R.I.P. VIII Wrap-Up


Happy Halloween peoples! Since it’s the last day of the R.I.P. VIII Challenge, I figured I’d do a quick wrap-up post.

I was aiming for Peril the First (4 books), and I managed to read:

So I managed! Horns wasn’t on my original list, but I’m still counting it since it was a good dark, supernatural story. Beloved scared me in the beginning, and then it became disturbing and sad. Stiff was interesting – I learned a lot about how we use dead bodies. Miss Peregrine’s was really dark and creepy, especially with the freaky photographs in it. I’m also about 160 pages into The Woman in White, which was on my original list but I haven’t finished yet. I’ve been reading it slowly this month, I’ll probably finish it in November.

Where I failed was in actually socializing for RIP. I totally forgot that there was a review site for people participating, and I generally didn’t blog hop much at all. I feel bad about this… but it seems like I haven’t had as much spare time as I usually do for blogging and reading, so things have just been crazy. I’m barely keeping up with reading the blogs I already follow, much less expanding to new-to-me bloggers. Sorry ya’ll :-/

Anyways, I look forward to doing this again next year, with scarier books, some scary movies, and generally getting into the RIP mix a bit more.

And in the spirit of Halloween, I give you the newest Epic Rap Battle of History – Blackbeard vs. Al Capone (there’s even a reference to Halloween)

I think Al Capone won that one, sadly. I always cheer for the pirates.




  1. Yaaaaay! You stomached ‘Stiff’, congratulations… sadly, I tried to read it while eating lunch over several days, and it ended up going back to the library half-read because OH THE NAUSEA. Four books plus a chunk of Wilkie sounds pretty good to me! 🙂

    I remembered about the review site, but I didn’t have chance to blog hop outside the blogs I already read either. I dunno… Half my day already seems to disappear bouncing around the blogosphere, I figured if I started reading everyone else’s reviews as well I’d only have to skip some of my favourites!

    Roll on R.I.P. IX…


  2. I’m mega fail then because I saw for the first time now that there is the review site 😀 I also felt like socializing wasn’t high priority for this event, but maybe that’s how I got so many books read so that’s a good thing… I’m really curious about Stiff and Horns, especially after your reviews. Four books is great, I think that was pretty much my initial goal as well!

    I’m gonna go now and check out the epic rap battle.


    1. You’re right, it doesn’t seem like socializing was a big thing for RIP. Now that I think about it, if they wanted to encourage more socialization there would have been a twitter hashtag or check-in posts or something. I’ll still try to make a slightly better effort next year.

      How’d you like the ERB? It wasn’t my favorite (and so far not as catchy at a lot of the other ones) but there were some funny parts.


  3. Oh hey, the socialising bit of RIP… Yeah, I normally just link up my own reviews and then not read others, WHOOPS. Bad Laura. WELL DONE FOR WINNING (is that what we’re calling it?)


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