Dead Man Rising by Lilith Saintcrow

Dead Man Rising Dante Valentine

ALRIGHT, WARNING TIME: This is the second book in the Dante Valentine series. The first book was Working For the Devil, and you should totally read that before you come here and read this. There will probably (definitely) be spoilers for the first book if you haven’t read it yet.

So, Dante Valentine! Dead Man Rising is the second book, and takes place about 10 months after the events of the first book. I’m going to try to keep this short.

Danny is working bounties with Jace at a frantic pace, just to keep from thinking about Japhrimel and how much she misses him. Her friend Gabe calls her in on a series of disturbing, gory murders and Danny realizes that even though it means facing some scary memories from her past, she’s the only one who can solve the case.

This book suffered a bit from Second Book Syndrome. The first half of the book dragged a lot – there was a lot of Dante trying not to mourn Japh and very little action. It didn’t help that she spent the majority of the book with her ex, Jace, who I still never really warmed up to. I didn’t enjoy the bit of back-and-forth romantic tension between them, especially since it’s been obvious that it wasn’t going anywhere. And I swear that Dante’s “black molecule-drip” nail polish, whatever the hell that is, was mentioned at LEAST ten times. That was just distracting, because I got sick of hearing about it – I get it, her nails are black. Come up with different descriptions.

Now, this all sounds pretty negative so far, but I still love Dante. I SUPER love that she’s half demon and therefore crazy kick-ass. I kind of liked seeing her fragile mental state in this one – she’s really powerful and mourning Japh but trying not to let herself feel it, and it’s always interesting to see that kind of emotion in a character. AND the book was saved near the end by some action finally happening and the return of my other favorite character, which means I’m still really looking forward to the third book. If it wasn’t already packed away with my other books, I might have started it already. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until I move, so I probably won’t get to read it until at least September.

So yeah. This was disappointing, but the end still left me wanting more.

Sarah Says: 3 stars




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