Feynman by Jim Ottaviani & Leland Myrick




TOLD YOU I was gonna read another Feynman book right away!

This is a bit of a biography about Richard Feynman, but it’s a graphic novel! How fun is that?! Pretty fun… (If you get the show I’m quoting there, you win at life.)

As far as content goes, I thought this did a good job. There were a lot of the same anecdotes that I read about in The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, but there were a ton that I didn’t know yet PLUS some really brilliant pages dedicated to Feynman trying to explain his QED (quantum electrodynamics) work, and that was awesome. The authors clearly have a lot of love and admiration for Feynman. Even their bibliography at the end was fantastic – it went through a ton of the books and works that they used and gave a little detail for each one – what it was like, how it compared to other books, if it’s well-written, etc.


The art of the book wasn’t my favorite – it’s just not my style. But sometimes the art was cool, and below were some of my favorite pages because of the unique ways that the art added to the story. In the top left square, it shows Feynman’s thoughts about his wife and different calculations as he’s going about his day. In the top right square, the art is helpful in displaying Feynman’s explanations of QED. I liked how the people outlines are filled with numbers in the bottom left corner, and the bottom right corner is a flashback from his childhood, when his dad was reading to him about dinosaurs. Things like this are what make graphic novels really awesome, especially when it’s graphic novel NON-FICTION. (Which I guess isn’t a “novel”… but I don’t know a word for graphic novel non-fic, so there.)



Richard Feynman

Click to embiggen.



So basically, this was a pretty kick-ass book! Definitely going to by a copy for my own collection. And I can’t wait to read and learn more about Feynman. I’m enjoying the books about him, but I’m thinking that next I’m going to pick something written BY him – either Six Easy Pieces (physics) or Surely You’re Joking, My Feynman! (book of stories about his life, by him).


Sarah Says: 4 stars





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