Self-Inflicted Wounds by Aisha Tyler

Self-Inflicted Wounds Aisha Tyler

Another comedian lady memoir! And it’s probably one of the better ones.

I was browsing around the library and saw this- Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation and immediately snapped it up, thinking it would be perfect readathon material. And it was! Just to let you know – this book is not about cutting! Because, I mean, the title just kind of makes you think about a depressed person self-mutilating themselves, and I promise that is so not even close to what Aisha Tyler’s hilarious memoir is about. This FUNNY. And INSPIRING. The title is probably the only bad thing about this book.

Ya’ll know who Aisha Tyler is, right? She does the voice for Lana on Archer, she guest-starred on Friends as the hot paleontologist, she hosts Whose Line Is It Anyway? now, among other things.

aisha tyler

Aisha recounts a bunch of horrifying, embarrassing moments in her life that were usually the result of her own bad decision-making, and most of the stories were pretty funny. I laughed out loud several times, and kept interrupting the honeyman while he was trying to get some work done because I wanted to read parts to him. And as with any great humorous memoir, I learned a lot about Aisha Tyler and I have SO much more love for her now! Reading her book actually makes me want to look into the Girl on Guy podcasts that she does. I don’t really understand what the hell a podcast is, but this made me want to figure it out!

So, some specific parts that I enjoyed  –

  • Her story of peeing on herself walking home from school because she was trying to master the “mind of body” kind of ideal.
  • That before the book even really started, she made a Star Trek reference to the Borg. I love what a sci-fi nerd she is!
  • A part of the book when she talked about her fondness for hobos, and defended giving them a buck or two.
  • How much she gushed about food and her love for eating food. Fooooooooood.
  • That she got an Ivy League degree in political science and environmental studies, hated the corporate world, and decided to say fuck it and pursue her love of comedy.
  • That I kept seeing Lana in my head as I read, especially when Aisha cursed.
  • This – “Once you have endured the worst embarrassment you can think of, and you have lived, the next sling or arrow is nothing. You have formed a psychic callus over your soul, and now nothing can touch you. The world is your oyster.” And a ton of other quotable parts.

lana kane

I know it’s cliché to say that a memoir by a famous person is inspiring… but well, this one is. For me it was, anyways. Aisha talks a lot about not holding back, about going for what you want with everything you have, about working hard and pursuing your dreams with passion. MANY famous people give this schpeal, but in between Aisha’s memories of the time she puked on a boy during the first date and the time she broke her elbow snowboarding, it just worked really well. It wasn’t preachy, it was just evident. And it just made me think about how I want to work harder on my reviews and making this blog better. Not that I want a career out of this – I don’t really want a career at all. But it’s something that I love, and I don’t want to be half-assed with it, ya know?

Anyways, if you’re enjoying the recent explosion of funny-lady humorous memoirs out there, I HIGHLY recommend Aisha Tyler’s. I actually want to own this one, which is rare for these kinds of books – a lot of these comedy-memoirs I would read once and give away. I’m bummed to return this one to the library, and I’ll seek out my own copy.

Sarah Says: 4.5 stars



  1. I’ve listened to some of her Girl on Guy podcasts so I know how funny and cool she is but I was hesitant about this book because I didn’t know what to expect – just funny stories or funny stories and something else? I definitely prefer memoirs that are not just funny but also inspiring/relatable/personal, so your post totally sold me on it!


    1. It’s pretty great! I think it differs from normal celeb memoirs because it’s not her rehashing her life (that can be so boring), but rather recalling all the embarassing jams she got herself into and it was just really enjoyable.


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