Sarah Sunday!


Readathoning, Gabby in my closet, Gabby being weird, and me getting ready to head to work last night to keep readathoning…

I don’t usually like to do my SS posts after a bunch of readathon posts, but I had a couple things I wanted to mention this week, so whatevs. You’ll deal with me overrunning your reader and you’ll like it! Or not, whatever. (I’m a bit over-tired, clearly…)

So basically this week was a blur of work (65 total, I think) and me missing the honeyman because he was away for training again. And I’m blaming the honeyman being away all week on why I did so lousy during the readathon – because he got home Friday evening and we went out to dinner (Los Gallos, Iloveyouforver) and then to the mall and then stopped at our friend’s house real quick… and I ended up getting 2.5 hours of sleep before going to work, hence I was already tired when the readathon started. Whomp whomp. BUT at least Treland is home now and won’t be going out of town again, and that makes me very happy.

The main thing I wanted to talk about was that I’ve finally discovered and started listening to podcasts. I tweeted about how I wanted to get into podcasts but didn’t really understand how the whole thing worked, and Kerry answered my pleas for help. She recommended the IPP Podcast Player app for my phone, and explained that it doesn’t cost anything to subscribe and download podcasts, and recommended a few. I’ve listened to a podcast each from BookRiot, Books on the Nightstand, and Reading the End so far, and I’m loving it! I usually listen to my mp3 player in the car, but I plugged my phone in and listened to these instead, and while I did things around the house like dishes and making dinner. It’s very cool to listen to what is basically bookish talk shows. So far I enjoyed the BookRiot one the best – I thought it was the most energetic, and the topics they had that week held my attention the most.

Anyways, basically I’m really happy this bookish podcast thing exists, and if you guys have any to suggest, let me know! Even if they’re not bookish, I’m open to suggestions of all sorts. I do lots of driving. And chores.

And lastly, tomorrow is Columbus Day – and fuck him. So here I give you one of my absolute favorite Epic Rap Battles of History – Christopher Columbus VS. Captain Kirk. Kirk totally wins. Enjoy!

Hope ya’ll are having a good week!




  1. I LOVE PODCASTS! Sorry, that was VERY energetic, especially post-readathon. I highly recommend The Bookrageous Podcast (Rebecca from BookRiot, among others). I also really like The Bat Segundo Show and The History Chicks (if you’re into history). You might be into history after The History Chicks.


  2. Bookish podcasts? Those things even exist?? That’s awesome! I’ve never listened to a podcast before but maybe I’ll have to check a bookish one out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂


  3. Epic Rap Battles 😀 Yesterday I saw Batman and Sherlock Holmes one, which was really well made.

    I’ve also heard of them podcasts but similarly, had no idea how they should work on my gadgets.


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