Sarah Sunday!


Crap this week went by kind of fast. Slow down, October.

Whenever I have 4 days off (from my regular job), I think that I’ll be able to relax and get a ton of reading and blogging done, and somehow it never works out that way. I worked extra hours at Second Job this week, I visited friends, I went to a Premier Designs jewelry thingy with my older sister (she really wants me to sign up to be a jewelry seller, and annoyingly, I’m considering it… maybe in the next year, not right now), I hung out with my younger sister and watched 2 Broke Girls, I shopped, and yesterday we went to Stephanie’s wedding & reception (which was beautiful and fun and Steph & Jerry are an adorable couple). PHEW. Also I got to wear some of the skinny jeans I bought the week before, and you can see the patterned ones up above – aren’t they cute? Yes, yes they are. AND I got a lovely note and Walden from Laura this week. Well, actually it turns out it arrived like over a week ago but no one at my mom’s house told me, but still, yay! It put a big smile on my face 🙂 Thank youuuu Laura!

Also, I didn’t talk about it too much online because you know, creepers, but the honeyman was away for 5 days for job training, and that sucked a lot. Besides being busier than I would’ve liked, that’s another reason I wasn’t online that much. I was being a bit sulky. Home just isn’t the same when he’s not sleeping next to me every night. I missed him like crazy. (Also, isn’t that picture of him and Gabby the best? My new fave.)

This coming week is going to be kind of crazy – I’m supposed to work about 60 hours at my regular job, 4 at the second job, and have a Girl Day with a friend of mine eating jalapeno poppers, drinking wine, and watching Cougar Town in our pj’s. Actually, that last part sounds pretty awesome though. Somewhere in there I need to fit in a couple of trips to the gym, because I only went once this week and I feel like crap about it. The only plus side to this crazy week is that hopefully I’ll get a lot of reading done at work. Hopefully.

Bookish update: I only managed to re-read You Suck by Christopher Moore, which I read mostly in a day and haven’t reviewed yet. I’m now reading The Returned by Jason Mott, which ideally I’ll be able to finish today at work, and I’m also hoping to start The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen – readalong, woot woot! – and Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman today (yeeeeea 16-hour shift today).

Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon is this Saturday! And I’m doing it, and planning to read SO HARD. I got some short books & graphic novels from the library, but I’ll probably focus mostly on my October TBR pile / RIP reads. I’m excited. Readathons are always a good time.

Aaaand I’m out! How was your week? Are you doing the readathon?





  1. Awww, you’re so welcome for the book. And I’m glad it did get there a week ago and didn’t just fall of the plane, was fished back out and then sent to you. Because that would have sucked!

    That picture of the honeyman and Gabby is so so so cute! And I thought that when I first saw it without your prompting and everything, so yay 🙂

    Also, READALOOOOOONG! I finally started The Corrections today, and it’s alright! So far…


    1. Yeah. My family isn’t always great at alerting me to mail, unless it’s something I’m expecting but I thought it would take longer for it to get here! Maybe that’s because I’m notorious for being late mailing things. And because based on my TBD orders, I assume all international shipping takes forevs.

      The pic of Treland & Gabby is totally the wallpaper on my phone right now. Too cute 🙂


    1. A hotel room for a readathon would be amazing. I would just like to not have to work, but I ALWAYS work weekends, so I just read during it and afterwards. I get annoyed at having to spend time answering calls and trying to fit sleep in, lol.


  2. I always love your Sunday posts. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome week! The pictures of you and your man, and your man and Gabby are adorable :). And I am totally the same when my man goes away… its so quiet in the house and ..empty :(. Hope your week this week is great!


    1. Thank you Chelsey! Yeah, a quiet house can be the saddest… it’s silly because when he’s at work any other time and I have the house to myself I don’t mind it, but knowing he’s in another city makes it worse! Especially at night when we’d usually be watching tv or something together.


  3. October is my favorite month, I want it to slow down as well. The funny thing about The Returned…I’ve read so many book blog reviews of it now that I feel like I’ve read it.

    In other news, your pictures are adorable.


  4. Lovely photos 🙂 You look so good! (And so does Gabby, and honeyman!) Oh, yes, the readathon is approaching. I have retina examination appointment on Thursday, and I’m wayy spooked out; hopefully I can pull myself together for Saturday!


    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m SO excited about the readathon – think of it as your treat for putting up with the retina examination! And get yourself lots of delicious snacks to eat while you read. (One of the best parts of readathoning is the food, really.)


  5. I feel the same way when the boyfriend is away, the house just feels empty… I hope his training will be over soon! And yes, the picture of him and Gabby is lovely!
    Your work week is crazy! But the Girl Day with one of your friends sounds amazing and I’m so jealous you get to do the readathon!! Have fun!


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