Sarah Sunday!


Possibly my new fave pic of Gabby, innocent Gabby, fall leaves, showing off my new shirt, Gabby on top of the cupboards, and the 3rd Locke Lamora book. It was a good week 🙂


Well, October is gone. That’s just really sad. It’s not helping that it’s like 30 degrees out right now and I’m wishing I had brought my shawl/poncho thingy to work with me.

I did things this week! Monday I worked at Second Job, and then we went over to my sister Heather’s house for dinner and to watch the new TWD episode, and we also snuck some clothes shopping in there. Technically I really can’t afford clothes shopping, buuuut I have like zero winter clothes. So basically I HAD to buy clothes. Don’t have a choice about it. Also, did you see that shirt??? Super cute.

Tuesday was another crazy busy day that ended with having friends over for game night. One of said friends accidentally spewed coffee all over the dinner table at one point, and that was hilarious. The next two days I took as kind of a breather and just stayed home and read and took naps and did laundry. I managed to go to the gym three times this week, the most in ages. Halloween happened, but we didn’t do much since I had to be into work at 2 am Friday, so we re-watched The Avengers and had ice cream. They should make a new Hulk movie with the guy that played Dr. Banner in The Avengers, because I think he did a good job. Not that I have anything to base that on, but I know Edward Norton plays the Hulk in one movie and just no. No.

Tonight I’m hosting a jewelry party. I hate hosting these damn things. There’s the stress of cleaning my apartment and getting snacks together, and trying to get RSVPs out of people, and I’m just bad at social things, and blah. BUT Premier Designs is where I got that awesome steampunk-looking necklace that I posted last week (and the necklace and bracelet in the picture above too, now that I think about it), and I’m excited to possibly order more fun jewelry. Also a plus – my sister is making Kahlua cupcakes for it. YUM.

I’m thinking about signing up for World Book Night next year. My only problem is that I don’t love the selection of books for this year. 2012 and 2013 had great picks, but I never heard about it in time to sign up. Now that I know about it and have time to sign up (applications go until early Jan, I think), I’m not really excited about any of the books. I’m going to make an effort in the next month or so to check out some of the ones on the list that I haven’t read but have heard a lot about, and hopefully I get excited enough about one. Anyone else have feelings about the selections for 2014?

Other book stuff – I finished Horns this week, and loved it. I’ve made some progress on The Woman in White, finally. And I’m over halfway through The Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu, which just came out on Tuesday. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh also came out on Tuesday and I’ve already bought and read that, and it was fantastic and hilarious. The fourth Ketty Jay Book, The Ace of Skulls, FINALLY got here yesterday and I am torn between starting that next, or the third Locke Lamora book, or making myself read other things and then rewarding myself with reading those later. I’m just excited about all of the books right now.

I’m off to daydream about the pizza bread I’m making tonight for the jewelry party (it’s so, so good). How’s everyone else’s weekend going?





  1. That shirt is really cute! And yeah, you do need some winter clothes, otherwise you won’t survive the cold 😉
    A jewelry party sounds like so much fun! I always get stressed as well when I’m hosting basically anything, but in the end it’s usually really nice 🙂 Also, Kahlua cupcakes sound AWESOME!


    1. Part of my stress hosting today is coming from the fact that there might be people coming that I don’t even know. Hosting is hard enough without also trying to make time to chat with new people, you know? GAH. I’ll be glad once it’s over. At least I’ll have those cupcakes 😉


  2. Kahlua cupcakes? Um, yes please! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week.

    Definitely do World Book Night! Even if you’re not in total love with your particular selection, you can still feel good about the message you’re spreading by participating in WBN: namely, that there’s a book out there even for people who think they don’t like reading AND that everybody deserves to have a book of their own. I mean, I’m clearly biased because I’m an indie bookseller but I think WBN has the potential to really change the world. Or at the very least, change the way people see the world.


    1. I think I’m definitely going to do World Book Night, I just need to read some more of the books and pick one. I’m going to see if my sister wants to do it too – she’s better at talking to people than I am. And I have to decide where we should go to hand books out… I’m glad it’s almost half a year away, lol. I’m excited about it though, it’s such a cool project.


  3. Mmm … pizza bread sounds delicious! Can you make me some? 🙂

    A jewelry party sounds fun! I love having guests over but I hate all the work it takes to get the house ready and presentable. A friend of mine is planning on throwing me a baby shower and asked if I wanted it at my house or somewhere else — without a doubt, SOMEWHERE ELSE. So much easier that way.

    Yay for finishing Horns! I really, really need to read that one. I did win a copy of his NOS4A2 from the read-a-thon, so I can’t wait to get that. I love a spooky book!

    Hope you have an awesome week!


    1. Somewhere else is always so much easier, I agree. It’s kind of strange if she asked if you wanted the baby shower at your house, isn’t it? I’ve never heard of that before, but you wouldn’t want to put that much stress of cleaning and decorating on the person you’re throwing it for.

      I won a copy of NOS4A2 from the readathon too! I can’t wait till it comes, I’m really excited about it since I liked Horns so much.


  4. Gabby 😀

    I’m reading The Moonstone and of course I can’t help but to compare with The Woman in White as I go. So far I can’t say one book is better than the other, I think I was more entertained by overall cast of characters in The Woman in White better (although Betteredge is awesome to read), but The Moonstone definitely has more gripping plot. I’ll see how it continues.

    Lots of books from World Book Night are in my TBR list, so I don’t really know about many of them… I did enjoy Bernadette and wouldn’t mind recommending it to people as it is this kind of easier read that might bring more people to reading in general. And I love almost all Agatha Christie books.


    1. Betteredge was my FAVORITE character in The Moonstone! He’s such a rascal of an old man, he cracked me up. So far in TWiW I really like Marian, of course, but I’m just going to sloooooow in reading it! I keep getting distracted by other things. I kind of wish I had waited for another readalong of it to roll around so I could chat with people about how annoying the invalid uncle is and how cool Marian is.


      1. Yeah, he’s awesome. Some of his statements on womenfolk make me like drop my jaw first but then you can’t really hate him because he does it in such ironic way that it’s hilarious.

        I remember the readalong of The Woman in White actually triggered my interest to this book, and I read it later alone (in the beginning of this year). I agree that discussing those characters with others would be awesome. The uncle was just … impossible 😀 (Oh don’t bully me I’m too weak!) and I also liked Count Fosco a great deal, especially towards the end of the book. And of course Marian, what a kickass lady for its time.


  5. Oooooh that’s where the fab necklace is from????

    I think you should think about WBN. You may not be loving all of the options, but think about it in a different way: you are spreading a love of reading. You don’t need to say to XYZ person, “omg you will LOVE this book.” You can say something more along the lines of “hey, you look like you should read a literary fiction book” or something like that.


    1. Yeah! Premier Designs. My sister sells it, and she talked me into getting that necklace and I’m glad she did. It’s so fun to wear with any of my black shirts.

      I think I’m going to definitely do WBN, I just have to pick a book. I want it to be one that I read and liked so that I can at least say why I’m recommending it or giving it away, and one that I think will appeal to the group of people at whatever kind of location I decide to give away books in (if I’m going to go into the city, to schools or hospitals or dentist offices or cafes, etc.)


  6. Oooh, Kahlua cupcakes sound fantastic! Hope the jewelery party was awesome and fun and not at all stressful.

    Yay Avengers! That film just gets better and better every time I watch it. (Went to see the Thor sequel yesterday, highly recommended!) I also want to see more of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner – I liked him so much better than the Edward Norton version of the character, and I do have a soft spot for the Hulk among all the super-suave and glamorous superheroes.


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