doctor Sleep, partly because of my three-day vacation on which I did no reading at all… but when the end of the month rolled around I realized I’d read 7 books. Which, for me, isn’t amazing, but isn’t really bad either. Funny how our mind can play tricks on us like that.


  2. I think you did awesome! 11 is a good number for me but I read less than that this month. I read You Suck ages ago and remember liking it. The Returned looked kind of interesting but I think I’ll pass…I’d want more of the sci fi aspect instead of character development and religion. My Brief History is definitely on my TBR and I can’t wait to start the Locke Lamora series! They’ve been on my TBR but I was procrastinating because I don’t usually get into fantasy but, after your reviews, I can’t wait to start them!! I felt the same as you on Amped, it was such a let down, and I definitely won’t be picking up any Franzen any time soon! 🙂


  3. So many books! I’m getting really intriguid by Locke Lamora books, I have never heard of them before, but look at those high ratings on Goodreads and overall sounds like it could be really enjoyable.


  4. Haha you kicked my October ass! I only read 3… I’m putting it down to number 4 being Voyager (book 3 in the Cross Stitch series) and it’s a chunkster and is taking me ages.
    I want to read Miss Peregrines – I enjoy the creepy! I read The Outsider (The Stranger) when I was in high school, and loved it. Thinking I should revisit…


  5. I just want to say that I absolutely adore the picture at the top of this post… it made me crack up just from the few posts I have read on your site. Horns is on my TBR list, so it is great to hear that you liked it! Can’t wait to read it and way to go this month!


  6. Yeah I’m very impressed with 11! I think I only read 3 in full and started a 4th. But… I had kind of a bad month, between a death in the family (so I was out of town for about 6 days) and somehow became very overbooked with events or other happenings every night after I got off work. Not much free time for reading!

    I would definitely consider reading The Stranger at some point. I’ve heard of it before, of course, but I have trouble getting myself to pick up classics, despite best intentions.


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