Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm


 This is not going to be an interesting review! Because my brain just totally isn’t there right now.

Sam is a soul collector. That’s not like some creepy pervy thing… some souls are damned, and his damnation is to be the one to go collect them when it’s time and send the souls off to Hell. But one day he goes to collect the soul of a girl who committed the most atrocious crime… and he believes she’s innocent. Instead of collecting her he helps her run away – but Collectors aren’t allowed to refuse, and now he has enemies in both Heaven and Hell looking to make sure her soul is taken.

Such a fun premise, right? I can’t say many things because otherwise this’ll get all spoiler-y, but it was a unique kind of urban mystery fantasy. Sam took a while to warm up to. He was generally a cool guy, but I didn’t start to actually care about him until close to the end. And now that I know more of his back story, I’m looking forward to reading the next books. Especially because I had a major plot question about how Sam gets around, and sj of snobbery assures me that this is discussed more in the next book.

Anyways, I dig books that are about angels and demons / heaven and hell at odds. Hooray for heavenly war. And this was a quick, entertaining read, even if there was a bit too much running around in it. I think that’s probably just an issue because of the story of this book, and yeah. I’m looking forward to starting The Wrong Goodbye, as soon as I can order a copy (both my local library and bookstores don’t have it right now).

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars



  1. Don’t worry about not having an interesting review, you’ve told me all I need to know and I’m glad to hear that Dead Harvest Is good! I’ve had a copy for over a year; I bought it because the cover is pretty and I’m shallow, but haven’t read it yet. Will have to amend that soon!


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