People That Suck (and other random thoughts)

It feels SO STRANGE to not be posting about Harry Potter right now. Nuts what a 6-month long readalong of awesomeness does to a person. Soooo instead I’m going to be ramble-y because I feel like posting something anyways. Some things/people I’ve been feeling rage-y about…

  • Been watching a lot of the CNN coverage surrounding the George Zimmerman trial. Seriously, fuck that guy.
  • Also, screw Rick Perry, who is apparently calling another session just to bring up an abortion bill that Wendy Davis worked her ass off to filibuster. That is a bunch of bullshit. The people have spoken dude, let it go. Unfortunately, I can too easily imagine that he’ll just KEEP bringing it up until it somehow passes, because he’s a dirty douchebag. 
  • And last but not least, screw Paula Deen and her racist, racist ass.
middle finger

What horrible people.

And in other random thoughts…

  • I’m currently reading THREE books that I’m somehow hoping to finish by Sunday night. Yeah like that’s going to happen.
  • It’s been 90 and rainy every day this week. Gross. But I do enjoy naps…
  • I found a Hobbit name generator – My Hobbit name would be Prisca Sackville-Baggins and the honeyman’s would be Togo Frumblefoot of Bywater. Nice.
  • We’re watching season 5 of True Blood and that crap is crazy. I’m really happy that Lafayette shaved his head again.
  •  Do any of you live in or around Baltimore? Is it a scary place? Or is it awesome?
  • Yesterday I was reading in the bath (like one does) and was SO into my book that I didn’t notice that the tub was overflowing and apparently had been for a bit, because water was all over half of the floor. Yeah… that happened.
  • I deleted my Facebook account (FINALLY) and my sister looked at me like I was crazy. When I tried to explain to her how creepy and stupid it is and that it’s basically the Walmart of the virtual world (AKA evil), she continued to look at me like I was crazy.
  • I could go for some potatoes… mmmm fried with some garlic? YUM. What’s your favorite way to eat potatoes? (Mine is EVERY WAY.)
  • Gabby is dangerously close to getting one of her front paws placed on an ink pad and then set on paper so I can get it tattooed on my ankle or something.
  • Has anyone seen Monsters University yet? Is it worth going to the movies to see it? Trying to think up date night ideas… though the honeyman probably won’t want to see that, so maybe World War Z or The Heat? I like Sandra Bullock.

Aaaand ending this with a famous person I DO like seems like the post came full circle. I amaze myself sometimes.

Happy Friday peoples. Got exciting plans for this weekend?




  1. Ok my hobbit name is Melilot Moss of Lake-By-Downs. Nothing against lakes, but Melilot Moss? Pfft. Boyfriend’s is Sancho Proudneck of Tuckborough, interesting because he has very complicated name in reality (two first names and a long, unspellable German last name :p) and the hobbit name is really basic 🙂

    We’ll be eating out in one of my favourite places in Helsinki today, so maybe I will go with taters although I really shouldn’t ‘cos Paleo and stuff…. buut it is to be seen. I like mashed potatoes! And with garlic is tasty (almost anything is tasty with garlic).

    I really want to write some blog posts this weekend but I don’t know how it’ll go, will be meeting up with a friend tomorrow and if it’s hot then it feels difficult just to stay alive, so you just want to lie on couch/grass/in beach very quietly and wait for the evening :p

    Ooo and also yes some people suck. I also feel it quite clearly today.


    1. Sancho Proudneck is a hilarious sounding name :-p

      Awww are potatoes not part of Paleo? BUT THEY’RE SO DELICIOUS! Mmmmm especially mashed potatoes.

      Stay cool today! That heat is brutal. And makes some people extra-sucky, lol.


  2. Rick Perry…what a tool. Every life is sacred eh? As he presides over the 500 th execution. Whatever. Dick.

    It’s been hot here this week as well. Gross indeed.

    The tattoo? YES.

    I haven’t seen Monsters yet but I’m hoping to. I think my 13yr old wants to check it out with me. If I do I’ll let ya know what I think!

    Have a great weekend lady!


    1. My hatred for Rick Perry grows every time he opens his mouth, I swear.

      Yessss go see Monsters Inc with your kiddo! And tell me how it is. I want to see it, but I may have to wrangle up a kid to go with me… the honeyman feels it might be weird for just the two of us to go, lol.


  3. We saw Monsters U with the kids last weekend. It was cute. I’m not sure it’s a date-worthy movie unless you under 10 years old though. I’ll go see WWZ with you this week sometime if you want. Kids leave Tuesday for camping, so I’m open all week pretty much.

    Are you planning to move to Baltimore I’ve been there and have friends who live in that area


    1. Oooo kids going camping? Awesome. Maybe we can fit in a hang-out day!

      There’s a book fest coming up in Baltimore that I kind of want to go to… but I always hear how crazy high the violent crime rate is there and I’m wondering if it’s really THAT bad or just the crappy areas of it.


      1. Yeah, the kids are gone Tues – Sun. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself! I’m planning on using my free weeklong membership at LA Fitness to see if I want to switch gyms. BIG PLANS OVER HERE! lol

        I spent the weekend in the Inner Harbour area in Baltimore in 2009. It was really nice. I guess it’s going to depend on where the book fest is. 🙂


      2. Maybe we can hang out Wednesday night or something! I work the next day, but whatevs. It should be slow Thursday anyways b/c of the holiday. And Treland works till 8 all next week.


