Matilda by Roald Dahl


Matilda book cover


Oh Matilda. I so wanted to be you when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, the movie Matilda was my JAM. I didn’t even realize it was based on a book until I was an adult working in a bookstore. So this is both my first time reading Matilda, AND my first time reading a Dahl book! Weird, I know. I’m 26 – how did I go so long without reading one of the biggest children’s authors of all time? Too bad I hadn’t finished this sooner, I could have used it in my Top Ten Books Set in England list this past week.

The book was a good enough read, for an adult reading a kid’s book. It was easy breezy readin’, and I liked that even though I’ve seen the movie a hundred times, I didn’t always see the actors in my mind as a read. My brain came up with it’s own pictures of the characters, and that’s always nice. Although I DO have to say that Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman as Matilda’s parents? PERFECTION.

Anyways, right, the book. I haven’t actually given a summary yet. It’s about a neglected girl named Matilda, who can read Dickens and do math by the time she’s 5. Impressive, right? When she goes to school, she bonds with her sweet teacher Miss Honey and refuses to be afraid of the monstrous headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. Stuff ensues. The book is short, cute, and it makes me so so happy to see so much book love in a kid’s book. If my nephew hasn’t read this yet, he totally should. And my niece, when she’s a bit older. Is it a bit unbelievable, as a grown-up? Of course. But it’s still a fun ride.

Also interesting – Matilda is now a musical, and there is supposed to be U.S. tour of it sometime soonish. I would LOVE to see that.

Sarah Says: 3 stars as a grown-up, 5 stars if I was still a kid




  1. I am obsessed with this movie and I’m afraid to read the book. Aren’t books always better? YES and I’m all a’scared that the book will make me not love the movie as much. But still…I really should read this.


  2. I want to see the musical so much! It’s supposed to be really delightful, but everyone apparently thinks so?, because the tickets are extremely expensive. Bah.

    I remember when I was little, I resented Matilda enormously for learning to read younger than I did. I thought I was such hot shit for learning to read when I was four. :p


  3. I’ll read this one too at some point, but I’m also aware that because of reading for the first time as a grown up, the score (and impact) will not be as high as it might have been in the past.


  4. You’re making me want to dig through all the boxes in my mom’s basement to find my copy of this (and all of the other Dahl books I had). I was juuuuust this side of too old to really appreciate the movie when it came out which makes me sad. Damn movie couldn’t have come out a couple years earlier??


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