The Corrections Readalong: The Intro Post

Yayyyy, it’s a readalong reunion! Thank you Alley for taking on the awesomely huge job of planning and hosting a readalong 🙂 You are a braver and more motivated lady than I.

The Corrections

So this is where we say stuff about why we’re doing this or the book or Jonathan Franzen. I’ve never read any Franzen, though I know that he’s generally seen as kind of douche-y, but mostly because he spews out opinions about stuff and not necessarily because his books are bad? And giving opinions itself isn’t really douche-y by itself (unless they’re racist/homophobic/classist/etc asshole-y comments), but I haven’t really followed a lot of the drama, and Wikipedia was only marginally helpful. Apparently he said something mean about Twitter?


Don’t be mean about Twitter, dude.


Aaaand that’s about all I know about him. And I know nothing about The Corrections. I mean I read the blurb on the cover and apparently it’s about a family? And their crazy antics. Which could be really good, or really bad. Oh and I took a quick look at the Amazon rating, and it’s about 3 stars. But I’ve read books that had 5 stars on Amazon and I thought they kind of sucked, so that really doesn’t tell me much.

I’m going into this not really expecting to like the book, honestly. I mean I hope I do, but if it ends up being really good then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let’s face it – I’m here to hang out with your lovely faces and enjoy all the GIF-usage, and I am EXCITED.

Jesse Dance

Almost as excited as Jesse.


I’m sure some of you have more experience with Franzen, so tell me stuff! Are you psyched? Looking forward to the book? Healthily skeptical?





  1. For whatever reason I thought this book was going to be about crime/prison – I was probably just taking the corrections title too literally, but it weirded me out a little to see it’s all about a family!

    I didn’t even thank Alley for hosting *dashes back to blog to quickly fix that*


  2. Yeaaaaaah I’m going into this thinking “I’m probably not going to like this book but I really hope I do, but if I don’t that’s cool cos THE GIFS”. I mean, look what you’ve used already. They both make me so happy.


  3. I’ve never read any Franzen and have also heard vague references to his hating Twitter but don’t care enough to look into it. For some reason the plots in his books just don’t sound that intriguing. But if you really like it, maybe I’ll give it a try since we have similar tastes in books. Have fun hanging out with your bookish buddies during the readalong! 🙂


    1. Honestly, the plot for this one doesn’t sound appealing at all. Ooooo, it’s about a family, and they have problems, big whoop. A lot of “literary fiction” has vague plots like that and I tend to avoid them, but who knows! I might really like it.


  4. I hope this one works better for you than it did me. I wanted to punch Franzen in the face after readiing this. Some people love this one, but the whining was just too much for me.


  5. I have read Freedom and I actually bought The Corrections on the back of it because GASP- I liked it! So… I’m sort of expecting to like this? Or at least not to hate it. And what more can you ask of a book, really?

    Also I don’t really know THAT much about the Franzen-drama, except that he just seems generally like a douche? But who isn’t, you know? He might just be more… Vocal about it. Perhaps.


    1. “Also I don’t really know THAT much about the Franzen-drama, except that he just seems generally like a douche? But who isn’t, you know?”

      Which were my feelings pretty much, until I read some of the links to the Franzen drama that Alley posted and now he seems more annoying. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, nonetheless. It’d be so nice to really enjoy the readalong book.


  6. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think. I haven’t read it, so you’re going to be my guinea pig :). I cannot wait for the gifs, because I’m sensing many a gif in your posts on this one…


  7. I have saved a lot of eye-rolling and swearing GIFs in preparation of disliking this book (which hopefully will turn out to be unnecessary when we love the book). I also have a lot of GIFs of baby animals doing cute things, in case this book is sad and we need some happiness to get us through.

    Anyway, YAY READALONG!


    1. If we can find baby animals doing sassy things like eye-rolling, then we’ll have GIF perfection. I’ve actually stockpiled no GIFs in prep for this – I’m just gonna search out what I need based on how I’m feeling each week.


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