First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde


Good morning there, lovers of literature! Guess what? I read the fifth Thursday Next book!

Wikipedia has some interesting things to say about the Thursday Next books – basically that the series consists of seven novels so far, in two series. Apparently the first four books are lumped together, and then this fifth one starts a separate series but still following the storyline of the Thursday Next books (there’s just a 14-year gap in between the events of the fourth and fifth books).

And because I never completely believe Wikipedia I checked out Fforde’s website and he had this to say when he was explaining the title of First Among Sequels:

This was good news to me as I have been trying to use this title for a while, and it seems perfect to have it on this, the first book in the second batch of Thursday books. Indeed. TNs one to four were essentially ‘Thursday Volume one’. First Among Sequels is the first part of the next four-parter, which will continue with One of our Thursdays is Missing in 2009.

So yes. That. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, this review should only be read if you’re already familiar with Thursday Next books 1 through 4. Spoilers be ahead.

Now, it’s fourteen years after the events of the last book, and Thursday is living a happy, boring life of domesticity selling carpets and taking care of her husband Landon and their three children Friday, Tuesday, and Jenny. Haha NOT. She’s not happily selling carpets – she’s still working for SpecOps AND for Jurisfiction, all while trying to keep up with Landon and the kiddos. Things in BookWorld are not going so hot – Readership levels are dropping everyday, the Racy Novels genre is about to go to war with Ecclesiastical and Feminist genres, and Sherlock Holmes has turned up dead. And in the real world, the government is facing a massive stupidity surplus and Thursday has to try to get through to her 16-year old son Friday, who should be stepping up to claim his destiny as a part of the ChronoGuard but would rather sleep all day. And on top of this, she has to face one of her most dangerous enemies yet – herself.

Ahhhhh these books are so delightfully strange! This isn’t my favorite of the Thursday Next series so far, but that’s only because there was SO much going on and honestly I don’t know how Thursday keeps it all straight without going crazy. And speaking of crazy, can you imagine what it must be like in Jasper Fforde’s head? That must be an awesome, scary place. But it’s SO impressive how much he must totally love literature and the written word. His references to SO many classics and characters and plot devices seems never-ending and his attention to the details is astounding.

As always, there were fun quips and bouts of humor, all wrapped up in mystery and action and bookish joys. This is the perfect series for book nerds. I wish I could go to BookWorld… And after some MAJOR events went down at the end of this book, I’m really really looking forward to picking up One of our Thursdays is Missing.

Sarah Says: 4 stars



  1. Jasper Fforde is one of my auto-buy authors. The man can truly do no wrong.

    Hee – about the title. When I was first getting into him I naturally assumed this was the second book, not the fifth, & was VERY confused.

    Have you read any of his other series?


    1. I’ve read The Last Dragonslayer, but that’s all outside of the TN series so far. I have the first Nursery Crime book on the way from Paperbackswap though! I’m excited to start it 🙂


    1. Oooo you should!!! Read The Eyre Affair. It’s full of weirdness and whimsy and bookish nerdyness. (Although in all honesty, I didn’t start to LOVE this series until the second book, so keep that in mind.)


  2. I really had no idea this was supposed to a second Thursday series when I read it (although it’s slightly more obvious in One of Our Thursdays Is Missing).

    I love your description of the plot, which I’m sure if you haven’t read the books makes no sense whatsoever.


    1. I really want One of Our Thursdays is Missing to be available on Paperbackswap RIGHT NOW dang it.

      Trying to write summaries of these books always makes me feel a tiny bit like I’m on drugs. Or that people will think I’m on drugs because what I’m writing only makes sense once you’re familiar with Fforde’s style.


  3. “Delightfully strange.” That about sums up his books. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve read this one but you make me want to go back and revisit it. And FYI, if you’ve not read his YA/middle reader The Last Dragonslayer, definitely check it out!


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