November Monthly TBR

Hey guys. I cannot believe October is over. It absolutely flew by me. It wasn’t great, reading-wise. Let’s take a look:

October Monthly TBR completed

Out of that GIANT pile, I only finished 6. And I’m about 200 pages into The Woman in White, but I’m still reading it. I’m bummed I didn’t get to some of these (especially the Thursday Next book), and might come back to them next month. I also finished 5 others that weren’t in this pile, bringing my total to 11, which isn’t terrible but some of those were tiny little quick reads. I just didn’t really have a lot of time this month. Le sigh. Let’s move on then.

November monthly book pile

November’s TBR

From the top down…

  • The Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu – This is the sequel to The Lives of Tao, and it just came out this week. I am super psyched to read this.
  • Ade by Rebecca Walker – I’m reading this as part of a TLC Book Tour. It looks like kind of a sad love story, so right up my alley.
  • The Gates by John Connolly – Remember how much I ended up liking The Book of Lost Things? Now I’m trying another one by the same author. I have high hopes.
  • The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente – I don’t even remember why, but I’m been meaning to read this kids book for ages.
  • The Thicket by Joe R. LansdaleRory says that if you liked True Grit, you’ll like this too. And I obvs loved True Grit, so here we are.
  • The Everything Store; Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone – I usually go for a science-y nonfiction pick for the month, but I’m going bookish non-fic here. This is apparently about Bezos and Amazon (duh), and while I’m not expecting it to be objective I think it’ll be informative. We’ll see.
  • The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith AKA J.K. Rowling – I found this last month for $5 at the library’s used bookstore. Clearly that’s a sign that I should read it sooner rather than later.
  • The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch – This is the book I’m MOST RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to read this month, because it’s the third Gentleman Bastards book and I can’t wait to get back to Locke Lamora’s world.

Also, want to read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen too. I remembered Mansfield Park after I already took the picture of my stack and was too lazy to redo it. This month’s pile is a lot less ambitious than recent months, mostly because I know that November is likely to be busy, what with the holiday season and stuff. And because I’m trying to take a chill pill and just read whenever I can and not stress about it. Not that I’m stressing about wanting to read more books per month, but more that it bums me out when I go a couple of days in a row without even opening a book. That’s always sad.

Anyways, here’s to a great November! What are you guys hoping to read this month?




  1. Oooooh I just got John Connolly ‘the book of Lost Things’ out from the library because I’ve been wanting to read it for basically forever. I can’t wait to see what you think about this other one, does it take place in the same ‘world’ as ‘the Book of Lost Things’ or are they just similar covers?


    1. I don’t think they take place in the same world/setting – he just has awsome book cover designers, I guess. I’m curious to see what you think of The Book of Lost Things – I almost DNF-ed it but it ended up really surprising me.


  2. You always set yourself such high standards 🙂 I’d be totally intimidated by this first pile of books (and the second). From selfish point of view – too bad you didn’t read The Coldest Girl, I have it on my shelf, but recent bad experiences have made me soooo wary of all kinds of young adult.

    I hope your November reading will be successful, looks like a very interesting choices there this month!


    1. I really really wanted to try The Coldest Girl, and somewhere along the way, I just didn’t. I still have it, but I might take it back to the library without reading it. I just haven’t felt in the mood for paranormal YA, I guess.

      I hope this month goes well. I’m trying to be reasonable though – holidays, and HOPEFULLY I’ll get that office job I applied for and start in there by the end of the month. But who knows.


  3. Hopefully you like The Cuckoo’s Calling (though I’m guessing, by the fact that it was in the library used book sale just months after release, that someone didn’t…)

    I don’t think I’ll get to it this month, I’m hoping to read the Divergent trilogy soon, now that all the books are out. I don’t do much YA but this one’s got me curious.


    1. I’m kind of excited to read The Cuckoo’s Calling! The cashier lady and I were talking about how crazy it is that some people give away such brand new, expensive books, even if they didn’t like it. They could easily sell it for a few bucks themselves or give it to a friend. Either way, I’m grateful because now it’s mine! *evil laugh*

      I’ve heard SO much about the Divergent trilogy, and almost started it a couple times… but now I’ve heard that people hated the last book and I’m not sure if I should get invested. I’m debating it.


  4. I haven’t got reading plans so far for November. I can’t even remember what’s on my Nook at the moment. (I need to get more sleep.) Yay to Mansfield Park! I hope you like it. It’s not the best of Jane Austen’s books, because Fanny is boring, but I think it’s very well-written and enjoyable. Plus, I always stop reading it early and imagine a different ending for Fanny.


    1. I’ve heard that Mansfield Park is the least liked of Austen’s novels, but I hope I like it. Although at this point, I’m thinking I may have to push it off to December. We’ll see how this month goes.


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