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Good morning booknerds!

It’s been a pretty good week. Last Sunday for date night we saw This Is the End, a new comedy out about comedic actors surviving the apocalypse, and it was pretty funny. I ALSO watched Les Miserables FINALLY and liked it, especially for knowing pretty much nothing about it going in. But it did feel SUPER abridged, like there was a lot more happening between the characters than I was really seeing, so I’m looking forward to reading that GIANT ASS novel sometime this year. So yeah, I watched 2 movies in week! That’s so rare for me.

I ran outside for the first time this week! Twice!

cat dancing lol

I liked it, because it was nice to be outside and I could go as fast or slow as I wanted. Buuuut on the downside, the back of my left knee hurts afterwards. It doesn’t even hurt really bad, just hurts a bit to straighten my leg and it’s annoying me. Still looking forward to running outside more with the honeyman though. Ironically, his knee hurts on the treadmill but doesn’t hurt running outside. I’m hoping we can try running on a track this week and find some middle ground there in terms of knee issues.

I hung out at the beach for a couple hours with my mom and L on one of my days off, and that was nice – got a very slight sunburn on my shoulders, but it was relaxing and I read my book and it was all lovely. But I was kind of really bummed that I was just in jeans and a tank, so I ended up ordering a bathing suit. Yayyyyy. First one in years – mainly because I don’t swim and because I was too self-concious to go just lay out on the beach. But I am SO looking forward to doing that this summer and not being super pale for once!

Aaaand the best thing right now is that today is my Friday and then I’ll have a wonderful 4 days off!

Hello future me

Hello future me

i dont like being handed things


I’m not going to do CRAP this week. Especially since it’s supposed to be really hot but rainy all week, so even if my bathing suit came early enough I wouldn’t be able to have a beach day yet. I foresee a lot of bumming around the apartment this week – reading, blogging, taking naps with Gabby, eating food, and generally being lazy. It’s going to rock.

Bookish update: I finished The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu this week, which was super awesome and you should read it! I DNF-ed The Doomsday Vault by Steven Harper. That’s a bummer because it was a steampunk book I was really excited to try, but halfway through it I just didn’t care about the characters still and didn’t want to waste anymore reading time on it.

I started East of Eden by John Steinbeck on Thursday. I planned initially to read at least 7 chapters every week until finishing, and because the sync read at the Classics Club doesn’t end till the end of August. Well I’ve read 21 chapters so far. I am liking it SO MUCH MORE than The Grapes of Wrath, I think because it’s not so political agenda-y. I actually might finish it this week, who knows.

I also started First Among Sequels, the 5th Thursday Next book. Ideally I’d finish that today, but we’ll see. And I’m REALLY hoping that by next Sunday I can finish that, East of Eden, Paradox, and A Natural History of Dragons. The likelihood of me finishing 4 books (2 of which I haven’t even started yet) is not great, but hell I got 4 days off so I can try! It would just make me happy to cross more books off of my TBR pile for this month.

Sooooo I’m gonna go work on that now!

How have you guys been? Plans for this week? Anyone seen World War Z yet? Is it good?





  1. So glad you’re enjoying East of Eden, it’s one of my all-time favorites. I haven’t read The Grapes of Wrath since high school, but plan to reread for The Classics Club. Love Steinbeck!


    1. I have to say, this is the first Steinbeck that I’m TRULY enjoying. I hated Of Mice and Men, and liked some of The Grapes of Wrath but got really bored/annoyed with his Communist-y vibes and the ending was strange. So far though, East of Eden is really engaging and I’m enjoying it rather than forcing myself through it.


  2. That is one CREEPY ASS cat gif. xD

    I’ve had an odd week of trying to avoid tourists. Had some good moments, and some less good, but that’s the way things go I guess. I haven’t finished a book this week so next week I’m hoping to read a lot more! And I’m reading Storm of Swords so once I get reading, I doubt I’ll be stopping.

    Hope you have a great week to yourself. 😀


  3. That cat is going to give me nightmares!

    Running…running. I’ve heard of that. It’s like walking, only faster right? On purpose? Ha ha 😉 I’m only teasing because I’m totally jealous of running folks and I’m too chicken to give it a go.

    Enjoy your days off Sarah!


    1. Okay, that cat is HILARIOUS. I wish I could capture Gabby dancing like that, I would shut the internet down with the awesomeness overload.

      LOL oh, please don’t think of me as a running person! Cause I’m not, I promise. In fact the majority of my running motivation right now is that 1) I’m finding it fun just to try to improve on it because cardio machines at the gym started to bore me and 2) the honeyman is trying to improve his running so I’m trying to be there for moral support and such. I’m such a good girlfriend like that 😀


  4. Your week ahead sounds AWESOME! It’s also exactly what I’ll be doing most of July and August 😉
    Also, I love that cat gif 😀
    I really want to watch Les Miserables! And I still need to read the book as well… It’s just so big…
    Yay for buying a new bathing suit! 🙂


    1. Les Mis the novel is SO HUGE. I’m glad I watched it first though, because I think that will make it easier to understand and give me some extra motivation to read through, even if it’s slowly.


  5. Good work getting out and running! I’ve got to get out there this week. And glad to hear that you’re liking East of Eden more than Grapes of Wrath. (I never actually finished Grapes …) *ducks* *runs away*


  6. Jealous of your days off! I need to read East of Eden – everyone always raves. World War Z was much better than I expected. I haven’t read the book, though, but hear it’s completely different.


  7. I am both in love with and terrified of that cat gif!

    I saw WWZ on Friday. It’s pretty good in the cinema, but once it’s over it’s kind of forgettable and the story disintegrates if you pay any attention to it. His wife…oh man, I have so many things to say about his wife in the film but I won’t because spoilers!


  8. Sounds like you had a lovely week. I really liked The Grapes of Wrath way back when I read it (though I agree that the ending was… odd), and having heard so much good about East of Eden, I cannot wait to read it.


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