Top Ten Tuesday: Authors That Deserve More Love

the broke and the bookish

It’s Tuuuuuesday! And I’m at home today taking care of my Gabby girl – we took her to get spayed yesterday and I was obviously a nervous wreck! So she’s being lazy around the house and I’m sitting here watching over her for any signs up sickness… le sigh. Poor thing. BUT that’s not going to stop me from jumping in on Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by the lovely folks over at The Broke and The Bookish! The topic this week is Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition, which was actually done originally in March 2011. Now it’s time to name some more! No repeats from 2011, I promise.

1. Chris Wooding – I am in love with his Tales of the Ketty Jay series. You should all read it. That is all.

2. Wesley Chu – He recently released The Lives of Tao and I totally loved it! Such a fun book and an awesome concept. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel, The Deaths of Tao.

3. Jasper Fforde – Okay, in all fairness Fforde is actually kind of popular. But considering he writes wonderful, quirky novels about a woman who can jump into books and they’re basically a celebration of everything literary, I’m surprised they’re not MORE popular. You love books? Read his Thursday Next series.

4. A.J. Jacobs – He sets himself on outrageous missions (read the entire Encyclopaedia Brittanica, live the Old Testament as literally as possible, etc.) and writes amusing, often hilarious memoirs about his experiences. Jolly good fun.

5. Rainbow Rowell – She’s actually gained a lot of love in the book blogger world thanks to Attachments and Eleanor & Park, but she deserves more! More! More!

6. N.K. Jemisin – I love her Inheritance trilogy (also known as the 100K trilogy) – they’re unique fantasy books and have awesome female characters. And once, her and I debated quite respectfully about gun rights on Twitter and that was cool. Go read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, like now.

7. Gideon Defoe – His little The Pirates! books are SO goofy and hysterical and they’re just perfect little pick-me-ups.

8. G. Willow Wilson – I just finished Alif the Unseen recently and it was ah-mah-zing. You should definitely read it soon. I’m almost 100% certain it’s going to make my top ten favorite books for this year.

And like I did last time this topic came around, here are some authors that I think are over-hyped:

9. John Green – I’ve read two of his books (well, he co-wrote one of them with David Levithan, who I also think is over-hyped) and they left a lot to be desired. It’s cool that he writes intelligent, witty teens but they’re unrealistically witty and clever, and they’re so very emo-existential-crisis-y and I just can’t handle that.

10. Jennifer Egan – You remember my rant-filled review about A Visit From the Goon Squad, don’t you? GAG.

There we have it! So what authors do you think deserve more recognition? Leave me some good suggestions!





  1. I love that you added a couple over-hyped. I didn’t even make a list this week because everybody I could think of was already pretty famous or I’d only read one of their books… I SO feel you on Goon Squad. What the what? Just. No.


      1. I have a Junot Diaz book on my shelf (I think it’s The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar… something) and I’ve been hesitant to try it. I’ve heard really mixed reviews about his books, even though he’s kind of popular.

        And I was TOTALLY an angsty teenager… so maybe that’s why I hate reading about them? Haha!


    1. Yeah, some of the authors on my list like Wesley Chu only have one book out so far, but I want more people to read it so that he keeps getting book deals! It’s hard to think of 10 over-looked authors though, so adding over-hyped authors is my way of cheating to get to 10 😉


  2. I think Rainbow Rowell is close to getting the recognition … especially after Eleanor and Park! I do love John Green, but agree that his teens can be TOO witty, but there definitely is some heart and realism to his stories. I read a Jennifer Egan book for book club — two books, actually — and they were okay but not spectacular.

    Great list!


    1. She definitely is getting pretty popular, but I want MORE people to read her! Eleanor and Park would be great for summer reading lists – there’s so much in there about first love and self-identity that would make great summer reading topics.

      I haven’t read any other Jennifer Egan books… Good Squad just ruined it for me!


  3. I agree with you on John Green, but don’t tell anyone, I don’t want hate mail. 😉

    There is just to much angst for me, it’s just too teenager. I don’t think I was a teenager even when I was ages 13-19. I was born a mini-adult.


  4. I get it with Jasper Fforde – I think he is pretty well-known but he should get even more recognition, right 🙂 I’ve never read any John Green out of fear that his writing would feel too clever and elitist for me. A friend of mine just finished Looking for Alaska and he really liked it, though, so I was a bit swayed, but I don’t know… I think he’s a really nice guy with what all he does and his vlog channel, but somehow I don’t feel uncontrollable urge to pick up his books.


    1. I enjoy John Green’s cleverness and wit, but sometimes it just comes off as really pretentious for some reason in his books. I’ll be interested if you end up reading anything by him though!

      And YES, Jasper Fforde should get ALL the love! He writes such perfect books for book lovers!


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