Sarah Sunday catch-up!



I haven’t worked since LAST Sunday, and that has been awesome. I’ve been a bit MIA lately because the honeyman and I celebrated our 6 Year Anniversary this past weekend (our anniversary is 3 days long, and we had 4 days off together, which was fantastic) so I was kind of busy and not on the computer or my phone a whole lot. This post is going to be very picture and bullet-point heavy, okay?

  • Gabby finally got spayed last Monday!Β That was the SADDEST thing in the world. She was so loopy and out-of-it that night. She could barely walk, but anytime we left the room for more than a minute, she slowly dragged herself to us and then collapsed at our feet. Poor thing! She’s doing a lot better now, of course.
  • Saw World War Z and Grown Ups 2. Both were pretty bad. WWZ just didn’t make a whole lot of sense (that was probably a book that just wasn’t suited to be a movie) and Grown Ups 2 was full of too much toilet humor instead of actual comedy. Disappointing.
  • Did NOT work out as much as I wanted to this past weekend, but the honeyman and I went to the gym together on Thursday and ended up kind of racing each other on the treadmill at the end, and that was fun.
  • Played a whole lot of Black Ops 2, which was fun… and I kind of want to play right now. But I’m not gonna, because I’m trying to catch up here.
  • Started packing my books, and hopefully will finish that this week.
  • Watched most of season 2 of Breaking Bad. OMG this show. Although every now and then Walt can be really frustrating and I just want to shake him, and I hate Skyler of course, but mostly it’s full of awesome.
  • The honeyman and I took a day trip to Letchworth State Park on Friday and that was fun, and exhausting. It was really, really hot out that day and we hiked around for a good three hours. We saw a really big grasshopper. There were a million sets of stairs.Β I really love that during our anniversaries we try to take some sort of little trip if we can. It’s nice to spend time together and do new things instead of just buying each other stuff.

Letchworth 2013 collage

  • Read a few books… Joyland by Stephen King, The Silence of Our Friends by Mark Long (graphic novel), Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow, and I’m almost done with Habibi by Craig Thompson (another graphic novel). Going to finish that today…I hope.
  • Only about another week left in July… I’m going to focus on reading Death By Black Hole by Neil deGrasse Tyson and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, which I’ve BARELY started but I really need to fit a classic into this month.
  • And after today, I only have 3 more days left of my vacation! I will hopefully go to the beach one of those days (if the weather cooperates, I need some sun and NO rain!) and I need to pack more. And I also have game night, coffee and shopping with my brother tonight, and L is turning 2 this week. So many things!


And that’s really all the updating I got. This week will probably still be pretty busy, but I’ll try to pop online more often. And I was happily going through my Bloglovin reader earlier and got through about 250 posts before I accidentally marked all the rest as read, which sucked. Hopefully I can scroll through and find the posts I didn’t get to check out, but yeah… that happened.


How has everyone else been?Β What have I missed?




  1. Oh, I was already wondering wher’s Sarah Sunday. Love the photos πŸ™‚ It’s so nice to celebrate with a trip or something more special, that’s true. I hope Gabby’s alright now, it’s always painful to see your pet in a woozy condition. Mammucat once had ear infection, which made her lose the balance and that was pain to look at her try to make a jump and then fall over.

    Have a nice rest of the vacation! πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah, cats look just so sad and pathetic trying to get around with no balance! And when she first got home, her back legs must’ve still been a little numb so she’s take a step and then just fall over or try to drag her body… lol it was so so sad. She’s alright now though πŸ™‚


  2. Looks like you had a great week off! That is one huge grasshopper…all it needs is some purple pants and it would be a grasshopper hulk!

    Agree with you about World War Z. If anything it just made me want to read the book again. My main grievance was that most of the zombie swarms/attack set pieces were started by women…Matt enjoyed it though, and he was the one who wanted to see it more, so I guess each to their own!


    1. That grasshopper was huuuuge, and he stopped right in front of us. He wasn’t even scared, lol.

      I need to read WWZ… I still haven’t 😦 Treland was really excited to see it, but certain parts drove him nuts- like when Brad Pitt put his crowbar or axe or whatever it was down to key in the code to that room and then left it out there. We were both like “Why would you put your weapon down?!? OMG!”


  3. Look at you two in all of your adorableness! LOVE the photos Sarah πŸ™‚

    Breaking Bad! Isn’t it the best of the best?? I’m so excited/sad that the very last episodes are coming soon. I don’t want it to end.


    1. Thanks πŸ˜€

      I am LOVING Breaking Bad. Although to be honest, I’m kind of glad that it’s ending soon because that means I won’t have to be waiting for ages for the DVD’s to come out or try to catch it on tv. (Which won’t even be an option when we move in a month, cause no more free cable).


  4. Love the pictures of you two!! πŸ˜€ I’m glad you got to spend time together for your anniversary! And it is really nice to take a trip together and actually make some memories instead of just exchanging gifts :0
    Poor little Gabby! I’m glad to hear she’s doing better!
    I hope you enjoyed the rest of your days off!


    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ And yeah, we usually prefer to just go experience something new together and have nice memories to look back on instead of gift-giving for anniversaries. We have other holidays for that!

      Gabby’s doing a lot better… although she’s been sneezing and I have no idea why. But she seems to have no other symptoms, so I’m kind of just watching her in case is gets worse or something. Oy.


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