  4. Yep those three suck more than the average sucky person. Urgh.

    On a better note: Naps are excellent as are POTATOES! So many choices! I’m with you on all the ways. And probably all the potatoes. Although if I had to pick, Saag Aloo (curried Spuds with spinach) and Bombay Aloo (spicy curried spuds) are probably my favourite, but then that could be because I’m having curry for tea tonight!

    Have a good weekend, and hope you enjoy whatever movie you pick! If you do see World War Z be sure to share If it’s any good – still wavering on whether or not I want to see it even though my BF is rather keen. I’m trying to convince him that he actually wants to see This Is The End or Much Ado About Nothing!


    1. Okay I’ve never had Saag Aloo but it sounds awesome! I wonder if I should try making that sometime… hmmm…

      My BF really wants to see WWZ and I want to too, but part of me still wants to read the book first… but then it might be out on DVD by the time I’d get to watch it, lol. So I’m thinking maybe I’ll just go ahead and watch it, it seems like a good movie to see in the theaters. I REALLY want to see Much Ado About Nothing, but it’s only playing in one theater around here and that makes it a pain to get to. I saw This Is the End and it was pretty funny, though I don’t think it’ll be one of those classic comedies. It had some really funny parts.


  5. Aaaah, this is a good post. I am DOWN with randomness at the moment, so I’ll just sit here and dig right in, shall I? My Hobbit name is Molly Sandydowns, which is quite nice and also MOLLY WEASLEY. My Elvish name, which I obviously had to find out five seconds later, is Elemmírë Eärfalas. Which is also quite nice, especially that first part.

    Those people are horrible. I’m reading too many books right now and keeping thinking that just ONE good evening with my nose in the pages would help me finish one, but that never happens. I hate baths because I always get cold. I deleted my Facebook profile recently too, and got a similar response, but I feel much better now I’m away from the Facebook Big Brother that kept cropping up everywhere I went. Potatoes are awesome, especially mashed with baked beans OR mint sauce, or as yummy chunky chips, or roasted really well with proper goose fat, or… yeah, every way. Cat paw prints are cute. OVER AND OUT.


    1. Molly Sandydowns is a LOVELY name! And probably the most normal one I’ve seen so far.

      My secret for baths staying warm is to keep the water running forever (the hot water in our apartment complex NEVER runs out, it’s amazing) but we see that went awry for me yesterday… LOL. FB is totally Big Brother-esque, and it freaked me out for a long time but it took me forever to finally suck it up and delete it. I have family members that live far away and that’s the only way I ever really communicate with them, but even that’s rare, so I said what the hell. If they want to chat they can email or something. I have never had potatoes roasted with goose fat before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had anything with goose fat before! Is this an England thing that I didn’t know about? Because I need to try that.


  6. Ugh! People do suck. I can’t watch much more of that trial without wanting to gouge someones eyes out.

    YES! I love that your bathtub overflowed. Lol. That is just too great.

    Mmmm, potatoes. That sounds lovely.

    I can’t wait to see Monster University! I don’t have a small child to take, but I don’t even care. I will go by myself if I have to!


    1. Everytime I see the CNN coverage of the trial it makes me so angry and rant-y and I want to shout with someone about it, but I’m usually watching it at home alone, lol. It’s infuriating.

      I’m glad someone appreciates how hilarious it is that the tub overflowed. The honeyman was just like “You poor, silly, silly girl…” I definitely laughed about it later.

      I hope Monsters U is as good as the first… it looks so cute!


  7. See what happens when we don’t have HP to reign in our Fridays? It’s chaos.

    That said I love these rambles. My Hobbit name is far too long. Orangeblossom Moss of Lake-By-Downs

    Now that you’ve mentioned potatoes I would really like some tater tots. Like right now.


    1. Agreed – can’t stand Perry.

      I have never had potato pancakes! Ya’ll are giving me too many more potato ideas to try… a trip to Bermuda sounds awesome, I hope you have a great time!!!


  8. Ok, so I don’t live in Baltimore but I did a 4 day weekend trip there a couple years ago and it was a freaking blast! If you’re visiting and want tips email me.


  9. So..ummm…I maybe used to eat potatoes raw when I was a kid which is apparently dangerous…but. I’ll essentially eat them ANY WAY at all times of the day, night, eternity, forever.

    World War Z was good!

    Yay for tattoos! I’m going to ring in my 30th birthday with a tat. I’ve got less than 8 months to make a final decision on what it shall be.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. So you can call me Lily Bumbleroot of Haysend from now on.

    My boyfriend is from Baltimore & I’ve been there a few times to visit Poe sites. You probably shouldn’t go to the inner city at night…or during the day for that matter. The tourist-y places are really lovely though!


  11. If you haven’t seen WWZ yet I say go. Definitely go before you read the book. I saw it last night and as a date and zombie movie it’s good. As an adaptation of the book….eh…well…they both have zombies in them! 🙂

    Now I want to eat a bunch of potatoes and then take a nap…..Nice buttery mashed potatoes…..sigh…too bad it’s like 110 here and now humid and the I just woke up from a nap and have no potatoes. 😦


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