Please, please, PLEASE: Turn off CAPTCHA!

This is something I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but since Bout of Books is right around the corner, I figured this was as good a time as any.

I love being a blogger, and I love reading blogs from all of the other fellow bloggers that I follow. But I’m not gonna lie – keeping up with the number of posts in my reader is a LOT. I could easily spend an hour a day just going through, reading and commenting. But you know what makes me not want to comment on a blog that I love? Word verification. It makes me want to rip my hair out.

tiny fey gif


I can think of at least four bloggers that I follow that have it turned on – you might not be aware of it. Which is why I am BEGGING YOU – see if you have CAPTCHA / word verification turned on, and if you do, TURN IT OFF. If you’re worried about spam – turn off anonymous comments, or turn on comment moderation. There’s literally NO good reason to have word verification turned on, unless you don’t realize it. Don’t make it a chore for people to comment on your posts.

And in this spirit…


I encourage all of you to take part in the CAPTCHA Challenge that The Relentless Reader and The Book Wheel are hosting, ESPECIALLY if you use Blogger. Blogger tends to have it on in their default settings, and almost all of the blogs I see with it on are on Blogger. So join in. Why not? Participate and chat with other bloggers, and in the process you’ll find out if you have CAPTCHA on, and how to turn it off.


THANK YOU, and if you’re participating in Bout of Books, then I’ll see ya on Monday! (Psssst, by the way, I’m hosting a challenge on Monday for Bout of Books! So you know, sign up and have some fun and maybe win some stuff!)





  1. You’ve just made me check my own blog, and I never knew I had it. I thought I had my security set up so that comments were sent to me to be approved/moderated before they are published on the page, no captcha needed. I feel like a traitor as I HATE Captcha! Seriously, I think I see one thing and then I look at it again and it’s another thing…especially the numbers! Surely only robots would be able to decipher those things!


  2. Hooray, hooray! So glad to see this post! Since we started really pushing our ANTI CAPTCHA AGENDA I’ve seen more than a few people realize that they had it on and didn’t know it. We’re changing the world people! Ha ha. At least we’re making the world a bit better 😀


  3. UGH. It’s the worst on Tuesdays. All I want to do is comment on everyone’s lists but once I see CAPTCHA, I’m out. I’ve had too many experiences where it just stalls on me, and the meaningful comment I wrote out disappears. So annoying.


    1. I’ve had that happen to me too. It got to the point where I would copy my comment before clicking submit, because I’ve had the CAPTCHA erase it after I got the stupid verification words wrong. Or I would just be too lazy and skip commenting. Hopefully this CAPTCHA Challenge helps a lot!


  4. Ahahaha yes. I know I had that post about liking reCaptcha which I still do in spirit but really, come on, I’d rather not have to fill in anything. And I’ve def left off leaving comments because there was a Captcha.


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