Sarah Sunday!


SPACE PANTS. Yesssssss.


Hey ya’ll.

So my Sarah Sunday post is coming kind of late, because I’m doing the opposite shift at work today. Hooray for more internetz time though – we’re getting ours turned on at home tomorrow, I CANNOT WAIT.

We moved! Obviously. And I was pretty much done unpacking by the second day, which should tell you a lot about just how much freaking stuff we put in storage. Our kitchen is teeny tiny (sucks), there’s a window in the wall in the shower (cool) but it’s ground level (sucks), and of course being down to one bedroom is a bummer, but overall I’m warming up to it. It’s cozy at least, and cheaper rent so we can save, yada yada yada. I felt A LOT better once my books were unpacked.

But before we get to the obligatory bookshelf photos, did you see my space pants?!?! I have been eyeing those stretchy pants for well over a months, and last night was date night, we were strolling through the mall after having seen The World’s End (hilarious, btw), and I finally bought them. I will never, ever wear them outside of the house, but how cool are they for around-the-house pants? THE COOLEST. I’m way too excited. Yay for nerdy things.

Okay, bookshelves!Β Here they areΒ when they were empty. So sad.


Empty bookcases – one in my storage room/closet, and two in the living room/ dining room area.

It’s weird having my books all spread out, after having a whole second bedroom just for my books for the last 3 years. But it’s also kind of nice, because I see books everywhere now πŸ˜‰

After several long, glorious hours (only interrupted by the apartment people delivering a brand new fridge, which I wasn’t expecting and had to move all my books to the side for), here they are all nice and almost-full!


Revolving bookcase, storage closet bookcase, DVD shelf bookcase, and the two dining/living room bookcases.


The revolving bookcase has miscellaneous mass fiction, library books, and current Monthly TBR books on it. The storage closet bookshelf has romance, poetry, random fiction, and some random non-fiction. That skinny shelf on the bottom left is actually a DVD shelf (although in the old apartment, it was in the kitchen holding my spices & cds), and now it holds mass market series books, which I totally love. The dining area bookcase holds classics and non-fiction, and the living room bookcase holds all of my favorites/best-liked books.

You probably didn’t really care about any of that… but it’s my blog, so *shrug*.

Other things of note:

  • I bought size 8 jeans at NY&Co this week! Now, it’s probably just the kind of style they were, but I’ve never been a size 8 in ANY style, so that was exciting indeed. (I’m not really aiming to be 8 or under, I was happy with 10 quite honestly. But still, cool!)
  • Not having internet at home SUCKS.
  • Gabby was SO FREAKED OUT when we moved, but she seems to be getting used to it now. She hasn’t quite learned that the windows are set higher up from the floor now, so when she runs around like a demonic kitty, she kind of face-bashes into the window ledge and it’s hysterical.
  • Speaking of Gabby, Petco is apparently phasing out Iams dry cat food because it’s too much “filler” and not good for them, so we’re switching her to Natural Choice brand, which seemed a good compromise between healthier and so-healthy-it-costs-a-fortune. Any suggestions for dry cat food?
  • I have about 170 pages left in Empire Falls, and I’m hoping to finish that sucker tonight. I haven’t finished any books yet this month 😦
  • We had game night on Tuesday. Not only did my friend cook us an awesome dinner, but she decided we should drink. She was kind enough to share her favorite wine with me (some special kind that she can only get about 3 hours away), and it was DELICIOUS. But she poured half the bottle in each of our glasses, and it was much stronger wine than I’m used to. So that was fun πŸ™‚ I believe I used the word “tispy” at some point…
  • I’m kind of excited about fall – tall boots and pumpkin lattes. Hell yes.
  • I start back at LB next week. It’s a good thing I can’t fit in any of the clothes there anymore, maybe I’ll actually be able to SAVE that extra money.

Aaaand that’s all I got! I’m STILL working my way through my feed reader, so I’m going to go tackle that before I sit here and plow through the rest of Empire Falls.

How are you guys doing? Have you seen The World’s End yet? Enjoying the start of fall? Any plans for the week?





    1. Right?! They are the coolest, I don’t care what the honeyman says! (He made fun of me when I bought em, but once he saw them on he said they actually looked pretty good. Still won’t wear them outside, but yayyyy)


  1. Exciting! I’ve moved quite a few times and it always takes cats some time to get used to new space/heights. First day its usually just two blobs under the bed whining constantly and not understanding why we left home and came to this new strange place :p

    You have so many bookshelves – I have only two of this bigger size (and it’s clearly not enough – I bought Alex Woods today… sigh) But we live in a TINY place right now so no more space I think. One day I want to get those shelves that go all around, under the ceiling.

    Boyfriend has just took both our cats off from dry food – like a few months ago; I swore I didn’t figure it possible since Robert was proper dry food addict, but now they both eat can food/meat/other stuff that is supposed to be good (in boyfriend’s opinion). I swear they eat better than us… :p (He is spoling them so much it’s not even funny.)


    1. Yayyyyy Alex Woods!!! I want all-over bookshelves too one day.

      Gabby usually gets dry food in the morning (it’s SUPPOSED to last her all day, but lately she’s been eating all of it at once), and then she gets half a can of wet food at night. I can’t imagine switching her to canned food (or human food?) all the time, that seems expensive! Does your bf give them just canned food, or does he give them regular meat and stuff?


      1. I think dropping dry food makes it definitely a bit more expensive, but boyfriend is a bit obsessed with cats’ nutrition at the moment, so I mostly just sigh and let him do what he wants πŸ™‚ We give them canned food (or in those little pouches), they get meat but very rarely, and then they get this special frozen meat (products) that is sold in pet store, which are not actually that expensive.


