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All in all, not a bad week. I socialized way. too. much. for my level of comfort – we had my little sister and Devil Baby over Monday night, my older sister over on Tuesday night, and gaming friends over on Wednesday night. That’s just a whole crapload of human interaction there. Which means that on Thursday I did nothing but read, take a nap, and eat junk food, and then hung out with the honeyman when he got home. It was fabulous.

My only disappointment with this week was that I had four days off, but only went to the gym once. I’m still keeping an eye on calories so I’m still hovering in the same weight range (which is good), and I WANT to work out more, but somehow keep talking myself out of it in the morning because I’m tired. LAME, Sarah. LAME.

Anyways, some other cool stuff:

  • Thanks to sj, a large amount of my online time is spent laughing at Hyperbole and a Half. How did I not know that this hilarity existed? My favorites so far are this one and this one. SO FUNNY.
  • I enjoyed this post at BookRiot, about how the writer couldn’t finish her re-read of Gone With the Wind because of how racist it is. It was one of the books she loved when she was younger, but upon re-reading as an adult the blatant racism repulsed her. People were surprisingly asshole-y to her in the comments – she wasn’t suggesting that other people stop reading it. She was just talking about her experience, and bringing the topic to the table. I haven’t read GWTW yet, but I KNOW that I’m not going to love it because even if everything else is fantastic, I just won’t be able to gloss over the fact that Mitchell made slavery look like a jolly good time.
  • I found The Cuckoo’s Calling at the used library bookstore for only $5. I couldn’t NOT buy it. It’ll probably be on my November TBR.
  • Remember how the fourth and last Tales of the Ketty Jay book was released last month but I was begging people to explain to me why it wasn’t available on The Book Depository yet? I found out it has something to do with Amazon owing TBD now and them ruining everything, basically. So I went to Amazon and ordered it from one of the “new and used” sellers, and hopefully it’ll be here in about a month. Oy. I JUST WANT TO READ MY BOOK, DAMMIT.
  • If you guys have an iPhone, have you checked out Oyster yet? Apparently it’s like Netflix, but for books. I don’t like e-reading or e-books or Apple products… but damn that’s a tempting concept. And I’ve heard good things so far. Are any of you using it?
  • I’ve been listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson podcasts and it’s the best. Except for how many commercial breaks there are… but otherwise, it’s great.

As for my reading this week – I finished some short books on Sunday because of the readathon, I’m not going to list them all again. We’re more than halfway through The Corrections for the readalong, thank goodness. I’m more than halfway through Red Seas Under Red Skies, (which is the sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora) and my goodness I love these books. I hope Scott Lynch never stops writing them. Also, I’m loving how women aren’t pitiful little background objects in these books – they’re swordswomen, assassins, pirates. It’s awesome. And I’m still reading The Woman in White, which honestly I haven’t made much progress on this week because my mind is all wrapped up in my Locke Lamora book. So.

Alright you guys, I’m off to try to catch up on other internet stuff and read more of my book. Having a good weekend? Anything fun planned this week?





    1. That list is hilarious, and also kind of sad. How does he have the energy to get through the day while hating on so much stuff?

      I’ve never read any Jennifer Weiner, and I wasn’t aware that she was an annoying twitter person. I looked at her twitter (of course) and she doesn’t SEEM too bad… but I like authors who tweet often and with people. I follow some authors who only ever tweet or retweet things related to their books, and that’s always kind of a disappointment.


  1. There’s so much in this post that I love and/or want to reply to!

    That does sound like too much socializing. I was uncomfortable just reading about it. Good for you for getting through it!

    Hyperbole is a riot isn’t it?? Funny and sad too. Great stuff 🙂

    Gone With the Wind. Whew. I didn’t read that BookRiot article but I’ve heard a bit about it. I read GWTW when I was young. I re-read it last year. I loved it both times. I don’t remember feeling as if the slavery issue was glossed over…to me it was more as if it wasn’t focused on. The story isn’t about slavery. It was like a novel set in 1943 that doesn’t revolve around WWII. You know it’s there, but it’s not focused on. I don’t think I’m making much sense so I’ll shut up.

    Oyster!? I’ve never heard of this! Oooh, I’m gonna check it out for sure!


    1. Well I guess that was the BookRiot person’s kind of argument, is that this time she noticed the slavery in the background, and how the slaves are kind of happy to be slaves, unless they rebel or run away and then they’re portrayed as assholes even if it’s not the focus, apparently Mitchell did have slavery things happening in the background that kind of… endorsed it? Anyways, this is really based on what I’ve heard from others who have read it, clearly I need to read it for myself. But basically I have a hard time handling even subtle racism in books – it was mentioned that Alfred, the character in The Corrections that is like 65+ and has Parkinson’s, is a racist and I hate him and refuse to feel bad for him. It’s one of my buttons, I guess.

      Did you look at Oyster yet? For real, I hate the whole e-book thing, but if it comes out for Androids I’m going to be seriously tempted to sign up…


  2. Okay you cracked me up with your over-socializing this week. I would have been a living mess by Thursday. When I try to explain that to other people though they look at me like I am sort of off. I think you will like Cuckoo’s Calling. I really liked the protagonist of the story, Cormoran Strike and hope she writes more with him. I am going to check out Oyster now. Have a great week!


    1. I really hope I like The Cuckoo’s Calling! I found it for only $5 at the library book sale! $5! I can’t believe someone donated such a new, expensive book. The description of this one sounds way more interesting than The Casual Vacancy, so I have high hopes.


  3. I laughed at over-socialising too, but because it’s so true for me as well. I really don’t mind socialising now and then, but when it gets very intense, I feel so drained! Some people just need more me-time.


    1. Drained, exactly. Like I love my family, but having to interact with so many people so many nights in a row is just exhausting. I need time to be alone with my thoughts! And go online and read and play video games with the honeyman. Clearly my nights are too busy to actually interact with people! Lol. Honestly though, I hate weeks when I have a ton of people to see.


  4. Ugh, yeah, way too many people. Once a week is pretty much my limit.

    I’m actually pretty nervous about this coming weekend, I’m visiting Chicago with my husband, a friend we haven’t seen in four years, and her new fiance whom neither of us has met. Pretty much 48 hours of constant companionship, sharing a hotel room and everything.


    1. Oh, that is stressful! 48 hours in close quarters is really rough, I hope you get through it okay! Steal little “alone time” moments, like taking a bath or going for a walk. Or, when in doubt, drink lots of wine! Seriously though, good luck!


  5. Seriously, you keep making me more and more excited to start The Lies of Locke Lamora!! The series sounds so good!
    Also: I’m with you on the socializing. Sometimes it’s just nice to be at home and not have to entertain other people. Even if it’s family. Your Thursday sounds lovely 😉
    I’ve heard about Oyster, but sadly have no iPhone… Or any other Apple-related device. But it’s such a good idea!!


    1. Oh Daisy, I just finished the second Locke Lamora book – SO MANY FEELS. You’ve gotta read them. I’m going to go buy the third book as soon as I can, even though it’s hardcover and expensive.

      I don’t have any Apple products either, but the concept is so cool and the reviews for Oyster are already so great that I’m fairly certain it will expand to Android products. I have heard that it’s unlikely to ever be available on the Kindle or the Nook, because Amazon and B&N are probably going to hate Oyster.


  6. Hyperbole and a Half is the bessssssssssst! Did you know there’s a book coming out/possibly already out in the US? Cause there is! I’m really excited about it 😀


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