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Oh man. I am moving in less than 2 weeks. August, why you go so fast???

I got friend-tested into watching The Count of Monte Cristo this week. Not that I didn’t want to see it, just that I wanted to read the book first, but that didn’t happen. So, it was good. I love a good revenge story (although I think Heathcliff still takes the cake for revenge stories), and I thought most of the actors did a good job. I had one minor issue at the end, and maybe it’s different in the book so I would like it better? Hopefully I’ll be reading the book before the end of the year so I can do a good comparison. Anyone read it or see the movie? Whatcha think?

I really, really, really want a new phone. My little Droid 3 has served me well, but it’s at least 3 years old now and annoying the bejeezus out of me. Since AT&T went and bought Cricket (which we currently use), we’re thinking we’ll probably go to Verizon within the next couple months to get new phones and get a plan with them. I really, really want either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Samsung Note 2, although by the time we get around to getting new phones the new versions of those will probably be out, so that might change. Stupid technology world moving so quick.

I’ve been trying to get a lot of packing done, but I’m kind of at a standstill with that right now until we take the stuff I currently have packed to put in storage. I’ll probably end up packing a lot later this week, even though I didn’t want to because Bout of Books starts on Monday. Blerg.

Speaking of Bout of Books – between that, and then moving at the end of the month, I’ve been trying to get blog posts scheduled ahead of time because I know I’ll be busy later. I have 7 scheduled right now, which I think is the most I’ve ever scheduled ahead of time. Damn.

typing gif



Yesterday at work was a really irritating day. It shouldn’t have been, because Saturdays are a lot more chill than weekdays, but it was still annoyingly busy here and there. After work I decided to go to B&N to splurge a bit. I hadn’t book-shopped in AGES, what with moving and having to purge books anyways and all that. I could feel myself instantly relax as soon as I went inside. I felt like yelling “SANCTUARRYYYY” but I didn’t, because tha would have been weird… I ended up getting TWO books – The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, and Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff. SO psyched.

While waiting in line, I was kind of happy because I was waiting in line at a bookstore and that’s a GREAT thing, all those people lined up to buy books, but then some lady in front of me started bitching about the wait and saying she’s ready to just put her book down and walk out. UGH. I wanted to tell her she was an ungrateful twit, and she should just be happy she still has a bookstore to walk into to buy books. But then the line started moving and she quit her bitchin, so I didn’t. Anyways, the honeyman met me at B&N when he got out of work, and then we went to Red Robin for some food. I ate WAY too much delicious, greasy food, but by then “fuck it” was the motto of the day, so I feel okay about it.

Bookish update: Right, so I already mentioned Bout of Books but that starts tomorrow (well, technically it starts at midnight tonight).

I finished four books this week – Edge of the Universe, Matilda, Blankets, and Breakfast of Champions. That’s right, one was a kid’s book and another was a graphic novel. I needed some light reading this month. I’m kind of lazily reading Mission to Mars by Buzz Aldrin right now, and also Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. I’m hoping to finish them both today, but we’ll see what happens.

Alright ya’ll, gotta go get some stuff done. How’s your weekend been? Any plans this week? Thoughts about good cell phones?





  1. Stupid cell phones. I’ve been biding my time, debating on whether or not to get the iPhone 5. Then I hear that they are announcing the 6 soon. Cripes. A gal can’t even catch up! I don’t have a big need to have the latest and greatest but I’m still sporting the 3. It takes terrible photos, blah blah blah #firstworldproblems!

    Way to go scheduling those reviews! I should do a few today. *SHOULD*


    1. My phone takes bad pics too, and it takes FOREVER to take it… like 5 seconds & if a person moves at all it’s blurry. Ugh.

      They’ll probably announce a new Samsung Galaxy or Note by the time I’m ready to get one, but I still might go w/ the Galaxy S4. People seem to LOVE it.


      1. I know, I was envying the pretty pics you’ve been taking with it! But it just furthered my urge for a new phone in general, not necessarily the iPhone. I COULD invest in a new digital camera, but come on, that’s just crazy-talk. Who walks around with real cameras these days?


  2. I just got a new Samsung recently after my Android crapped out … I like it a lot! Good luck picking a new phone. 🙂

    I can’t believe the lady in the bookstore! People should be HAPPY when surrounded by books!

