Readathonnnn! 7 Hours In.

bangedy bang bang


So we’re a little over 7 hours in now, right? I don’t even know. I meant update at the 4-hour mark, but then work stuff happened and I gave up. BUT, now I’m home, chicken is in the crockpot getting all taco-y and delicious, and I figured an update would be good before I go back to my books.

Books I read from: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Six Easy Pieces, and My Brief History

Books finished: Six Easy Pieces. I had been reading it before today and only have about 50 pages left, so not as impressive as it sounds.

Pages read so far: 183. Not too bad, I should be able to make my goal of 500…

Snacks: Ummmm brown rice veggie roll, apple cinnamon rice cakes, and some almonds. And an energy drink, of course.

Blogs visited: 5.

Challenges: None yet.


Spent some time on Twitter, kept up on replying to comments on my blog, and listened to a podcast on my way home and while I started the chicken (Books on the Nightstand), which was perfect. It’s not a book, but at least it was bookISH. So there.

Now the honeyman is throwing some jalapeno poppers in the oven and I’m gonna go back to reading. And he’s going to read WITH ME. (Well, his own book, obviously.) So sweet. And maybe we’ll take a walk. And mayyyybe I’ll take a tiny nap. We’ll see. How are you guys holding up?


Later taters.

Later taters.





  1. I am fine. I am reading two books at the moment; JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and Jim Crummley’s “The Last Wolf”.


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