Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Gonna Read This Fall

the broke and the bookish

Good morning guys! I am PUMPED for today’s Top Ten Tuesday. As you should know by know, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the fabulous ladies at The Broke and The Bookish, and the topic this week is easy-peasy; Top Ten Books On My Fall 2013 TBR List. So many books I’ve been looking forward to are coming out or just came out recently, AND I’m participating in R.I.P., so this list is a piece of cake for me.

The Ace of Skulls

1. The Ace of Skulls by Chris Wooding – This is easily the book I’ve been looking forward to the most – it’s the fourth, and last, book of the Tales of the Ketty Jay series. It comes out in the UK on September 19th, and I’ll be ordering my copy from The Book Depository as soon as it’s available. And you can bet that as soon as it gets here, I’m dropping everything to read it.

the deaths of tao

2. The Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu – This is the sequel to The Lives of Tao, which I read and liked SO MUCH, and I’ll be in Barnes and Noble on October 29th (release day) to buy it. Also, I love the covers to these books. So fun and simple and cool.


3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – If you haven’t read Rainbow Rowell yet, why the hell not??? Attachments and Eleanor & Park were fantastic, and I already bought my copy of her newest and plan to read it this week. Probably in about a day. And then you’ll see me here, fangirling about Fangirl. Ha.


4. Crux by Ramez Naam – This is the sequel to Nexus, which was a really cool kind of sci-fi techno thriller, and it came out at the end of August and I seriously need to read it soon. Frankly, it’s a shame that I haven’t yet.

Parasite Mira Grant

5. Parasite by Mira Grant – I am SO EFFING EXCITED that Mira Grant is writing another series. Her Newsflesh trilogy was so so so awesome, and Parasite comes out on October 29th, and man that’s going to be such a good book-buying day for me!

Kill City Blues

6. Kill City Blues by Richard Kadrey – This is the fifth Sandman Slim book, and it came out in July and I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet! These books are so fun, gory, and bad-ass, and I can’t wait to see where Stark’s story goes next.


7. Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff – Remember how I read Stormdancer and totally enjoyed the Japanese steampunk thing and the great main characters? Welllll the sequel, Kinslayer, actually comes out TODAY. Yesssss.

the song of the quarkbeast

8. The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde – This just came out (in the U.S., I believe it’s been out in the UK for a while now) on September 3rd, and how have I not bought it yet? I looooooved Jasper Fforde’s books, and this is the second book in his Dragonslayer series.

the woman in white wilkie collins

9. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins – This is on my RIP VIII pile, and I’m SUPER excited to finally read it. Wilkieeeee.


10. Beloved by Toni Morrison – This is probably the only book on my RIP VIII list that I’m actually afraid to read. I started it years and years ago, and it started to kind of scare the bejeezus out of me, and I stopped. But this fall, I shall conquer it! I hope.

BAM! Easiest TTT list ever. I have some seriously good reading ahead of me. What’s on your TBR lists for this autumn? New releases, good fall reads, what?




  1. Rainbow Rowell’s novels are on my ‘Catch up’ list as I keep hearing such amazing things about Fangirl and Eleanor and Park. While he didn’t make my list I hope to read Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair and the other books in the series at some stage this year.


    1. Sandman Slim is definitely one you’ll want to try via the library first, but I think you’ll like it. It’s a good urban paranormal series, and the main character is such a badass. Lots of fights and gore and it’s just fun 🙂


  2. Beloved is one of the few books I remember not hating when I read it in high school. I don’t remember anything else about it, though, so it’s been on my re-read list for a while.


    1. Attachments is a GREAT one. It’s more adult than E&P and (I’m expecting) Fangirl. Not in like a gross “adult” way, but in that it’s about adults in a workplace back in the early 90’s. I loved it.


  3. Fangirl! I have that one on request at the library … I’m hoping it comes in soon! And Parasite is on my TBR list for the next few months, too. I’ve heard good things about Mira Grant and am looking forward to trying her out!


  4. Love your list! I’m planning on reading Woman in White as well. I read Beloved in college. It’s creepy for sure, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Of course I’m really excited to hear you fangirl over Fangirl, because then I can join in with you. RAINBOW! By my FRIIIIIIEND!


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