Top Ten Tuesday: Super Cool Character Names

the broke and the bookish

Good morning peeps! It’s Tuuuuuesday, and a very busy one for me – I have to work at both jobs today. Booooooo. But that’s not stopping me from joining in on Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Character Names I Love or Top Ten Unusual Character Names. Mine is kind of… both, because obviously the names I love the most are a bit unusual too.

1. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie FraserΒ – Hot DAMN that’s a lot of names. But then again, Jamie (from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, of course) is a lot of man.

2. Shotgun Suzie – This is a legit BAD. ASS. character from the Nightside series by Simon R. Green. And I quote: “So… Suzie Shooter. Also known as Shotgun Suzie, also know as Oh God, it’s her, run!”

3. Svetlana – This was a character from the book Nightwatch by Sergei (another great name, Sergei) Lukyanenko. I really like the name Svetlana. I almost named my kitty Gabby that.

4. Paige Turner – This was a character in the first Thursday Next book by Jasper Fforde, and her name just tickled me. I like plays on words in names. The first time I heard the name Justin Credible when I was about 11, my head nearly exploded.

5. Alucard – In all fairness, I haven’t read the Hellsing manga series that Alucard is from. But Alucard is backwards for Dracula, which is cool, and I’ve seen the anime. So it counts.

6. Locke Lamora – Ohhhh Locke Lamora. Locke is fromΒ the Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch, of which I JUST finished the second book last night and my emotions are all fragile still and I can’t wait to read the third book. Locke Lamora is a great name. It’s so lyrical.

7. Sirius – From the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Duh. There are a LOT of great names in that series… Luna Lovegood, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, etc…

8. Phileas Fogg – Phileas is a quirky dude who makes a bet that he can go Around the World in Eighty Days. I just think the name Phileas is cool, people should start naming their kids that instead of Philip.

9. Katey Kontent – She’s the star of Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, and her name is just adorable. And it’s Kontent as in “I’m content.”, not like “The contents of this box.” She’s very specific on that.

10. the crew of the Ketty Jay – I love love love the Tales of the Ketty Jay series by Chris Wooding. The Ketty Jay is an airship, and the crew is a mash-up of awesome names – Darian Frey, Jez, Crake, Silo, Malvery, and more.

Do you like any of these? What are some of your favorite character names?




  1. I had a chance to help Diana’s publisher promote Outlander for its 20th anniversary. Every time I come across the book title or the character’s name, it reminds me how many times people have recommended the book to me.

    As for favorite character names, Finnick Odair is on my list. When my girls and I were reading Catching Fire, they kept singing, “I see Finnick Odair, in his underwear.” LOL!

    Hope you’ll pay me a visit at


  2. I definitely agree with Locke Lamora and Sirius. I haven’t read Locke Lamora yet, but the name made my list anyway. I haven’t heard of most of the others on your list, but I may have to check out #10 – that sounds like an awesome crew.


    1. OH I hope you read Locke Lamora soon! I am loving those books so hard right now. I’m actually planning on going to buy the $28 hardcover of the 3rd book this weekend, I can’t wait for it to come out in paperback or for my library to have it.

      AND I LOVE the Ketty Jay books! Retribution Falls is the name of the first book, if you wanna check it out πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve never read Scott Lynch, but I agree that Locke Lamora is a pretty great name.

    Sirius Black’s name actually makes me roll my eyes now, but I loved it when I first heard it. I feel that way with lots of HP names, now that I think about it.


  4. Guilty confession time: I recognized *maybe* three names from this list :/ HOWEVER, on the topic of awesome character names – I couldn’t agree more with Paige Turner and Svetlana because, well, awesome.


    1. I read a lot of fantasy or quirky fiction, so don’t feel bad for not recognizing names. I will say though that fantasy is like the BEST genre for unusual characters names! Made this list pretty easy, lol.


    1. I think Paige Turner was only in the first Fforde book, which sucks because I loved her name! If I was marrying someone with the last name of Turner, and if I wanted kids, and if I had a girl, THAT would be her name. That’s a lot of ifs, but still.


  5. I remember marvelling over the names in Thursday Next books whilst reading πŸ™‚ Fforde is SO clever.

    Interesting you mention Svetlana and Sergei, around here these are very common names because the closeness of Russia (I had a classmate called Sergei, which was actually short from Serjozha/Seriosha – not sure about correct transliteration; and there was a girl in our school named Svetlana, Sveta for short), so it’s interesting to see how names have different impact in different places of the world.


    1. Russia wins at names. Svetlana and Sergei are SO great. I’m actually a little jealous that those are more common names near you. I NEVER get to even say them, except when I’m talking about a book or just how cool they are. Maybe if we ever get a boy cat we name it Sergei.


  6. I know I’m way behind on blog commenting, so sorry about that. I can’t believe I didn’t think of Sirius! Although I guess Sirius is a little eye-rolly, what with his Animagus form being a dog. BUT STILL. Great name.


    1. I’m ALWAYS behind on blog commenting girl! Don’t apologize πŸ™‚

      Sirius (and most of the HP names) are kind of eye-rolly, but I love them. And Sirius is just a COOL name. I wouldn’t name a child that, but I wish I knew a Sirius in real life.


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