Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Need Sequels

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Good morning you lovely people! So this is going to be a bit rushed – partly because I have to run out and do some things, and partly because I just can’t think of many for this topic! As ya’ll know, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and the topic for this week is Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels. Alrighty-then.


1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling – Well this seems like a silly pick, because there are 7 books! BUT I WANT MORE. MORE HARRY POTTER WORLD. I want more sequels, or prequels, or other books but set in the same world with different characters. Or a HP Encyclopedia. Anything really.

2. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell – The ending is kind of open-ended, and I would love answers. But only if they’re happy ones.

3. Lamb by Christopher Moore – In all fairness, I can’t think of a possible sequel for this book. But it’s the FUNNIEST Christopher Moore book, and it has the best characters, and I just want more of it.


And that’s really all I got. Here’s the thing:  There are not enough stand alone novels in the world! And the ones that do exist, for the most part, do perfectly well without having sequels. If anything, there should be fewer sequels in the book publishing world, not more. There are way too many series out these days. Anyone agree?





  1. “Here’s the thing: There are not enough stand alone novels in the world! And the ones that do exist, for the most part, do perfectly well without having sequels. If anything, there should be fewer sequels in the book publishing world, not more. There are way too many series out these days. Anyone agree?”

    I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with publishers of both adult and children’s books begging for this very same thing. More single-volume, substantive books, please. Fewer sequels. Nad god know we could do with fewer love triangles, while we’re at it! The answer is always this: “that won’t happen until readers stop buying into franchises.”


    1. That’s such a shame, because it means that there are authors purposely creating series just to be money-makers, or authors who are being pressured into turning a good book into three or more not great books because of the publishers. GRRRRR. So frustrating!


  2. YES, too many series out there, though I wouldn’t mind reading more about the Harry Potter world! When I read series, I hate the feeling you get when you know the book should have ended 2 books ago. Same thing for TV series that are longer than 3 seasons.


  3. I agree with your sentiment on sequels. That being said, I agree with the idea behind your Eleanor & Park sentiment – I’d want an update, but only if it’s a happy one (part of the reason I hated the Room Without a View update).


    1. That’s always a fear of mine if I decide to start a new series… how many books is it going to be, are the sequels going to be good or are they just stretching, etc. Pretty much ALL of the examples I can think of for this topic are series that actually were really great and I want more… like HP or the Ketty Jay series. It’s going to end with the fourth book, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be wanting more.


  4. I think a sequel for HP would totally ruin it. I love love love how JK tied it up specifically so there ISN’T a chance for a sequel.

    But what book do I long for to have a sequel? That’s a toughie! But you know what, I think that The Handmaid’s Tale, as being my favorite book of all time, totally could have a sequel. What happened to Offred? What happened to where they live???

    Also, come on, don’t you want to know about Katniss as an adult?

    Another also, I love that you took a stand for stand-alones. I sometimes don’t want to start a book knowing that it’s part of a series because I am an addict. . . One I read the first book, I NEEEEEEED the sequels.


    1. I could totally see a sequel for The Handmaid’s Tale… although I worry that Atwood wouldn’t give Offred a very happy sequel story. And Katniss as an adult… eh. I like her and the trilogy, but I think the ending of the last book was kind of lame (she never really made a choice between Peeta & Gale, just sort of ended up with one) and yeah. The ending of that one was all I needed :-/

      I always have to double-check to see if something is a series or not before I start it, and even then I sometimes don’t realize it! Lol. I hate that I always seem to be in the middle of several series at once.


      1. Offred would soooooo not have a happy ending.

        And how can you review a series on the blog? It’s a tough task. I started the first 2 Game of Thrones, but have been putting off the rest bc I have no idea how I would review them. Maybe I’ll just read them and not review them.


      2. I review most of the sequels I read. I just put a big warning for spoilers for the previous books at the beginning. It’s hard to do without giving too much away, but I also know that sometimes I go searching for reviews of sequels to see if I should continue with a series or not, so maybe it’s helpful to at least some people out there.


  5. OMG can we PLEASE have an E&P sequel? I wasn’t done with them. I need more.

    And yes OF COURSE more HP. If Rowling could just get on all of the things you listed above, that’d be great.


    1. ME TOO. Because I couldn’t get into The Casual Vacancy, and her new mystery novel doesn’t sound that appealing to me either. I feel like she’s trying to prove something by writing more serious adult novels, but she’s SO GOOD at fantasy!


  6. I am totally with you — I could only think of four, and two of them were stretching it. I feel like in most cases, sequels are entirely unnecessary. They’re just a marketing scheme. While there are many great trilogies and series out there, I wish more books were standalones.


      1. Sigh, that’s the way of entertainment nowadays. There’s no originality anymore — or at least not as much — because both the book and movie industries care more about pumping out products and marketing than they do about the quality of the product.


      2. Exactly. That’s really sad. Luckily though, I trust authors more than I do the movie makers. There are still some authors out there just trying to write good books, and I’m all the more appreciative of them these days.


  7. Hahahaha, I bet JK Rowling wrote The Cuckoo’s Calling under a pseudonym just to avoid people LIKE ME shrieking at her “WHERE IS THE HARRY POTTER ENCYCLOPEDIA WE WANTS IT MY PRECIOUS”. But seriously, we wants it precious.

    I am completely with you about there needing to be fewer sequels in the world. My roommate and I are always complaining about how you can’t pick up a YA novel ever and depend on its being a one-and-done. Everything’s gotta have a sequel, and probably a love triangle.


    1. I NEED THE HARRY POTTER ENCYCLOPEDIA. And I believe she did mention once that she would do it so… get to it, JK!

      The sequel-problem seems to be most evident in the YA world. I mean I guess it’s great to keep teens reading and if novels hook them, that’s great. But YA needs more stand-alones. There should be a balance there.


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