Sarah Sunday!



What a good week! July, you saucy minx, I knew you were going to be a good month. Now if only you could send some sunny weather instead of this cloudy/rainy crap we’ve had for the last two weeks…

WELL. Two bits of good news this week: 1) the honeyman has a new job lined up that he’s going to start in August. He’s leaving his current job at the end of this month, so that’s awesome and 2) we found a new apartment to move into at the end of August. Hooray! I’m still dreading the fact that we’re moving from a big 2-bedroom to a small 1-bedroom, buuuut it’s all so that we can start saving some money for a house, so I’m sure I’ll manage. I’m sure Gabby’s going to hate having a smaller apartment though. So much less room for sprinting around like a maniac. Other good things happening this month: 6-year anniversary with the honeyman, 10-day vacation from work,  hopefully camping or going to the beach or something, and who knows what else. ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

I got to hang out with my sister Heather sans kids this week, which was hella cool. And she has now FINALLY seen The Boondock Saints, thank goodness. Now she’ll get my references. “Where you goin’? No where!” and “I can’t believe that just fucking happened.” and so on… Anyways. Shut up it’s a good movie. Also, my aunt and cousins came up from down south to visit and were here for the 4th of July, and it was just so nice to see them! I wish they lived closer so that we saw them more often. The 4th was a nice day – I worked (although work was stupid busy for a holiday) and then went to my mom’s and ate delicious food and hung out with my family and it was just nice and relaxing. It sucks I had to leave to get some sleep before going back into work, but work the rest of this weekend has been really slow and laid back, so that’s cool.

The honeyman and I just finished watching season 5 of True Blood – that season was shit, wasn’t it? It kind of makes me want to pick up the books again (I only read the first two) just to see if the storyline in the books is as annoying as it’s getting in the show. I mean it’s kind of sad when Jason is one of the best characters. And now we’re starting to watch Breaking Bad – the honeyman finished the first season and I have to catch up with him this week so we can start season 2 together.

I only went to the gym once this week… which sucked. But I was kind of really busy, what with apartment hunting, getting my car inspected (finally), and so on. I have more time this week, so hopefully lots of gym time will be had.

Bookish update: I finished 4 books this week! That’s insane. In all fairness, one of those was a 55-page novella (Brokeback Mountain, only took me like 7 years to get around to reading it). I also finished The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud, Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti, and Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm. Not sure exactly what I’m going to start next, but I’m leaning towards Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson and The Pleasure of Finding Things Out by Richard Feynman.


So BAM! That’s been my week. Good stuff. I know, I’m just practically oozing cheerfulness, aren’t I? I’m gonna go bury my face in a book now… how are you guys doin? July been good to you so far?





  1. I’m so happy so many good things are happening for you!! 😀 And yeah, it’ll probably be hard at first to live in a smaller apartment, but it’ll be totally worth it in the end once you save enough money for a real house! And then Gabby can run around in the backyard all she wants 🙂
    July has been as good for me so far as well! 🙂
    I still need to read Brokeback Mountain! The movie broke me a bit, so I’m scared to read the book… Even if it’s a tiny novella…


  2. So the only resemblance between True Blood and the book series (post book one) is the character names. I still watch, but every time I do I think how awful it is…and yet guess what I’m watching tonight? True Blood, obviously I’m a sucker for bad television.

    Can’t decide if I should apologize for the atrocious pun…sorry?


    1. I LOVE PUNS. Lol.

      I read the first two books and wasn’t overly impressed and definitely thought the show was better. But this last season just kind of got out of control. I’ll probably watch the 6th season why it comes out on DVD because I’ve come this far, but man it’s disappointing!


      1. I haven’t finished the series (I did Google for spoilers to know who Sookie ended up with), it’s a maybe someday for me, as I wasn’t overly impressed either. This season’s not looking much better!

        (Yet I still watch. Baffling.)


      2. OH I just looked up the spoilers for the last book so I could see who she ended up with – I do not approve! If the show manages to last that long, I really hope they go another way with that.


  3. Ooze away, you’ve had a bitchin’ week! 🙂 Job, family, new apartment…all good stuff! And 4 books! Yahoo!


  4. That’s two pieces of awesome news, congratulations to you both! 🙂
    Good luck with saving money for a house, at times it feels like you have to make a lot of sacrifices without much progress, but we’ve just moved into our first house and all those years of saving were so worth it.


  5. Lots of awesome changes coming your way! July is off to a great start for me as I went on vacation and during that time read 3 books: Ex-Heroes, The Lives of Tao, and Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

    As far as True Blood, I stopped watching a few seasons ago but have read all the books with the final one out this year. It’s a pretty good series up until about book 5 or 6 if I recall. But yeah, it’s nothing like the TV series.


    1. Ohmygawd you read so many awesome books on vacation! Love it. Where did you go?

      I wasn’t too impressed when I read the first two books – they were okay, but I kind of stopped because I liked the show better. And now… I don’t know. I’ll have to see what season 6 is like.


  6. DUDE, so many good things! Yay!

    I personally think this season of True Blood (apart from the first episode which was a bit meh) has been really good and also hilarious, BUT I do have that little Skarsgard… issue (it’s an obsession. Let’s call it an obsession) so there’s no way for me to know if it’s actually any good. BUT there hasn’t been that much werewolf stuff? So that’s always good.


    1. Is that the 6th season? I haven’t seen that yet, I just finished season 5 (always a season behind). Although I did read some spoilers for it so far, and season 6 seems… interesting.

      Eric is the best character! I wish they spent more time on him. You don’t like the werewolf stuff? I kind of do… sometimes. I like Alcide, but the rest of them are usually so crazy and redneck-y.


    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah, Brokeback Mountain is just a tiny story! And yet for some reason it sat on my shelf for YEARS before I finally read it, lol. It was good though – sweet and kind of sad. I haven’t seen the movie, now I kind of want to.


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