    Good luck with packing and moving! How exciting is that? 🙂 Hopefully you can get some reading in next week while packing!


    1. I’m glad to hear you like the Samsung. I think the only thing I’ll miss about my Droid is that it’s a slider. I like the keyboard.

      Thanks! I am kind of looking forward to the move, even though it’s to a much smaller apt.


  3. I’m going to go ahead and tell you to get an iphone even though I know you won’t ;). But they are awesome. Samsungs would prooobably be my second choice though, so I’m good with you getting one of those.

    And DUDE, I am so impressed that you have 7 (SEVEN!) posts scheduled! I have three at the moment because I’ve been trying really hard to catch up on reviews, but now I just feel like a slacker!


    1. Yeeeeaaahhh. Not gettin the iPhone. But yay Samsung.

      Don’t be that impressed. Seven sounds like a lot, but only 2 of those were reviews, 3 are future TTT posts, and then some other random stuff. Okay well maybe it’s a lot, but I have reasons! BoB and moving and such. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be that far ahead b/c I am LAZY.


  4. I loved The Count of Monte Christo movie! I still have to read the book, though, too. I can’t think of a good reason why I haven’t already, probably because every time I go to the library shiny new covers distract me from remembering to search among the dull plain covers of the classics, lol. 🙂 But I’ll get to it, because I want to read it. I loved Dumas’ “The Black Tulip”, so I think I should like it as far as the writing is concerned.

    I got an LG Droid in May, but I’m a bit sorry I didn’t get Samsung, so I’d go for that If I were you (*speaks now that it’s too late*).

    I’m joining Bout of Books as well, yay! Good luck with it!


    1. Another Samsung for the win! It seems like the best available right now.

      My only hesitance in starting The Count of Monte Cristo is its sooo long and I’m never sure which translation will be best! I need to research that a bit.


  5. So I’ve applied for a few jobs out of state and I have a phone interview with one. I have gotten the job yet, of course, but I am already freaking out about moving – just at the mere possibility. So I can (sort of, not really) commiserate about the misery of the moving process.

    I like that movie? Did you watch the one with the young Henry Cavill (I’m think there’s more than one version, but I’m not sure and, since I’m being honest, to lazy to check)? 🙂


    1. Moving sucks, no matter where you’re going. Although I would love to move out of NY to somewhere with better winters…

      I think the Henry Cavill one is the one we watched. The name sounds familiar… I recognized a bunch of the people but couldn’t remember any of the actor’s names, lol.


  6. iPhones are popular in where I live (Scandinavia at the moment), but I never really had an inclination to get one. The hype of the brand is really off putting. Plus the practical reasons – tests show that Samsungs do so well in colder temperatures whereas one can have problems with Apple products (and it gets really, really cold around here in winter). So right now I use a Samsung Galaxy Mini, which is not a fancy phone at all but I’m not demanding when it comes to phones (meaning I don’t want to bury a small fortune under one :p), so it serves me alright.

    I’m guessing the girl you are with on one of the photos is your sister – maaaaan you look alike 🙂


    1. Yeah that’s my little sister! (Even though she’s so much taller than me, lol.)

      I don’t really like Apple in general, and I hate the idea of having to use iTunes just to use my phone. The Droid I have now, it just does updates wirelessly, which is awesome. My mom has an iPhone and she’s always complaining about having to plug her phone in to do updates, and then if she has computer issues she’s screwed, and yeah… it seems like a headache. I swear between her and my brother, they’ve gone through like 10 iPhones in the last few years because they’re always malfunctioning somehow. Ehhh.

      I wasn’t always one for fancy phones – I resisted touch screens for as long as I could. But now that I use my phone for SO MUCH (Twitter, email, blogging, etc.) I definitely need a better one. I think we’re going to go to Verizon so that at least we’ll get a way better deal on them.


  7. I did like the movie, but there are a lot of things that are done differently in the books, especially around the ending!
    I have one of the ‘older’ Samsungs, the S plus and I really like it! It’s pretty easy to use.
    And OMG, you’re moving so soon!!
    I love the picture of you and your sister, you two look so much alike! 🙂


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