    1. I’m not loving Empire Falls 😦 I don’t mind the wordy-ness, because I like a good character-driven book sometimes. But I’m not really liking the characters, my favorite so far is probably Mrs. Whiting.


  2. Booooooooks! Your bookcases look awesome and I’m totally glad to know what each of them is holding. That’s some very important information right there!

    Imma need some of those space pants…


    1. Is it weird that I like to lump my books into genres? I tried to do it by genre & then alphabetically, but that just wasn’t working out since I have to stack them like that instead of shelving them normally. CANNOT WAIT to have a house with a bajillion bookshelves.

      I would totally send you some of these space pants! They are super cool.


  3. Worlds End!! It wasn’t instant love for me, unlike Hot Fuzz and Shaun, but have a feeling it will get better the more times I see it. Really liked the dynamic between Pegg and Frost, glad they decided to go for something a little different. Plus yay for bendy straws!

    I am totally envious of your revolving bookcase and space pants! How cool are they?!


    1. I think The World’s End will get funnier the more times I see it – that’s kind of how it was with Hot Fuzz, for me. Pegg & Frost have SUCH good chemistry! The ending was pretty hilarious too.

      SO COOL. My bf got the revolving bookcase for me for Christmas last year, and it’s awesome. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t turn as well since we moved though, which stinks.


  4. Yay for new place and for saving up for later. Also yay for window in the shower which is something I had in one apartment and I miss it so.

    YAY for fitting into size 8 pants! Don’t diminish this awesomeness by saying it’s just the style. Even if it is, whatever. Still yay!

    I had to run this report recently for various pet food brands and holy hell, pet food get recalled ALL THE DAMN TIME. Iams and Eukaneuba recently had a big recall. So just, whatever kind you use I would recommend setting up some alert or something


  5. One of my most stressful moves to date was when my husband and I temporarily moved in with my parents. It was SO hard figuring out what was actually coming with us (only what would fit in my old bedroom) and what was going into storage. I will say, though, that I never would have guessed we’d fit almost our entire apartment’s worth of stuff into that tiny storage unit.

    The silver lining was that our NEXT move (just a couple months later) was definitely the EASIEST move ever, because nearly everything was still packed from the last time. And since it was already condensed into a storage unit, getting everything into the moving truck went so smoothly! (The unloading/unpacking at the other end, however, was just as much a mess as always.)

    Congrats on your new move and good luck getting used to the new place!


  6. ZOMG THE SPACE PANTS. AND TEA AND COOKIES! Between those and the cat, I was a happy reader before I even made it to actual text. πŸ˜€

    I’m very happy for your internet return, fairly painless move and YAY UNPACKING BOOKS! When I got my boxes back I literally went through every one, reminding myself what was in there. MY BABEEEEZ! I only have one little bookcase in the new house though, which is simultaneously a bad thing (WHERE ARE MY BOOKS GOING TO GO?!) and a good thing (because I can move books from box to shelf as I read them and let them go, like a constantly-cycling library pile or something). I haven’t thought about my must-keeps yet, they might have to be stacked in a wardrobe or something. 😦

    Also, poor Gabby! Our cats were so hilariously pathetic for the first couple of days, they wanted to be with us ALL THE TIME and every time a bum hit a seat there was a cat there waiting to be fussed. And YAY FALL (or ‘autumn’ as Brits prefer to call it :P). I’ve already worn my new poncho thingy and dug my tall boots out, and bought new hot chocolate, and YAY. We’re going on holiday in a few weeks because THE KIDS ARE OUT THE WAY AGAIN, and as it gets colder the tourists will disappear and the shop will return to being my little reading-and-eating-cake domain of peace and quiet. I’m such a good businesswoman. WILL ALL THE TOURISTS PLEASE BUGGER OFF, I’M READING HERE! πŸ™‚


    1. I like the idea of an ever-cycling pile of books to read, but oh MAN I can’t even imagine only having one bookshelf! Just going from four large ones to three was stressful enough πŸ˜‰

      I wore my black poncho the other morning when it was chilly out! I really don’t know why more people don’t wear ponchos, they’re so comfortable. And I would be the SAME EXACT business woman πŸ˜€ But hooray for going on holiday soon! Are you going anywhere warm and sunny?


  7. Be careful with dry cat food. I learned the hard way recently that cats bodies are designed to get most (something like 95%) of hydration from prey or for pets, cat food). Dry food only contains about 7% water. Even if a cat drinks a lot of water from a bowl, she may never be getting enough (if only eating dry food). This can lead to dehydration, UTI’s, and in my cat’s case, life-threatening urethral blockages. He survived, and only gets prescription wet food now, mixed with water. Sorry to get all heavy, but I just wish I had known this earlier! It’s probably fine if they get some canned in their diet, in addition to the dry, but I would definitely try mixing in some extra water, just to be safe πŸ™‚


    1. Good to know! Your comment actually led to me spending a WHOLE lot of time reading more about this online, and I think I’m going to start giving Gabby very little dry food and more frozen or canned food. I have more to look into, of course, but I didn’t know that about their hydration! Gah.


  8. Your bookshelves look really pretty and I can imagine having your books sitting in their proper place again makes it feel more like home!
    Also: are you reading The Lies of Locke Lamora?? Cause I bought that a couple of weeks ago and you have to let me know if you like it!!
    I’m glad you guys (and Gabby) are settling in!


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